Supreme Court Declines to Hear Liberty University’s Challenge to Obamacare

Liberty U Credit EOverbyWASHINGTON — The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to the Obamacare abortion pill mandate, and the insurance requirement as a whole, as presented by Liberty University.

As previously reported, the Virginia-based university had sued the Obama administration last year, seeking to strike down the entirety of Obamacare by asserting that Congress has no authority to force Americans to purchase an unwanted product. Liberty’s lawsuit is the only legal challenge of its kind tackling both the employer abortion pill mandate and the insurance mandate in its totality.

“If we win on the employer mandate, then the mandate would be gone for religious and non-religious employers,” Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which is representing the university, told reporters earlier this year.

In July, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously rejected Liberty University’s arguments in challenging Obamacare, upholding the requirement as being rational.

“The employer mandate is no monster,” it wrote. “Rather, it is simply another example of Congress’s longstanding authority to regulate employee compensation offered and paid for by employers in interstate commerce.”

Therefore, Liberty Counsel vowed to take the matter to the United States Supreme Court. In August, the Fourth Circuit granted the university a stay against the Obamacare mandate until the case was heard by the nation’s highest court, but issued a separate order later in the day denying the stay.

“Petitioner Liberty University is a private non-profit Christian university with sincerely held religious beliefs that prohibit it from playing any part in surgical or chemical abortions, including facilitating, subsidizing, easing, funding, or supporting abortions, or paying for abortion inducing drugs or devices as is required in order for it to comply with the Employer Mandate,” the university’s appeal to the Supreme Court stated.

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“Individuals are consumers, but Congress cannot force them to consume health insurance,” it continued. “Employers hire employees, but Congress lacks authority to force them to provide those employees with health insurance or severely fine them for refusing to do so.”

While the court declined to hear Liberty University’s appeal, which would have caused the court to re-think key parts of Obamacare that it had upheld previously, it did agree to hear the cases of two Christian businesses that had challenged solely the abortion pill mandate in the law.

As previously reported, the Supreme Court announced last week that it would hear two cases: Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius.

“This is a major step for the Greens and their family businesses in an important fight for Americans’ religious liberty,” stated Kyle Duncan, general counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and lead attorney for Hobby Lobby. “We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will clarify once and for all that religious freedom in our country should be protected for family business owners like the Greens.”

“The government shouldn’t be able to punish Americans for exercising their fundamental freedoms,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel David Cortman, who represents Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation. “The administration has no business forcing citizens to choose between making a living and living free. We trust the Supreme Court will agree. A government that forces any citizen to participate in immoral acts—like the use of abortion drugs—under threat of crippling fines is a government everyone should fear.”

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  • Sir Tainly

    I do not believe that abortion is murder. Therefore it should remain a deeply personal and private choice for women and/or couples to grapple with and I wish them all peace.

    For whatever it’s worth to you (the argument frustrates many that seek to stop abortion in God’s name though.) Numbers 5: 11-31 is a record where it is recorded that God will give a miscarriage to a woman that has been unfaithful.

    I think that many people sincerely believe that abortion is murder, but they mistakenly seek to take the same option away from women or couples that may find themselves in a similar situation. Their version of purity and ethical integrity does not fit well with many people or their unique situations, but I do not deny them the freedom to not choose abortion either.

    In numbers God Himself aborts fetuses in certain situations, but these do-gooders think that they know it all. 😛 Abortion is not murder….unless you think that God is morally inferior to you as well based on Numbers 5

    Not to mention, that by subtly trying to stop abortion through “regulation” makes many of them bald faced liars because they lie as to their true intentions. Certainly not all of them lie without checking their own moral compass!?

    In this case our Supreme Court has made a statement by not hearing the case, amazing thing…that.

    Every Christian has the right to choose for themselves whether or not to have an abortion, so does everyone else in our country. But since according to the laws (both ours and God’s) abortion is not specifically a crime and even something that God himself has done assuming the ancient Jews ever carried out this ritual…..what exactly gives us the right to as employers, limit our employees options? What gives us the right?…..


