Homosexuals Sue to Overturn Texas Ban on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Texas Capital Credit Kumar AppiahAUSTIN, TX — A federal lawsuit has been filed in Texas in an effort to overturn the state’s same-sex ‘marriage’ ban.

Mark Pharris, Vic Holmes, Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman are named in the suit, but have noted that their case involves the interests of all homosexuals in the state.

“In Texas, Plaintiffs cannot legally marry their partner before family, friends, and society–a right enjoyed by citizens who wish to marry a person of the opposite sex. And should they become married in a state that has established marriage equality, Texas explicitly voids their marriage,” the legal challenge outlines. “There is no rational basis, much less a compelling government purpose, for Texas to deny plaintiffs the same right to marry enjoyed by the majority of society.”

It asserts that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution, namely the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The challenge also points to the recent decision in United States v. Windsor as the Supreme Court struck down key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

De Leon and Dimetman were “wed” in Massachusetts in 2009, but their relationship was not recognized upon return to Texas. Pharris said that he and Holmes have likewise considered traveling to another state where same-sex ceremonies are allowed, but note that their relationship means nothing in Texas.

But Jonathan Senz, the president of Texas Values, said that he believes the suit would not hold up in court.

“Texas law is absolutely clear that same sex marriage is illegal. This is a frivolous lawsuit,” he wrote in a statement released on Tuesday. “The only way that homosexual advocates win this case is if federal judges abuse their power, legislate from the bench and violate nearly every principle of law and policy in our state and country.”

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“This is Texas, not the White House,” Senz continued. “Our attorney general will defend our law and our Constitution vigorously. I expect Texas to win with an exclamation point.”

The state’s current marriage amendment was passed in 2005 with 75 percent of Texans approving of the measure. Nearly 30 other states have similar constitutional amendments on the books.

However, since the Supreme Court’s decision regarding DOMA, a number of lawsuits have been filed across the nation, including in Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan and North Carolina.  Last July, a federal judge put a halt on Ohio’s constitutional amendment after two homosexuals who traveled to Maryland for their ceremony sued the state for not recognizing their relationship.

“It’s unfortunate that there are people out there who want to ban this state from defining marriage as it has been defined by virtually everyone since the beginning of recorded history,” Martin Cothran of the Kentucky Family Association told reporters.

The Texas suit could be heard as early as January 2014.

Photo: Kumar Appiah

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  • John Watson

    We’ll according to nearly everyone in the homosexual community, they were simply born this way and they are acting on basically nothing more than animal instincts. Not sure how you combine both animal instinct and free will. If homosexuals due truly have free will than the next logical conclusion would be personal responsibility for their actions. Which would never occur.
    Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. The question not CAN you do something but rather is right according to nature and common law. But hey…. Who cares if it is right. Lawless people have no conscience or guidelines in their life. So anything goes.

    • Richard

      Dear John,

      Exactly how is forming a relationship and a life time commitment not taking responsibility? Two loving people making a lifetime commitment to one another seems very much like taking responsibility to me.

      The LGBT community are law abiding, tax paying Americans. The bonds created between two individuals hurt no one. They are a part of your community and family. The LGBT have been here since the dawn of time.
      Failing to recognize their relationship will not make them go away. Shunning them will not make them go away.

      Other countries have acknowledged the love and commitment between same sex couples for years. Can you for the sake of conversation, show any harm this has caused?

      We are all passionate about our views, I welcome the chance to have a debate without throwing stones at one another.

    • Neil Cameron

      “they are acting on basically nothing more than animal instincts”
      No they are not. The “animal instinct” may motivate in a particular direction – hence orientation. But for most it is not an orgy fest of gay sex and hedonism.
      Look carefully now. The gays are seeking marriage. Marriage is a structured, monogamous bond of commitment. It is motivated by love. It nurtures love. It enhances love. It allows love to be communicated.
      Structuring an environment conducive to love is not an act of base carnal desire. It is an act of free will, conscious choice. The gays are not marrying out of flippant base animalistic urges, they are taking responsibility for the structuring of their lives.

      “Lawless people have no conscience or guidelines in their life.” Correct. Which is why the lawlessness of gay unions is being legislated to make it lawful. The lawlessness is being eradicated and replaced with conscience driven guidelines with which to structure and regulate the unions in a manner conducive to healthy lives and the effective integration with society.
      The damage of lawless gay relationships is being mitigated by the creation of structured lawful ones.

