Michigan Intruder Flees After Woman Quotes Scripture

Bible pdDEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI — An intruder fled the home of a single mother on Monday after she began declaring Scripture to him and urging him not to carry out his evil intentions.

The 38-year-old woman has not been identified, but neighbors are now talking about the incident, which occurred at approximately 4:45 a.m. on Monday.

“I told her God was watching out for her,” neighbor Julie Wilding told WXYZ News. “Someone was watching out for her. To be able to walk away from something like this … by witnessing to somebody and changing the course of what they planned on doing …”

The woman and her special needs daughter were sleeping when the intruder broke into the house through the basement and then assaulted the woman upon entrance.

But the woman began quoting Scripture, which made the intruder turn and leave. He left back through the basement where he had entered.

The woman is also reported as declaring to the attacker, “God loves you! You don’t want to do this!”

Police are still looking for the intruder.

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As previously reported, a similar situation took place in January of this year when a gun-wielding burglar attempted to rob a residential jewelry party in Lake City, Florida.

Homeowner Jacquie Hagler had fourteen friends over for the party. Derek Lee, 24, who was wearing a ski cap and a bandana, entered the home with a gun and demanded that the women hand over their money and phones.

At first, the women thought the incident was some sort of joke. One of the attendees reportedly pushed Lee’s hand away, laughing.

“It’s only a water gun,” she said.

“I’m not joking,” Lee replied, pointing the gun to the woman’s head. “I’m going to shoot someone. Give me your money.”

At this point, Hagler, a born-again Christian, understood that the situation was indeed real.

“When I realized what was going on, I stood up and said, ‘In the name of Jesus, get out of my house now!’” Hagler told local television station WJXT-TV. “And he said [again], ‘I’m going to shoot someone.’”

“I said it again real boldly,” she continued. “Everybody started chanting, ‘Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’”

Lee was stunned.

“The look on his face was just astonishment. He was totally captivated by whatever he saw,” Hagler explained. “[H]e did a quick scan of the room, and ran out the door as fast as he could go.”

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