South African Missionary Cautions Against New Film Praising Life of Nelson Mandela

MandelaA renowned South African missionary is cautioning against a new film that praises the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, whom he says was actually a terrorist that promoted abortion, pornography and homosexuality in the nation.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is set to open in theaters in the United States this weekend, as it follows the anti-apartheid activist from his humble childhood through his inauguration as the first elected president of South Africa.

The movie, produced by Anant Singh, directed by Justin Chadwick and written by William Nicholson, features British actors Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela and Naomie Harris as his wife. With a $35 million budget, the action-packed Long Walk to Freedom is stated to be the most expensive film made in South Africa, and is 15 years in the making.

The production is based on Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, but has undergone numerous script revisions. Distributor Harvey Weinstein of the Weinstein Company says that he has been looking forward to the movie for some time.

“I am extremely passionate about ‘Long Walk to Freedom,'” he wrote in a statement. “Anant Singh first gave the book to me when the first edition came out. We have been talking about making this film since 1999. There have been a number of stop and goes, but sometimes things work out for a reason, and Anant Singh has done a masterful job in producing this epic story of our times.”

In the film, Mandela is depicted as a freedom fighter who was sentenced to prison for his opposition to government apartheid.

“They took everything from him except hope,” the trailer for the film outlines.

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As Mandela is sentenced to 27 years in prison, his wife and others lead a campaign to set him free, and he eventually works his way to becoming president of the nation.

However, Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship of Newlands, South Africa recently told Todd Friel of the television and radio broadcast Wretched that Mandela was deeply involved in terrorist activity and is responsible for promoting wickedness in the land.

“I wouldn’t generally want to celebrate somebody who made his position in life by blowing people up,” he stated on a recent broadcast. “[H]e plead guilty to 156 acts of public violence and terrorism.”

Hammond outlined that Mandela was the head of the military wing of the African National Committee (ANC), which Hammond also referred to as “the abortion, necklacing and corruption party.” He said that 1,000 Africans were killed by necklacing in the country through the ANC, an act where terrorists would “put an automobile tire over someone, pour petrol over them [and] set them alight.”


Hammond also described numerous other acts of violence that he alleges were committed by the ANC under the order or oversight of Mandela.

“Missionaries and their kids [were] murdered, bayonetted on the fields—whole families killed by landmines planted in the roads,” he said.

The South African missionary stated that Mandela’s wife Winnie also participated in violent acts.

“Winnie Mandela actually was found guilty in court of the murder of a 12-year-old boy,” he explained. “And it was upheld on appeal. She was sentenced to five years in prison, [but] she hasn’t served a day.”

In 2010, following the release of the Clint Eastwood film Invictus, which also celebrated the life of Mandela with Morgan Freeman playing the lead role, Hammond likewise issued strong warnings.

“There’s a lot of Christians out there who idolize Nelson Mandela because they’ve been given false, misleading and incomplete information,” he said. “He has pushed for the legalization of abortion, pornography [and] homosexual relationships. … [He was] trying to legalize prostitution. He’s a radical liberal.”

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom has been rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content and profane language. The two-hour film is expected to roll out in American theaters beginning this Friday.

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