Ken Ham Announces Creation/Evolution Debate With Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’

Ham, Nye DebateCINCINNATI – Well-known apologist Ken Ham and outspoken evolutionist Bill Nye have agreed to a public creation-versus-evolution debate in early February.

Nye was the popular host of the children’s TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy, which was produced by Disney during the 1990s. An outspoken evolutionist, Nye was also featured in a YouTube video last year titled “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children.”

“Denial of evolution is unique to the United States,” Nye says in the video, which has received nearly six million views. “…When you have a portion of the population that doesn’t believe in [evolution], it holds everybody back, really.”

Nye, who was recognized as the “2010 Humanist of the Year” by the American Humanist Association, claims that the “whole world” becomes “fantastically complicated” and “a mystery” for those who do not accept evolution—rather than “an exciting place.” Furthermore, he predicts that, “in another couple centuries,” the creationist worldview “just won’t exist,” saying “there’s no evidence for it.”

“If you want to deny evolution and live in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we’ve observed in the universe, that’s fine,” Nye continues. “But don’t make your kids do it, because we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and tax-payers for the future.”

One week after Nye’s video attacking creationists was published, Ken Ham—president and CEO of the Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis—published a four-minute YouTube video, in which he responded to Nye’s claims and argued that evolutionists are intent on brainwashing children.

“Bill Nye has an agenda to teach children not to believe in God,” Ham says in the video.

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“The way to convince kids about evolution is you have to do what ‘Bill Nye the Humanist Guy’ wants,” he continues. “You protect them from hearing anything about creation, you totally indoctrinate them, you brainwash them, you don’t teach them to think critically at all, [you] don’t teach them the difference between historical science and observational science—you just want to make sure they only hear about evolution and that’s it.”

“Creationists, of course,” he adds, “are very happy to teach their children about evolution and teach the problems with it and teach their children how to think critically. Isn’t it interesting how Christians are not frightened to teach their children about evolution!”

Following the release of the YouTube videos, Ham challenged Nye to a public creation/evolution debate. At first, Nye did not respond to Ham’s invitation. However, in a statement released on Thursday, Answers in Genesis announced that Ham and Nye are finally scheduled to face off in a February 4th debate at the Creation Museum. The Creation Museum is located near Cincinnati, Ohio.

“A debate with Mr. Nye, nationally known for his children’s TV program and for promoting evolution, will be one of our major events in 2014 to highlight how children and teens are being influenced by evolutionary thinking,” Ham wrote in the statement. “… Having the opportunity to hold a cordial but spirited debate with such a well-known personality who is admired by so many young people will help bring the creation/evolution issue to the attention of many more people, including youngsters.”

“I hope to show Mr. Nye and our debate audience that observational science confirms the scientific accuracy of the Genesis account of origins, not evolution,” Ham added.

The debate next month will not be the first time Ham has faced off with evolutionists, as according to the Answers in Genesis statement, he also participated in debates at Harvard University in the 1990s. However, the specific purpose of next month’s debate will be to answer the question: “Is creation a viable model of origins?”

After the debate was announced, dozens of evolutionists railed against Ham and criticized Nye for agreeing to debate the Answers in Genesis president.

“Don’t do it,” one commenter advised. “It only lends credibility to liars and scoundrels.”

Another commenter suggested the debate is nothing more than “a fund raiser for the kooks” and a “totally bad idea.”

In a Friday blog post, Ham said such derogatory comments “illustrate the hatred many of these secularists have for Christians.”

“You see, the atheists are actually insecure in their beliefs,” Ham suggested. “Not only that, but atheists in many ways have managed to censor information concerning creation from the public—they have been involved in getting legislation to protect the teaching of evolution in public schools and thus stop students from even hearing about creation. These secularists do not want people hearing about the evidence that confirms the creation account in the Bible.”

“Now that a well-respected personality like Bill Nye will be debating me on the origins topic,” Ham added, “many of these atheists are worried. They just do not want people to hear such a debate! But why would they be so worried if it is so obvious that evolution is true?”

