‘Terrible Miscarriage of Justice’: Christian Family Continues Fight for Custody of Children

Mr. and Mrs. TuttDALLAS – Five months after their children were forcibly removed from their home, a Christian couple continues to fight Texas officials over custody of their homeschooled children.

As previously reported, Trevor and Christina Tutt are a Christian couple in Dallas with several biological and adopted children. Formerly foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tutt say they feel called to adopt and raise children from difficult backgrounds in a healthy Christian home.

However, last September, a local police officer contacted CPS officials after finding that a child temporarily in the Tutts’ care—a four-year-old with autism—had wandered a short distance away from the family’s home. Even though Mr. Tutt was nearby, searching for the child, the police officer’s report led to a CPS investigation.

After investigating the Tutts’ home, a CPS caseworker concluded, “There is no problem here.” Nevertheless, government officials were evidently displeased with the family’s homeschooling, alleging that the children were being “brainwashed” and not “properly educated.” So, on November 21, armed constables seized the Tutts’ seven children—including two biological children—and kept them under government custody.

After lengthy hearings in court, a judge granted Mr. and Mrs. Tutt custody of four of their children on January 7. However, the judge also ruled that the children would be required to attend public schools.

On January 29, Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) organized a press conference at the Dallas County Courthouse to bring publicity to the Tutt family’s situation. During the press conference, several of the Tutts’ family members and friends shared firsthand accounts of the court hearings, saying the forced removal of the children was never justified.

“I attended both hearings,” said Chris Frazier, a friend of the Tutt family. “At the first hearing … no evidence supporting the removal [of the children] was ever discussed, provided, or brought up. Instead, the hearing devolved into a 12-hour attack against the Tutts personally, against their community service, and against the homeschooling of their children.”

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On February 28, the Tutts again appeared in court for a “status” hearing. Witnesses say the entire hearing was about the children’s education, as both the judge and the district attorney spent over two hours assessing the family’s homeschooling practices. CPS officials also subpoenaed nearly a dozen public school officials to compare the Tutt children’s academic standing with that of public school students.

Tim Lambert, president of THSC, has described the Tutt family case as a “terrible miscarriage of justice,” telling Christian News Network that it is unlawful in Texas for officials to remove children on the basis of education.

“It is not legal under Texas law to seize children based on their educational status or performance,” Lambert said. “While the original judge had the children removed, the current judge ruled that removal unjustified, but has refused to return all of the children and has made the educational performance of these children a central part of the ongoing case.”

According to THSC, two of the Tutts’ adopted children who were returned home in January are separated from their six-year-old sister (“K”), who was in the process of being adopted by the Tutts. K currently remains in foster care. Last month, Mrs. Tutt and her children (including K’s two siblings) were allowed to visit K for the first time in over a month. One of the Tutts’ friends—who was present during the visitation—described the scene.

“When they bought K out, she grabbed onto Christina and did not want to let go,” the friend recounted, according to a THSC report. “Quickly, the CPS worker got all the kids and we started to follow them into the back room. Then one of the CPS workers stopped Christina and me. I quickly tried to grab the door, which they pulled closed, and we were locked out. Unbelievable.”

According to the Tutts’ friend, the CPS officials only allowed Mrs. Tutt to enter the room after one of the children yelled, “I want my mommy!” Then, the “kids were very relieved to see their mom.”

“So sad what they have and still are putting these kids and their parents though,” the family friend continued. “K kept asking, ‘When can I come home?’”

Lambert told Christian News Network that the Tutt family case is a very troubling infringement on the rights of parents to raise and educate their children.

“THSC is very troubled by the action of this pair of judges who have removed children without justification, by the court’s own admission, and has used this removal as a pretext for usurping decisions of fit parents regarding the educational decisions for their children,” Lambert stated. “If this is allowed to stand, it could set a very bad precedent for all home school families of Texas. A simple call to CPS and an unjustified removal of children could open the door for ongoing and unjustified actions for activist judges and vindictive CPS workers and that puts all home schoolers in Texas at risk.”

