‘The Good Lord Was Watching Out for Me’: Stranded Mechanic Credits God for Saving His Life

LeckenbyWELLSVILLE, Utah — A diesel mechanic in Utah is crediting God for saving his life after he had a close call with death during a severe snowstorm.

Larry Leckenby was on his way to fix a broken down snowcat in Wyoming  last week when he found himself in the fight of his life. The snowcat was located in the national forest, approximately 22 miles deep into the forest on a road that had been groomed by the snow vehicle.

Leckenby rode to the location on a snowmobile, which pulled a sled filled with tools for the necessary repairs. The snow was already falling before he left for the job.

However, as he continued driving toward the location, it was apparent that visibility was poor and the snow drifts were high.

“Sometimes you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you,” Leckenby told local television station KSL-TV. “Every 10 feet there was a snowdrift that was two or 3 feet deep.”

As he hit one drift approximately 9,000 fit above sea level, his snowmobile overturned, and found himself tumbling through the snow.

“I got on top of the snowdrift, and the left side collapsed and rolled me and the snowmobile over,” Leckenby said. “I held on to the handlebars.”

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He realized that he had injured his leg, back and shoulder in the incident, and could not go any further with the snowmobile. Leckenby left it and began to crawl and walk back through the snow, all the while feeling as if he was going to have a heart attack. According to reports, the wind chill was estimated at approximately ten below zero.

Leckenby walked for over six hours in an attempt to get back to the lodge where he was staying in the forest. He knew that he had to keep going in order to save his life.

“I just kept going. I did not want to stop,” Leckenby told reporters. “If I stopped, I knew that would be it.”

However, just as he was about to give up and felt he could go no further, four members of a youth ministry came riding up to offer help. He had seen no one for miles during the entire journey.

“He asked me if I needed a ride, and at that time, I collapsed,” Leckenby stated.

The group then transported the injured diesel mechanic to the lodge, where Leckenby began to realize how close he came to death.

“I couldn’t stop myself from crying, because I realized I almost died,” he said.

“I mean, it was scary,” Leckenby stated. “But the good Lord was watching out for me.”

Photo: KSL-TV

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