Ham explained that their ministry has received enormous media and social media attention following the debate announcement, and that the Answers in Genesis website hit record traffic levels as of Thursday.

Image: Answers in Genesis

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  • Sir Tainly

    The following is exactly the same comment I made on the story entitled,”Atheist Agrees to Attend Church of Highest Bidder in Online Auction”.


    Can anyone say,”publicity stunt”!?

    • Chad

      So getting the word out about creationism is something that you do not support?

      • Sir Tainly

        No, that’s not it Chad. Would you care to guess again!?

  • Sofa King

    Ham is a science denier – he makes it up as he goes along – convincing his rubes/minions that his “museum” is legitimate.

    Debates are basically rhetoric stunts, not a venue for actual discussion and exchanges of information.

    • Michael Jozwiak

      I have never seen any science that even came close to supporting the faith in evolution. I have seen science show that evolution next to impossible!

      • mark adams

        Michael, you say you have never seen any science that even came close to supporting..evolution. May I take it you never read or taken college courses in any biochemistry or genetics? Closed eyes don’t see anything. It is the 21st Century, perhaps it is time for you to wake up and understand science.With all due respect, you are entitled to believe whatever you wish. Your children and grandchildren deserve to have the opportunity to learn everything..including facts.

      • wanda lee

        Comparing science to faith is like comparing real apples to imaginary oranges… pointless. I have no faith in evolution at all, I have facts, I have knowledge of the Theory of Evolution, a scientific theory which is fully supported by a mountain of fossilized remains, an greater understanding of the molecular world, and if that’s not enough, DNA is available to fill in any gaps. Please cite the reference(s) that would support your statement, “I have seen science show that evolution next to impossible!” Thanks

  • les chalfin

    Roger Rench : let me figure this out logically…. what an idea. ..logic. .You say evolution is wrong because you a few scientist do not believe in fossils. (but more scientists do think fossils are real)
    And, by the way…. how or when did your God idea come from. matter and the Big Bang does not make sense to you. Well. PUFF: God appears from dust? PUFF: God made earth from Dust. PUFF: God made animals. PUFF: God made man. PUFF: God made woman.
    that was a whole lot of PUFFS. and you are saying that the big bang is ridiculous? Personally… I don’t know the answer. Evolution makes more common sense than Creation. One Big Bang instead of a lot of PUFFS:
    However, they both sound like fairy tales and science fiction to me. So until I DIE, and find out the truth, (or not) i will not make excuses for things i do not understand.
    You know….. if you eliminate the fact that God did it all in 7 days, and make each day a million years or so…… Those two theories can co-exist.

  • Linda Ballard

    Maybe this debate will show many professing Christians why they are wrong in the theory of not believing in 6 actual days of creation. May God use this debate to His glory…

  • Joe

    “Don’t do it,” one commenter advised. “It only lends credibility to liars and scoundrels.”

    Another commenter suggested the debate is nothing more than “a fund raiser for the kooks” and a “totally bad idea.”

    * * *

    Ken Ham is correct. Such remarks show fear on the part of at least some evolutionists. First, if Young Earth Creationism is so self-evidently absurd (as they claim it is) then it’s not possible to add credibility to creationism or to creationists. Second, if evolution is so self-evidently true (as they claim it is) then Nye should be able to mop the floor with any creationist.

    But this reluctance is nothing new. The evolutionists who say “don’t do it” have had “experts” on their side dodge YEC debate requests for decades, and for good reason.

    • wanda lee

      evolutionist don’t fear the facts, and we don’t dislike intelligent discourse, what we disike and fear is the slippery trickery and double talk the creationist trundle out at every opportunity

  • Sofa King

    Hey, Joe… go blow.

