Pre and Post Debate Show to Accompany Historic Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate

DebateCINCINNATI – As anticipation continues to mount for Tuesday’s debate between creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye, one Christian ministry has announced they will be broadcasting a “pre and post debate” show live at the location of the debate.

As previously reported, Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham and Bill Nye “the Science Guy” are scheduled to face off in a creation/evolution debate Tuesday evening at the Creation Museum. During the debate, Ham and Nye will focus on the question, “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”

Ever since it was announced, the upcoming debate has generated significant public interest; in fact, tickets to the event sold out in merely two minutes. However, Answers in Genesis has since announced that the debate will be streamed live at

In the weeks leading up to the debate, various Christian ministries have commended Answers in Genesis for hosting this historic debate. Creation Today, an apologetics ministry based in Pensacola, has defended Ken Ham from evolutionists who disparagingly claim that Ham is an unqualified “non-scientist.”

“Actually,” Creation Today’s Paul Taylor wrote in an online article, “Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Applied Science / Environmental Biology) from Queensland Institute of Technology, and a Diploma of Education (qualifying him to teach science in public schools in Australia) from the University of Queensland.”

“Bill Nye, on the other hand,” Taylor continued, “has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is not actually a pure science, though [it] ought to enable him to recognize design when he sees it!”

Creation Today recently announced that they will be broadcasting a “pre and post debate show” at the Creation Museum premises on Tuesday. According to the Creation Today website, the pre and post debate show will feature a variety of well-known Christian leaders.

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“Creation Today will be traveling to the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate to host a pre and post debate show live from the Creation Museum,” the ministry’s website explains. “We are looking forward to hearing from several guests including Dr. Terry Mortenson, Mark Spence, Paul Taylor, Ray Comfort, Bodie Hodge, Emeal Zwayne, and Pastor Chad Hovind.”

The pre debate show will be streamed on the home page of Creation Today’s website, starting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. EST (5:30 p.m. CST). The debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye begins at 7:00 p.m. EST (6:00 CST).

In an interview with Ray Comfort, Ken Ham said the debate format will allow for a fair discussion.

“The format that we’ve agreed to is, first of all, we’ll both give opening statements of five minutes each,” Ham informed. “So, those opening statements are very, very important, because so many of the secular media will be here. … After we give the five minute opening statements, then we have thirty minutes each to present our case.”

“To sum it all up in thirty minutes—for both of us—is going to be a challenge,” Ham added. “And then, we each have two lots of five minute rebuttal times, and then we’re going to take questions from the audience, asked of us through the moderator that will be there. … [The format] gives each of us the opportunity to present some of the basic things we want to present and then to answer each other, then to let the audience ask questions.”

Ham believes the debate will be eye-opening for many people who reject the truthfulness of biblical creation.

“I think [the secular media] have this idea that we are these right-wing, Bible-thumping fundamentalists and I’m just going to get up there and thump the Bible and preach at them,” Ham told Comfort. “I think a lot of these people don’t really know who we are or the incredible amount of research that has gone on behind the work that we do.”

“I think God orchestrated this and brought it together,” Ham said.

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  • ron wedlund

    and nothing came together and made a big bang and the universe was made and they call that science

    • Solomon Jewel

      Sorry Ron, it seems only you call that science, those of us with more sense would never say anything so ridiculous

  • B. Hochstaetter

    If we take Bill Nye’s position of the progression of fossils to mean that it’s proof that one “lower life form” then progressed to another, we’d expect the “higher animal” to have at least outlived the lower. Right? Then why do we see sea creatures lower than dinosaurs? Did the dinosaurs outlive the sea creatures? Of course not. The fossil layers show a progression of buried ecological zones consistent with a view of worldwide catastrophic flood. I do wish this was explained by Ken Ham in more detail. There was so much to address. Bill didn’t answer all of the questions given to him either. AKA “where does logic come from?” and “where does consciousness come from?”

    • Solomon Jewel

      B., your “take” on Bill Nye is flawed, as are your expectations. You need to study much more, actually READ Origins, then we can have an appropriate discussion, without your speculations and parsnips.

  • Al Verum

    God spoke into existence a universe with the appearance of age. It has to be this way. Everything created by man has an appearance of age especially when taking into account the sum and history of a product and its parts.

    To me the most amazing thing is that around the globe “Recorded History” is recognized at about 4-6000 years BC. Isn’t it fascinating that with the millions upon millions of years we have with humans evolving in complexity we only have recorded events and dialogue for the last 6-8000 years.

    Shouldn’t we have evidence of recorded history long before this or did human evolution not attain the necessary skill set until 6000 years ago? This would be millions of years after much of our cognitive and social skills were developed and reinforced throughout human culture and subcultures.

    It does not make sense – at all. We should have a much longer documented and recorded history if evolution is true.

    Do not rely upon “cave paintings and drawings” as examples – these cannot be dated. They will use material found in the vicinity of a “cave painting” date that material and then extrapolate the results to the painting or drawings. Hardly scientific.

    If any recorded information could be found that was 20 – 100 thousand years ago then evolutionists would have a case, but they can’t make a case without evidence. They have to admit that the oldest recorded history we have is under 10,000 years old. That admission up against millions of years of complex human evolution doesn’t look good – at all.

    Doesn’t it seem peculiar that humans have only recently figured out the intricacies of written/visual communication and the means to accomplish this “higher level of communication”. These facts, against the backdrop of millions and millions of years, doesn’t seem plausible? Evolutionists are not fighting creationists at this point they are trying to fight historical facts. We should be discussing existing documentation that goes back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years…but there is none.

    It is too much to swallow that it took millions of years to get to an era when knowledge and the means to gaining knowledge just happened to explode over a 6000 year period. Pure fantasy.

    Frankly if what evolutionary scientists say is true it would make sense that the evolution / creation debate should have been settled a million years ago.