      • John aw

        Simply changing laws to condone to what a certain groups wants is not law than….it’s only a suggestion. That is where the problem really lies. If the answer is simply “redefining” words and changing laws than the perverbial Pandora’s box is where does it stop? I now understand that under the same argument that was used by the gay groups. Now pedophiles through the organization of NAMBLA (North American Men Boy Love Assoc.) is looking to have redefine pedophilia to the exact same thing as the gays did…. as a lifestyle. They are now trying to change the law to allow for less restrictions on men/boy love relationships. They are starting by lowering the consent age. Now my question is this. Simply because a court says it’s ok redefining anything than making it “legal”. Does it make it right? In this matter NO it doesn’t. But to assure the (how did you say it?) to allow them to have effective integration into society. they must and will allow it.

      • John W

        Just because a group of people redefine anything and do whatever they want. Or because a “judge” uses his office and legislates and says something is ok… Doesn’t mean it makes it correct, right and must be accepted. Homosexuals only accept the laws that condones their lifestyle. Otherwise the real side of them come out..they are nothing more than a rebellious group before God’s and man’s laws.

  • Mary Waterton

    Lawrence v. Texas (2003)
    Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts (2004)

    *** ECONOMIC COLLAPSE #1 (2008) ***

    Same-sex marriage in Connecticut (2008)
    Same-sex marriage in Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, D.C. (2009)
    Same-sex marriage in New York, Washington, Maine, Maryland,
    Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota,
    California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois (2013)

    Same-sex marriage in all 50 states by the SCOTUS (2014 or 2015 ?)

    *** ECONOMIC COLLAPSE #2 (2015 or 2016 or 2017 or ?) ***

    God’s judgment is coming.
    Economic collapse #1 was a warning.
    Economic collapse #2 will be the real thing.

    • wayne

      ….ppsstt…..Massachusetts has had gay marriage for almost 10 years. Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation. Massachusetts’ rate of juvenile delinquency is well below the national average…..the sky is falling!…..the sky is falling!…..

      • John Watson

        If same sex marriage is such a great thing, than why has only 21% of the homosexual population in Massachuetts have exercised their “right” and actually gotten married. In words of Elton John, “don’t call it marriage, we’ll take civil unions with same sex marriage would be nothing compared to what true marriage is.”
        Obvious is not about equal rights… It’s about taking something of traditional value…and destroying it.
        Let me give you a hint how the homosexual lifestyle ends…. Not very well. . Not well at all.

    • Neil Cameron

      Civilization does not collapse because the gays get married. It collapses because the people of the nation stop supporting it and strengthening it by making their due contribution.
      If it collapses because the people stopped supporting or contributing, then it is collapsing as a result of a treasonous strike. Not because some gays got married.
      If the people stop contributing to the strengthening of the society they live in, then they have stopped giving, they have stopped doing unto others as they would have others do to them, they have stopped caring, they have stopped loving.
      A failure of civilization is a failure of faith.
      Does your faith allow you leeway to abandon your mission because you dont like that others are being allowed to participate?

      My advice is this: stop praying for the death of civilization. Praying for the death of civilization is praying for the end of your obligation to give, support, care and contribute.
      The gays are now working with everybody else to support the interconnected society we live in. Get over it, stay connected, and dont lose your faith.
      A faithless society is a Godless society.

      And that advice comes from a gay man.