  • Ross Yerkes

    The End of the Argument over Godless Evolution

    The PROCESS of “Godless Evolution”( G.E. ), which excludes the possibility of “Intelligent Design”, is taught as a scientific fact in government public schools and by such famous Godless Evolutionists as; Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins. Anything determined to be a scientific fact MUST be substantiated by Empirical Evidence (… verified by observation or experiment. – Webster’s Dictionary ). Therefore the PROCESS itself of G.E. must be substantiated by observation or experiment in order for it to be identified as a scientific fact.
    By citing the verifiable scientific experiments which PROVE the three G. E. assertions below, you will end the argument in your own mind and in the minds of everyone else looking for these answers over whether G.E. is a scientific fact or just an unscientific story. If this scientific proof exists it will be found within a few minutes on the Internet.

    1. Please cite the scientific experiment that proves that there is no spiritual God of the Universe.


    2. Please cite the scientific experiment which proves that the forces of Nature produce
    life from inanimate matter


    3. Please cite the scientific experiments that prove that the forces of nature create new, superior, more complex, organs and systems, such as the human brain and nervous system, and proportionally and harmoniously incorporates them into existing species thereby creating new species.



    • mark adams

      Newtonian laws..period

    • wanda lee

      btw, what’s the name of this book of ‘inglorious hot air’ by Satan? sounds like an interesting read.

    • wanda lee

      1. One cannot prove a negative. One cannot prove there is no god. The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You claim there is a god, you must bring the evidence.

      2. Is there a claim that “the forces of Nature produce
      life from inanimate matter”. If there has been I’m unaware of it. Please cite source.

      3. ummmm… DNA, mountains of fossilized remains, the reflection in your mirror.

  • Ann

    The Bible says in Psalm 14:1a “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” There are many scientific facts in the Bible such as the person that “discovered” the navigational laws when they read in the Bible that there are “paths in the sea.” Also, the dimensions of sea-going vessels are in proportion to Noah’s ark in the Bible. Many people used to believe the earth was flat but the Bible says the “circle of the earth” (round). Also, many doctors and others used to think to take blood out of person if they were sick but the Bible says the blood is the life of the flesh. Also, very, very obvious are the prophecies that are being or have been fulfilled, for example Israel returning to their land. The Bible says in the last days (which I believe we are in) knowledge will increase and men will run to and fro the earth – how true!

  • BeBe

    Regarding Creation VS. Evolution there are only 2 books of importance in making a decision.

    Book 1 is Divinely Inspired by God. Book 2 is inglorious hot air by satan.
    Since God created all humanity and His angels with a free will to choose…..the choice is ours in which book to believe.

    Even before the foundation of the earth, Lucifer (satan) committed the first sin. So he got it wrong from the get-go. Don’t think I want to follow his book.

    God’s Book says:”Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5
    “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, Who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” James 1:5

    Every few years we are given more and more knowledge in science, which contradicts what we believed previously.

    God’s Book never chances. It is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

  • Karate Kathleen

    So many other people have commented, mines probably going to be lost but here goes: I BET I COULD OUT DEBATE BILL NYE WITH SCIENCE! Like for example: consider the power of the sun-what CREATED and MAINTAINS it’s power? An awesome magnetic force constantly keeps all the planets from hitting each other and circling the sun, WHAT KEEPS THIS FORCE IN PLACE? Consider the Helix Nebula or “eye of God”-the Holy Bible states God said “I move my eyes to and fro watching the earth.” Do you think logically the Helix Nebula appeared by chance?! and if you do Bill Nye, did the “hand of God” seen by orbiting telescope happen by chance too?! I think Bill has a better chance of being hit by lightening on a clear sunny day!

  • David Moore

    The Richard Dawkins camp appears to be preparing for Nye to be defeated in the debate and getting their excuses in first… lol!

    • wanda lee

      How on earth can Bill Nye ever be defeated when he is only telling the facts. There is no right or wrong here, there’s no winner or loser, there is only the truth, and we’ve been telling you what that is for years, if you choose not to listen that’s your own business. No cheap snake-oil salesman slickery will ever change the facts that the old testament creation story is just another version of a very ancient myth, and all life in earth evolved over an immensity of time. No creationist has ever produced one single shred of evidence in support of their story, yet evolutionists have mountains of evidence to support the Theory.

  • The debate is over. Nye won so please take this down. You are wasting valuable resources like peoples time.