    • James J. Grimes

      You are entitled to your opinion but only degenerates and feminists will agree with you. Do you really think a loving God is going to be OK with the MURDER of 53 million babies? If you do, you need help.

    • Viv

      Only GOD has the power to give life and to take it away. We ‘re not allowed to compare ourselves to HIM and play to be like GOD and take life away at our own convenience.

      “Our Father, Who art in heaven,
      Hallowed be Thy Name.
      Thy Kingdom come.
      Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread.
      And forgive us our trespasses,
      as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      And lead us not into temptation,
      but deliver us from evil. Amen.”

  • Sir Tainly

    You can believe that abortion is murder, you can say that abortion is murder until you are blue in the face, you can get people whipped up into an emotional frenzy by talk about baby murderers, you can really bring in the tithes and offerings by preaching it to be murder……but I do not see where our laws or God’s actions (Nu 5) back you up in the least.

    Abortion is not murder….(Numbers 5)….

    In other words make your case….

    And even if you do manage to pull some kind of commandment, law, or statute out of your hat (I think not) the Lord is still merciful.

    • Tenney Singer

      Numbers 5 has nothing to do with abortion; it is about discovering a woman’s adultery. Even so, there is a huge difference between God ordaining a miscarriage and humans intruding into the womb to destroy a new life. One is natural death, but the other is murder.

  • Sir Tainly

    God gives a miscarriage to a woman who conceived through adultery….and you think that it’s not an abortion!? It’s a reason why someone might choose an abortion….since we don’t have temple dust to drink…which is not natural IMO at all.

    It’s a spiritual morning after pill………

    Of course we don’t do the stoning, and holding the woman up to public stoning went out for good when the Lord himself said “Let him that is without sin throw the first stone.” Thank God, literally.

    But in the case of abortions….you don’t even have one law or statute to back you up. It’s not even an issue of sin, let alone crime.

    Let people choose, it is not murder.

    • Sam

      The key issue is that all human life belongs to God to do with as He wills, whenever He wills. Thus He is incapable of “murder” (or abortion) as that is defined as human against human. God’s sovereignty over all life is also the reason for the commandment prohibiting Israel from taking the lives of their countrymen – “Thou shalt not kill.” God has a reason for preserving their lives, and a plan for every person. God is also unquestionably justified in taking life that He created to begin with, but humans are expressly prohibited from doing so. It is not your place. Furthermore, if God ordains that a new life be conceived through whatever process good or evil, then so be it.

      The other issue, then, is the status of the fetus – and it is unquestionably a human life. From the moment of conception, there is a complete, entirely human genetic code which is separate from either the father’s or mother’s. The zygote is a complete organism capable of producing every type of adult cell, given sufficient nutrition. Abortion snuffs out a living soul and steals joy from every other life that person would have touched. No historical figure recorded in the Bible ever rejected the blessing of a child from God.

      Consider also that the practice of abortion is widely used to facilitate and encourage fornication, which is a recognized sin. Those who defile their bodies with each other may decide to add murder to sexual sin, in order to eliminate the natural consequences – the child. Childbearing was the original design of intimacy when God created humans male and female and commanded them to multiply. The resulting pleasure and feeling of personal attachment serves to create a stable environment for raising godly offspring between loving parents.

  • Sir Tainly

    The issue as I see it is that God gave all care and responsibility for a fetus to the mom first and foremost, and of course by association to anyone involved in her life. Care for pregnant women will of course reflect on us as a culture in God’s eyes I believe. But the choice is hers.

    There ARE NO STATUTES banning abortion, and even in this case an abortion (pretty much) is granted by God. And we don’t stone and vilify women publicly anymore since Jesus told the one woman that he did not condemn her either.

    So biblicaly speaking the urge to ban abortions may be ethically and spiritually refuted by any number of answers from “none of your dang business” TO “not only is your law stupid, but it has no resemblance whatsoever to anything God has said….EVER.”