Lambert said that THSC representatives will be in a Dallas court next week to request a transcript of the January 7 court hearing. However, the district attorney has filed a motion to prevent THSC from receiving the transcript.

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  • Where is the Governer of Texas,why doesn’t he stop this stupity all they are after is putting these children in public school to dumb them down and get more Goverment money . Don’t they realize what they are doing to these little children’s minds my goodness someone wake up. Dear God protect these little minds that they are not scared for life from this stupid political ploy. Why doesn’t the Goverment get out of our schools and let each state handle there own state.Using undue force on small children how would you like that to be your children.

  • Les

    I am afraid this is only the beginning as the evil one knows that his reign of terror is almost done on this earth. We must pray for this family and pray fervently for the holy spirit to intervene. I hope you all know that God is not shocked by these events for he is the alpha and the omega and knows all things.

    I would never try to second guess God but could it be that these things happen to show all of us that what was once impossible or incomprehensible is now becoming the norm???? Should not this be a warning to those who know the Lord but are lukewarm.

    God loves us so much and he does not want us to be lukewarm when the time comes. He wants us to be ready and to be on fire so that we can meet him in the sky.

    The more I grow in my faith the more I realize that some of us who know the Lord and understand salvation may be left because we are more into the world and possessions and entertainment than we are in the Lord.

    This does not mean that God hates this group of people but he may not take them when the time comes and the people that are in this category will have to go thru the tribulations and ultimately become martyrs for Jesus.

  • David

    The American education system is failing because they are purposely going out of their way to teach kids about the ways of satan. Dumbing them down and teaching them about “patriotism”. Taking the lords prayer out of schools. The dis-education of people is happening all over the world. The government doesn’t want us to think for ourselves. The truly educated people in the U.S. have to attend masionic universities, where they may be exposed to satanic ritual, and are taught what the dark government wants them to learn. Theories of evolution and that “science” is the only true religion is being taught among anyone interested in science. Law makers are being taught to worship mammon.

    Now add to the mix that Christians are quickly becoming the prime target on the hit list of any government agency. By that I mean the federal government. Thankfully there are many states who still uphold Christian values and have leaders elected who maintain the laws according to the bible. So these parents are being subjected to a bit of a double whammy. First, they are Christian, which is quickly becoming a taboo and being branded as an “extremist” religion. Second, they are giving their children a PROPER education, teaching them about what’s right in the world, and preparing them for the reality of being an adult. Someone who is responsible.

    You know this same thing happened in Nazi Germany in the early turn of the 20th century. Children became Hitler’s #1 spy agency. They had eyes on nearly any adult who had children. Schooling became extremely patriotic and kids were taught that Jews were evil and bad and should be killed. They were also taught that any adult who said or did anything against the Nazi regime was to be reported. They weren’t taught things that prepared them for life as a proper citizen. They were taught to adore death and destruction. To obey their orders. They were taught to be soldiers. That’s why the German army was so successful in world war 2. Only the insane whims of a half crazed leader is what brought their military to a halt and allowed the allies a shallow victory.

    But this is the plans of the Cabal. Satan is working his fingers into the lives of every American, Canadian, and everyone else in this world. There is nay a country that doesn’t have some form of dictatorship at the top. And you think your government is democratic? When was the last time you voted for anything other than who gets to run the country? Same thing here in Canada. Unfortunately these parents have a long road ahead of them, and with the children that they did get back, they will have a constant uphill battle ahead of them now that the school of Babylon has their education at hand.

    And it’s only going to get worse. The bible has predicted this. The life of a Christian is going to get to the point where WORLDWIDE persecution (that means DEATH) is a generally accepted practice. That means you in America. This is all just the start. First the children. Then the sick. Then the chipping program. One world currency to follow, but not before ww3 and the antichrist declaring himself God. Events are about to unfold like a landslide. This one case in particular is just a shining example of what their true intentions are.