Father ‘Livid’ After Daughter’s Science Quiz Declares That Gravity ‘Was Designed By God’

quizA debate has ensued online after a Florida man expressed his outrage over his daughter’s recent science quiz, which asserted that gravity ‘was designed by our God.’

The man, who uploaded a photo of the quiz to Reddit, declined to provide the name of the school for privacy reasons, but contended that the photo was indeed real. He said that his daughter attends a private Christian school because he and his wife believe that the public schools in their area are substandard. He stated that he does not mind the she is being taught about God, but became angry when he saw the content of her recent science quiz.

“My daughter (3rd Grade) has been at this school since kindergarten and things have been going well. Most doctrinal issues were handled delicately without fundamentalism and allowed parents the option to discuss differences of opinion with their children,” he wrote. “This week she brings this monstrosity home. I am livid!”

The test included five questions about gravity, such as “Because of gravity, a ball thrown in the air ___,” providing multiple choice answers.

The last two questions spoke of God’s involvement in the law of gravity.

“People who do not believe in God ___,” it asked, with the correct answer being “cannot explain this powerful force.” “Christians know that gravity ___,” the last question posed, with the correct answer being “was designed by our God.”

“[A]m I being hypocritical by putting my child in this environment and then being shocked by the outcome?” the angered father posted on Reddit. “Or should I have a straightforward conversation [with] her teacher and move on?”

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The conversation soon went viral, with reportedly thousands of comments accumulating—mostly negative—including from those who professed to be Christian.

As previously reported, a similar situation took place this past spring when Blue Ridge Christian Academy (BRCA), a small private school in northern South Carolina, came under fire after administering a Christian-based science quiz to its Fourth Grade class.

As the answer to one of the true-or-false quiz questions, “The earth is billions of years old,” was false, the father of a girl who attends the school became angry and threatened to pull her out. The quiz was circulated online and hundreds sided with the girl’s father, expressing their concern and even outrage regarding BRCA’s science curriculum.

However, many Christian apologists and scientists came out in strong support of BRCA, a school that had been struggling with debt and various financial challenges. Most notably among supporters was Answers in Genesis, the largest Christian apologetics ministry in the world. Ken Ham and Mark Looy, co-founders of Answers in Genesis, stated in a blog post that they were “highly impressed” by how the BRCA staff had been coping with the controversy.

Nonetheless, the school closed its doors earlier this year when it failed to generate enough donations to enable the school to keep going. BCRA states that it was only able to raise $15,000 out of the $200,000 needed to stay open.

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  • Cporte

    How can anyone get mad that their child is being taught from a Christian point of view when they choose to send their kid to a Christian school? If you don’t believe the way Christians do, don’t send your child to a Christian school. Send to some kind of prep school or something.

  • Mark

    Sounds as though Dad didn’t do his homework and fully investigate the school before enrolling his daughter since he now has doctrinal issues with the school.

  • TJ

    GOD THE CREATOR!!! It’s kind of a requirement for belief. I don’t think this man is a believer. Just saying.

  • The closing of the Christian school is a very sad consequence of several earlier decisions. First, an unbelieving parent chose to enroll his child in the private Christian school because of higher academic outcomes and, quite likely, also a safer environment. Due to my involvement in a private Christian school, I imagine the parent signed a document that agreed to adhere to biblical, Christian standards upon enrollment. It is possible that the parent lied to achieve his own selfish ends and then didn’t like the curriculum, which is unfair to the school. On the other hand, the motives of some Christian schools are also in question. Some Christian schools simply go through the motions of having parents sign a Statement of Belief and then greedily accept the tuition. Christian schools and churches find themselves in trouble when they allow unbelievers to join. Yes, we should love our neighbors as ourselves, but churches and Christian schools are supposed to train Christians to go out into the world and make disciples, not serve as a social club for unbelievers to challenge the Word of God – there are plenty of universities to do that.

    • Sue

      Sally H. McD’s comment is 100% correct! Members who are truly IN CHRIST, believe God and His Word. Taking GOD at His Word, i.e. believing what GOD says, is faith that saves. The others parents who sided with the child father, surely weren’t on the side of GOD–no wonder the school closed. Ephesians 2:8-10

    • Ashley

      I’m in complete agreement with both Sallie & Sue. Non believers should not be attending Christian schools as they’re not equally yolked. Otherwise we’re just leading ourselves to arguments & disharmony.

  • God did design gravity, as well as the universe.


  • charles e. killeen

    This whole argument is silly. Mr. Livid is livid because in a world he considers his some people are thinking. If he could just stop people from thinking he’d be comfortable in his world. I am Catholic, devoutly Catholic and we were taught in the early grades (1940’s) that there is no conflict between evolution and the Catholic teaching of creation. These two beliefs mesh perfectly. Arguing about God is a complete waste of time. Listen to the scientists who waste years of their lives writing large books “proving” there is no God. Religious people simply say, “there is no scientific proof and that’s why we have faith.” Everything I believe is preposterous buy my experience and my senses have convinced me that it is true all the same. ————– Charlie