Discovery of Ancient Spear Tips Confounds Evolutionists, ‘Raises Questions on Evolution’

SpeartipETHIOPIA – Scientists are reconsidering evolutionary assumptions after man-made javelin tips were discovered in a geologic layer that, according to evolutionists, supposedly predates humans by 80,000 years.

During a recent archaeological dig, scientists unearthed numerous stone-tipped projectiles near Lake Ziway in central Ethiopia. The projectiles, which show clear signs of use, are puzzling to evolutionary scientists, since the geologic formation in which they were found is supposedly 280,000 years old. However, evolutionists claim modern humans did not evolve until about 200,000 years ago.

These unexpected findings were reported in the November edition of the journal PLOS ONE. In the article, the scientists confirmed that the sharpened stone artifacts were almost certainly used as javelin tips.

“Based on morphological parameters, these experimental points are described as effective hunting spears,” the scientists explained. “Combined results from the independent approaches presented here show that certain … points were used as javelin tips from as early as [279,000 years ago].”

Scientists also found evidence that the javelin tips were thrown at high velocities—a skill which only “modern” humans possess.

“We were only interested in testing the hypothesis that these tools were definitely used to tip spears,” Yonatan Sahle, one of the discovers of the artifacts, told National Geographic. “The eureka came much later as we did the analysis and found out that the features we were dealing with were the result of throwing impact, not thrusting.”

Sahle said the spear tips are evidence of “certain behavioral traits that are considered complex and mostly only the domains of anatomically modern humans.”

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National Geographic headline on the discovery
National Geographic headline on the discovery

This poses a problem for evolutionary hypothesis concerning mankind, since secular scientists believe humans from this era were not capable of creating advanced tools and weapons. National Geographic admitted that the javelin tips “raise questions on evolution.”

Last year, the journal Science reported a similar discovery of spear tips that were supposedly 250,000 years older than evolutionists expected. One paleoanthropologist quoted by National Geographic likened the discovery to “finding an iPod in a Roman Empire site.”

Scientists who believe in Biblical creation say that these discoveries cast serious doubts on the evolution of man. Brian Thomas, science writer for the Institute for Creation Research, told Christian News Network that the discovery of these ancient spear tips “leaves secular history with two interpretations, and neither appeals.”

“First,” Thomas said, “perhaps those who made this spear were not yet fully human in body shape—they still looked ape-like—but were human enough in mind to have built useful spears using assembly line-like cooperation. The problem with this is that modern and extinct apes have shoulders built for hanging by tree limbs—an anatomy that prevents them from throwing spears accurately enough to hunt. And the researchers showed that these African spears had been thrown. Throwing uses the same basic motion as pitching, and that requires the distinctly human body shape.

“The second secular interpretation,” Thomas continued, “holds that humans—fully human in mind and body—existed some 80,000 years before the evolutionary charts in textbooks and museums show. This is very embarrassing. Imagine the public mistrust that might result from redoing all those books and displays.”

Thomas said evolutionists will often find ways to incorporate the problematic data into their theories.

“In the past,” he said, “secular scientists have ‘solved’ problems like these by ‘re-dating’ the artifacts. Secularists may soon [claim] that these spears in Africa were only 200,000 years old after all.”

“Fortunately,” Thomas concluded, “a third interpretation is available to scientists not locked into secular history. Real descendants of Adam and Noah migrated to Africa, then manufactured and successfully hunted with spears not long after the Flood of about 2400 B.C.”

Photo: National Geographic

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