Oklahoma City Pastors to Hold Prayer Gathering Outside Play That Puts Homosexual Twist on Bible

PlayOKLAHOMA CITY — A number of pastors in Oklahoma City are expected to hold a prayer gathering outside of an upcoming play that puts a homosexual twist on the Bible.

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told is being presented in the city by the OKC Theater Company, and will be held at the Civic Center Music Hall. The event, which will be held in a smaller room that seats 90 people, is said to be nearly sold out and additional performances have been scheduled.

However, pastors throughout Oklahoma City have expressed outrage over the production as it depicts God creating Adam and Steve, as well as lesbians Jane and Mabel, as the first humans. A number of sex acts are stated to be depicted during the show as well.

“We feel like we have a responsibility to speak out and say, ‘This is wrong,'” Steve Kern of Olivet Baptist Church told local television station NEWS 9.

Therefore, Kern and dozens of area pastors wrote a letter to the city, asking that The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told be prohibited from being performed on city property.

“In addition to a ‘fair amount of cursing’ (N.Y. Times review), this [production] calls for full frontal nudity, men simulating anal sex on stage, men simulating oral sex on stage and the promotion of bestiality,” the letter lamented. “But instead of this kind of gross pornography being shown in a XXX theater, it is supported by public dollars and hosted in a municipal facility.”

The pastors said that not only is the play sexually explicit, but it is also “openly offensive to Christians.”

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“The playwright intentionally mocks and provokes Christians as it ‘retells the Bible from a flamboyantly gay perspective, beginning with the Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden,'” the men wrote. “In addition, the writer calls Eden a ‘myth’ and says the Bible is ‘absurd.'”

However, in responding to the letter, facility manager Jim Brown said that the city does not have the legal right to deny the performance and suggested that the pastors contact the production company instead.

“Since the Civic Center is a city-owned facility, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution does not allow us to turn away productions based on their content,” he wrote. “If citizens disagree with specific performances, the most effective course of action is to contact the show promoter and voice your concerns.”

The production company told reporters that it has no plans to cancel the show as it does not want to “disappoint” those who have purchased tickets.

The pastors plan to hold a prayer gathering outside of the Civic Center as the event moves forward on December 6th.

As previously reported, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told also drew outrage in Massachusetts earlier this year after it was scheduled to be performed by middle and high school students in South Hadley. Despite receiving an estimated 12,000 email complaints, officials allowed the program, which featured students from the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter, to go forward as scheduled.

The production first debuted in 1998 and also had a run in New York City.

Photo: News 9

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  • Webb

    Divine justice will deal appropriately with the reprobate Sodomites at the right time.

  • Dennis Teel

    If this play mocked any other religion such as Muslim or Buddha ,etc it would have never made it to even being on the billboard..But of course this is Chistianity which so many liberals endorse as acceptable to attack..continually.

  • Ian Klein

    Proverbs 14:9 (KJV)
    Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.

  • Kender

    Alexander Winston, i just bumped into this website searching for another, when i decided to spend time reading the article and the comments. all of your comments to others struck me as defensive, haughty, dismissive, and born of a seemingly desperate desire to maintain the so called “king-of-the-hill” status you are apparently stuck….and i mean STUCK on your IQ ratings and your substantial “edumacation”….you know, to be totally OBSESSED with your educational abilities and then lord it over others with the intent to demonstrate your “superiority” over the rest of “these unwashed peasants” is rather unseemly, and indicates a deep insecurity within yourself. i sense this because those with higher education never need to gloat or remind others….it just shines thru, either way.
    you say that you have read all the holy books and i assume you are rather well read concerning the philosophies, yes? good. you say that God does not exist. i can prove to you that He does. with three simple letters