  • John Watson

    Other than the fact that basis of your statement is fundamentally skewed since the definitions of basic words have total opposite meaning for you as they do for me… For example bond… A relationship is far more than sexuality, it is a union before God. Genesis tells us that some one leave there Father and Mother and cleave to his wife… Little side point doesn’t say cleave to their partner.
    Allow me though to introduce myself, my is John I was an open, out of the closet, practicing homosexual for nearly 15 years. I don’t want to say I was gay… Once again words do have meanings and by no way was I happy. Now, for nearly 7 years I have been free of that. But only because of the power of Jesus Christ. Because of the power of the blood and because of His unending forgiveness and love. That is what waits for anyone who accepts it.
    But to answer your question,
    How does the homosexual lifestyle affect others?
    Because of limits on space here can only share a few things.
    1. Disease in the homosexual community. This is the quiet little secret no one talks about the absolute rampant disease. With ever increasing levels of STD, HIV anal cancers and now increase levels of oral cancers. This is more than just a result of a lifestyle, it’s rather a consequence of going against nature and sin. You cannot do somethings that homosexuals do without dire consequences.
    2. The doctrination of children into the homosexual lifestyle and community. Recently during the gay pride parade in San Diego. Children as young as 6 were REQUIRED as a “school outing” not just to attend the parade but some were required march in it. Also, it is now required in ALL California schools to teach Homosexual history and all bathrooms are transgender so if the a young man feels like a girl he can go shower with the females.
    3. Speaking of children, 30% of all molestations of children are done by homosexuals. Not saying that all homosexuals are pedophiles… But every pedophile that molest a child is a homosexual. According to a survey taken in the San Francisco area, 62% of those surveyed admitted to having sex with a child below the age of 14.
    4. Also, the abuse of alcohol and drugs is simply a side issue. Which is an unpleasant reality in the homosexual community.
    5. The basic moral decline of a nation. For example, same sex marriage was common practice in Ancient Rome. Once they were bored by that they than moved over to molesting the young children. There was a direct correlation between the moral decline of a nation and their compete fall. Other words, the nation didn’t fall from an outside army but an inside moral problems
    But who you decide to “bond” with only affects you. If that was only true. No sorry, homosexuality impacts more than you think not the just moral fiber, or disease, but little helpless children. I will say though not knowing you that there are some that simply aren’t involved in, sorry for a lack of a better word, militant side of homosexuality. They just want to life quiet life. But unfortunately, For a majority of homosexuals nothing is sacred.
    The result of what this lifestyle creates is not life but rather pain suffering sickness, disease and ultimately death. My dear friend I do not judge anyone. I was the worst of sinners. Until Jesus reached into my life and set me free. I pray that for everyone who is bound by sin. No judgement just truth and freedom

  • Richard

    Your facts are so far from truth its hard to know where to begin. John, I mean no harm but all people living in reality can see through your pain. You have a hang up with pedophilia, and relate it to homosexuality. John, this is not to be mean but if you were hurt as a child,there is help out there. Pedophilia is wrong, I am sorry for you, but you should not confuse the love and bond between two adults with that of the monster that hurt you. You have a great deal of hurt and anger, but you can find peace. By taking your anger out on a whole group of people instead of the perpetrator that deflowered you is wrong. may you find peace and forgive those that hurt you.

    • John Watson

      Richard- your whole life is a lie . What you have is NOT love it is nothing more than LUST. I know know true love now because of JESUS Christ and yes forgiveness is all I have for everyone including you. Every word of what was said was absolute TRUTH maybe you should look at your own lie you live before you call someone else a LIAR. God bless you

  • John Watson

    Secondary issue, you asked a question I answered it with several proven statistics from your own sources. Your response. Is to call me a Liar and attack me personally. Wow, maybe it’s time for a change… Look in the mirror Richard Jesus is waiting for you.

  • Richard

    John, I never called you a liar. I have a great relationship with God, I am truly blessed. I also have a great bond, and relationship without “lust” as you call it. Your hangup with “sex” is hurting you in this life time. Although your a perfect stranger that wants to take away my rights, and deny me of happiness in this lifetime. I wish you nothing but to find the peace and love that God intended for us all to have. Your anger and pain towards others makes it quite evident you have a miserable life and have many issues to work through. When you truly find Jesus and let God be the judge of others you will also find happiness. Open your mind and open your heart, and ears. God will speak with you. Its time to listen to him and not just speak to him. Gods greatest gift to us all is free will. It is up to us personally to choose our own paths as there are many that lead to God. Take one hour, sit in a quiet space, clear your mind and just listen. I feel you have a great awakening coming to you soon.
    Peace John

    • John Watson

      Already did what your saying seven years ago. Knelt listened to God the result was God set me free from homosexuality haven’t looked back. .. not sure what you’re talking about. … but you still haven’t given one rebuttal for the above post. .. interesting.

    • John Watson

      Free will exactly. You choice either follow God or not. With a decision comes either blessing or curses (Duet 24). Your life is your choice but it does come with consequences. In the words of the great theologian. .. Bob Dylan (during his christian years) you’ve got to serve somebody is either the devil our the Lord but you got too serve somebody.
      More than one way to God. …. that is a lie. .. Jesus said I am the way the truth and life. NO ONR COMES TO FATHER EXCEPT THOUGH ME. Hallelujah praise God.
      There is no way, truth or life apart from Jesus

  • Ben P

    @John Watson – I think Richard has a point. You obviously had some horrible experiences in your childhood that no one should have to endure, and while I am sure you have a very healthy relationship with God, you may want to seek counseling to work through your issues with molestation.

