Rep. Chris Smith: Abortion Coverage Included in Nearly All Congressional Health Insurance Plans

Smith pdWASHINGTON — Republican Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey has divulged that abortion coverage is included in nearly all the health insurance plans available to Congress and their staffers–with the exception of 9 out of 112.

Lawmakers have until December 9th to sign up for an insurance plan, but Smith says that Obama is breaking his promise of using taxpayer funds for abortion.

“In the run-up to passage of Obamacare, Americans were repeatedly told and reassured by President Obama himself, including in a speech to a joint session of Congress in October 2009, that ‘under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion,’” he explained in a news release this week. “Obama even issued the infamous executive order that claimed, ‘the Act maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to newly created health insurance exchanges.’”

“Once again we see those promises ring hollow—what the President said simply isn’t true today,” he continued. “In the most recent example, 103 of the 112 insurance plans that Members of Congress and congressional staff are being directed to include elective abortion coverage. Only nine plans offered exclude elective abortion.”

While there are still plans available that exclude abortion coverage, Smith fears that many Congressmen and their staff will unknowingly sign up for plans that include the coverage. Reports state that often it can be confusing to understand which plan offers what coverage, and sometimes the insurance companies can make mistakes.

“Only in response to public pressure did D.C. Health Link release a FAQ explaining how to decipher which plans exclude elective abortion coverage” Smith said. “To date, Secretary Sebelius has failed to provide any information about abortion coverage in plans sold in dozens of states on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace– even after promising to do so over a month ago.”

Therefore, he says that he has introduced a bill that would require insurance companies to clearly note whether or not plans include abortion coverage.

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“This failure to disclose is a problem indicative of Obamacare plans nationwide and is why I have introduced the ‘Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act’ (H.R. 3279), a bill that requires information regarding either inclusion or exclusion of abortion coverage as well as the existence of an abortion surcharge to be ‘prominently displayed,’” Smith outlined. “To rid Obamacare of its massive expansion of abortion-on-demand facilitation and funding, I have also introduced the No Taxpayers Funding for Abortion Act, (H.R. 7).”

He said that as is, Obamacare is violating the Smith Act, passed three years ago to ensure that abortion would not be included in the health care plans of federal employees.

“Once again it is clear that Obamacare’s abortion mandate violates federal law and makes taxpayers complicit in the culture of death,” Smith stated. “This is not reform.”

Under Obamacare, every state must have at least one plan that excludes abortion. However, it also allows Christians to become members of health sharing ministries as an exemption to the requirement to purchase insurance. Medi-ShareSamaritan Ministries and Christian Healthcare Ministries are the three companies that Christians may join as alternatives under the law.

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  • Mary Waterton

    “If you like your plan, you keep it. Like your doctor, keep your doctor.” — Barack H. Obama

    “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.” — Barack H. Obama

    Lies like his father, the Devil.

  • Sir Tainly

    I do not believe that abortion is murder. Therefore it should remain a deeply personal and private choice for women and/or couples to grapple with and I wish them all peace.

    For whatever it’s worth to you Numbers 5: 11-31 is a record where it is recorded that God will give a miscarriage to a woman that has been unfaithful.

    I think that many people sincerely believe that abortion is murder, but they mistakenly seek to take the same option away from women or couples that may find themselves in a similar situation. Their version of purity and ethical integrity does not fit well with many people or their unique situations, but I do not deny them the freedom to not choose abortion either.

    In numbers God Himself aborts fetuses in certain situations, but these do-gooders think that they know it all. 😛 Abortion is not murder….unless you think that God is morally inferior to you as well based on Numbers 5 the issue as I see it is that God gave all care and responsibility for a fetus to the mom first and foremost, and of course by association to anyone involved in her life. Care for pregnant women will of course reflect on us as a culture in God’s eyes I believe. But the choice is hers.

    There ARE NO GODLY STATUTES banning abortion, and even in this case an abortion (pretty much) is granted by God. And we don’t stone and vilify women publicly anymore since Jesus told the one woman that he did not condemn her either.

    So biblicaly speaking the urge to ban abortions may be ethically and spiritually refuted by any number of answers from “none of your dang business” TO “not only is your law stupid, but it has no resemblance whatsoever to anything God has said….EVER.”

    So Obama was wrong OR lying when he said that no federal funds would be used for abortions. But abortions are not part of “a culture of death. Is that wrong or a lie to say that it is?

    • James J. Grimes

      Who are you trying to kid? Only liberals and feminists are that gullible. Christians know the truth and can see through your abortionist agenda. Please, go to an abortionist site and set your soapbox there.

  • Sir Tainly

    Christians should be able to recognize the truth.

    Especially those that have been taught that doing things in God’s name without having any of God’s Word backing you up is foolish in the least and quite possibly much worse than simple foolishness.

    And since we have had a previous exchange Mr. Grimes, I will take a small liberty and expand my response just past the context of this article……

    I wish that you had even one Old Testament commandment to back you up, at least then I could have to argue grace instead of law, as I would in the case of having to stone the adulterers, why it is OK for Christians to eat pork and crab meat….etc..

    But you don’t even have that! Your case is based on sinking sand, not the Rock.

    Your side has neither the scripture, nor ethics, nor logic to answer why that when God has given the care of the unborn to the women, why any of us are justified to tell any of them what they have to do.