‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ Documentary Calls Upon Church to Repent of Apathy Toward Abortion

BAMH 3On the anniversary of the 41st year since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Roe v. Wade, a Christian film production company is releasing a documentary that challenges the Church to understand that Christians don’t have the right to remain silent when it comes to abortion.

Babies Are Murdered Here was filmed in multiple locations throughout the country over the past year and explores some of the most prevalent fallacies of the pro-life movement, including the tendency of many Christians to avoid characterizing abortion as murder.

“There’s nothing revolutionary about calling abortion ‘murder,’ but no one’s doing it,” Marcus Pittman of Crown Rights Media and producer of Babies Are Murdered Here told Christian News Network. “When you address the subject from the supposition that all abortion ends in the murder of a child, then there’s no rational argument for it.”

Pittman traveled to New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and California last year to document the work of Christians on the front lines of pro-life ministry, and to demonstrate that taking a stand for life is not easy, but definitely worth it. He said that even while recording the footage for the film, many Christians were already latching on to the concept and became excited about being a voice for the voiceless.

“We’ve seen as a result of the trailer that we’ve had up for a year, that people all over the country—in Texas and Michigan and everywhere—began taking these ‘Babies Are Murdered Here’ signs and have become more involved in abortion ministry,” he explained. “In New Jersey, they brought about 40 to 50 guys [out to hold the signs], which actually resulted in the clinic shutting down early.”

Jon Speed, pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church in Syracuse, New York, worked alongside Pittman in the creation of the film and is also featured in a number of segments. He stated that much of the Body of Christ neglects this important mission field.

“If we really believe that this is murder, then go out there and do something about it,” he said. “There’s a quote in the film where R.C. Sproul Jr. says, ‘We need to stop being middle class American sissies.’ … Go out there and preach the Gospel to those who are about to murder their children.”

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One of the biggest mistakes made by pro-lifers, Speed said, is to leave the Gospel out of the equation.

“In the pro-life movement, the Gospel has been set on the back shelf,” he explained. “If it’s mentioned at all, it’s a very watered down Gospel that isn’t even recognizable as the Gospel according to the word of God.”

“What we’re saying is, take the Gospel to the clinics. Make that the central issue and not a side issue,” Speed continued. “Tell them that abortion is a crime against God. It’s murder, and they need to repent of that sin and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation.”

Pittman also noted that many in the pro-life movement refer to abortion-minded women as victims, but Babies Are Murdered Here reveals that many women are very cognizant that abortion is murder and are still intent on killing their child.

“I think one of the main things we see in this film is women actually acting like murderers,” he said. “We’ve been calling women victims and acting as if they’re innocent, when they’re not.”

Speed advised, however, that if Christians really loved God, and cared about the lost and their children, they would reach out to them.

“Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself,” he said. “These babies are appointed for the slaughter. These babies are our neighbors, and if we’re going to love them as we love ourselves as the Scripture commands us to, then we have an obligation to go out there and do something.”

Pittman outlined that the film is already convicting the hearts of viewers to break out of their silence, and to cease being pro-life in name only.

“I’m hearing that there are a lot of tears [in watching the film],” he said. “They did a screener at a church with 100 people in Arizona, and the reactions were really good. There was also a lot of repentance for abortion apathy when people watched the film.”

In addition to the documentary debuting online for free today in recognition of the 41st year since Roe v. Wade, Pittman plans on eventually releasing Babies Are Murdered Here on DVD. Christians are urged to distribute copies at colleges and universities, as well as other public locations nationwide.

“I just want to see abortion come to an end,” he said. “That’s my prayer—that abortion ends in this country and that it’s done with.”

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