    Don’t let the monster that harmed you cause you to harbor ill-will towards an entire population of good people.


  • John Watson

    Attention attention…. are you listening…Ben P and Richard I was NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM molested as a child. It is toally wrong to believe if someon grows up homosexual they were molested..wow unbelievable.

    • Richard

      So John, when did you choose to be gay? Do you remember the first time that you said tonight, I am going to have sex with another man?

      • John W

        Not exactly sure why you are even asking that? But if you are looking to see if I choose to be a homosexual, than answer was a resounding, YES. It was completely my choice. I no longer fall for the lie that I was born a homosexual, it was all in my genes and I had no control over my behavior. If that is the case than every heterosexual, must be born with the straight gene. We are so much more than animals acting on instincts. We are creations of God created in his image. The good news is though, as I choose to be a homosexual.. I also CHOOSE to be free from it and give my Life to God. Now I am very happily married with two fantastic sons who I love more than anything… That is one thing no “partner” I ever had could ever give me. God is Good

  • John Watson

    Not exactly sure why you’re even asking that. But if your question is if someone’s homosexuality is a choice, the simple answer would a resounding YES. I longer believe the lie that someone is born a homosexual, and they have no free-will to choose the direction their life takes, that is totally wrong. If homosexuals are born with a “gay” gene does that mean that heterosexuals are born with a “straight” gene? But see that is not BAD news but rather it was my eternal hope, that ultimately saved my life. You see, if I choose to be a homosexual, than I could also CHOOSE to be free, it all started with a choice. Free-will it’s a wonderful thing. Choice it goes both way. Now, I am married with two fantastic kids. (That’s something my “gay partner” could ever give me). God is so good.

    • Richard

      So your saying you chose to go back to being straight? I am confused. You had to ask God to make you straight again. It sounds like it was hard for you to do and not something automatic. So are you married? do you have Children. You make a great case study John, its great that you continue in this debate.

      John, did it make you upset when it was assumed you were molested as a child. Strangers just assuming something about you that is totally wrong. its not right, for that I apologize. You see I know how you feel. you see, you have assumed that I can not possibly love another human being of the same sex. That it is only lust. Which could not be further from the truth. It is sad but I doubt you have ever had such a relationship gay or straight. I love this man more than anything in the world.

      I can tell you I am at peace with my God. I will not allow you to deprive me of my relationship with the man I love, or the God I serve. If I am wrong, I will answer to it. In the mean time, I have a message for you. You are not a disciple of God, nor are you the Sergeant of Arms for God. You drive far more people away from Christianity than you bring.
      I hope you find the enlightenment and peace you seek.

  • John W

    Richard you are a homosexual

    I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins.”
    John 8:24 NIV

  • Richard


    Keep saying your happy. Keep denying the truth. Your not convincing anyone else but yourself. Its people just like you who pick up men on the down low on Saturday nights and go to church on Sunday morning.

    • John W

      Richard STOP.. that is just so wrong man. You need to relax. One moment you apologize and the next next you are saying the most disgustibgv things. I am posting for you.

      • John W

        Sorry trying to type on a small phone I’ll be praying for you man

      • Richard

        I understand John, it hurts when it hits close to home. Your like an open book John. find a therapist to help you through this before you damage your life and the lives of your children with this hatred. Peace John.

        • John W

          This conversation is over. Never wish to speak with you again.

  • Anna Marie

    Hi Neil welcome to Christian News.
    I welcome your comments as a FORMER HOMOSEXUAL MAN.

    Your comment that The gays are now working with everybody else to support the
    e live in is only a theory
    Our civilization is based on law. What is demonstrated in the homosexual community is anarchy. This story is a good example of that. Texas back in 2005 voted to amend their consitution. That marriage was between one man one women. Even in my home state of California. Overwhelming approved and agreed that marriage was between one women one man. That didn’t matter one bit to the homosexual community. A lawless, radical and sometime militant group that has no real moral bearing to work from and refuses to obey both God’s or man’s law. Their is nothing CIVIL about that.

  • Lisa

    To Richard-
    After reading your post, I must say that your accusations, half truths, accusing someone of being a closet homosexual, than concluding he was mentally ill and should seek therapy was just wrong. Those sort of comments is not welcome here. Basically, you’re nothing more than a bully. Maybe you would be happier at GLAAD website.