    yes, that’s right the DNA proves that there HAS TO BE a greater power, a higher being than just us, all by ourselves. you see, DNA is a code, a very complex code. even scientists who have not betrayed their chosen career by muddying the waters with a monkey wrench like belief in God, understand that simple concept. they also know that such codes cannot, simply cannot, just appear like that, with no beginning. all these complex codes that we use in everyday life, such as computers, all have a creator. DNA cannot even exist without said creator. therefore, it stands to reason, that however much we do not comprehend this Being, He exists. (please don;t get all stupid and chastise me for using the male pronoun…personally, i don’t think God even HAS a gender, but for purposes of comprehension, we’ll use the old standby…)
    what you lack is faith, not surprising, since you refuse to get to know the One who gives faith, instead, clinging to your IQ status as if it were a security blanket….(pssst, you know, the older one gets, clingy-ness to an obvious rational so as to avoid the truth about oneself tends not to be well received, not that you would care, but education and having a high IQ…ain’t all that, especially when getting old, that tends to be problematic, as dementia sets in, thus destroying all that hard work.) yeah, yeah, you have no family history of any illnesses, blah, blah. good for you, although that wasn’t my point.
    My purpose in all this, is not to show you that i’m better than you, rather it is to kindly let you know that how misguided your information is. you have allowed the vaunted educational system to get the better of you, you have allowed the sweet sounding lies of those with a sinister agenda to percolate and fester in your soul, and although i’m sure you think that your skills in debate will see you thru the hard times, i must say, you sound quite senile and foolish, mocking those with a belief system that you don’t want to understand, provoking the sin nature by prodding and poking, just for a reaction, you see, nothing harmless. you almost sound like a flat-earther might have sounded twenty years ago. even though the whole world now knows that the earth is not flat….yet you persist, even though evidence is overwhelming. oh well, as they say, can’t fix stupid. but, Alexander, stupid is NOT the new cool, just sayin’
    coming on this forum, knowing the title of it, yet stirring up dust, just because you think that the subject matter is a bit dull, or i don’t know, maybe you are here to boost your own ego by drawing away one or two with your “astuteness and cuteness” thus “proving ” your correctness in matters of the soul….however the case may be, why do you come here? it can’t be to learn, you are way more knowledgeable than any of us, so it must be to laud your skills and make us feel small by the “magnitude” of your “awesome intelligence”. well, got news for ya……we don’t care. the only one who is impressed……is you. but it would seem you are a bit frustrated at your inability to make us actually CARE. we don’t, because that concept of the world is soon to be made non-existent due to circumstances beyond our control, and our focus is on Jesus, not something that will fade, like education or smarts. why does that bother you? i’ve noticed that and it really bugs me. we KNOW that you don’t care about God. we are well aware that spiritual concepts are lost on you, trust me, life is difficult enough without trying to crack open your hard head, so you can ridicule the poor sops. we are not trying to make you believe, that is not our place, it is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict of sin, not ours.
    so, why do you come on this forum? it would seem that the only reason is to mock the poor fools who are so crippled by life, that they obligate themselves to a belief that has been proven to be a myth, right? or so you hope, as you smirk knowingly. why do you care that we believe in God….are you jealous? why does it bother you so much that we actually take to heart the humanistic pleas, oh sure you can believe ANYTHING you want, but then when we do just that, we discover that is a lie, …..we can believe anything we want….as long as Jesus isn’t mentioned. but that last part, is never said, only implied. woe be to the one who takes it to heart and chooses to believe in Jesus alone, without all the rest of the imposters. what a beautiful way to demonstrate hypocrisy. does it make you feel better than us, knowing a variety of ways to demonstrate hypocrisy? does it make you feel more “educated”? it is sort of like the gay lifestyle, oh they say with their forked tongue that whoever you love, is whoever you love. well, what if someone who is gay chooses to believe in God and go straight, marries and settles down? why isn’t that choice just as valid as any other? and why the viciousness? is it necessary? it speaks of something broken…within you. do you really want that out there? if you don’t care to know God, why do you take it upon yourself to mock those of us who do? very bad form, i must say. what kind of education did you receive, with such a nasty case of immaturity for a result, it can’t have been too far up on the list. actually, i really don’t care what school you attended. it has been my experience in life that those who went to college, and received a higher education, something inside them went south….they are no longer willing/able to think critically. people who didn’t go to college, think. but, the proof is in the fact, and this is the really funny part, they actually PAID for it! can you imagine? who would pay thousands of dollars, just so someone skilled in these matters, can teach them HOW TO BE BRAIN-DEAD, and at the end of the college years, they are lacking in basic thinking skills….but they are convinced that they have the world by the tail! maybe thats why everyone keeps voting every four years, hoping that this time it will be different, never noticing or caring that it doesn’t matter. that’s the vaunted progress you babble on about. i suppose you vote, and pay your taxes? not only are you a fool, but an accomplice to murder as well. where do you think the money comes from to pay for all that high-tech weaponry? the army ain’;t gonna pay for it….you are! and because you have been properly dumbed down while receiving an education, you no longer care to think about what’s happening over there, if the president says they are dangerous muslims, well they must be. sounds like the professor in college, he knows what he’s talking about, right? otherwise he wouldn’t be there! end of story.
    given your endless ranting above, i would assume this is you, hence, i ain’t too impressed. so, before you go on stage again, you might want to think about HOW you sound, how you project. but you didn’t, obviously. you are so enamored by the “eruditeness” of your own vocabulary, that you fail to see what a fool you’ve become. i just thought i’d let you know, so you can correct it.

  • Karate Kathleen

    What I don’t understand and the article doesn’t say is: how in the world were they allowed to show this same play to middle and high school age kids in Mass? I mean, did they really do this with all the nudity and also, WHY would you show such a play to kids & teens? Has the world gone mad?

    • Marilyn Blue

      It’s called indoctrination Karate. Here in California they are giving them instructions to accept homosexuality as soon as primary school age…5-6 yrs old.

      • Karate Kathleen

        Marilyn, I’m totally shocked! I had no idea this kind of thing was being literally “pushed” on kids. I haven’t heard of anything like this in our state. But what about showing kids full frontal nudity and live sex acts? How in the world was that allowed? Is stuff like that being shown to kids too?

  • Mary’s Child

    It amazes that out of all the faith traditions, the Bible is the book of choice to mock. Is it because there is a fear of the outcome of using another religion in this way? I am insulted that my instruction book for living is taken so lightly; that my God is so disrespected and depicted so callously. Shame on the playwright and the cast. I am praying for your speedy recovery from misguided judgement.