Wisconsin Governor Refuses Atheist Demands to Remove Scripture from Social Media Pages

Walker Credit Gage SkidmoreMADISON, Wisc. — The governor of Wisconsin is refusing the demands of a prominent atheist activist organization to remove a Scripture citation from his Twitter and Facebook pages.

As previously reported, the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to Walker this past week after becoming aware that he had simply posted “Philippians 4:13″ as his status on his social media accounts last Sunday. The Scripture reads, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

“This braggadocio verse coming from a public official is rather disturbing,” FFRF wrote in the letter. “To say, ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,’ seems more like a threat, or the utterance of a theocratic dictator, than of a duly elected civil servant.”

Walker's Facebook status last Sunday.
Walker’s Facebook status last Sunday.

It demanded that the governor delete the post, contending that it is unlawful for Walker to endorse religion on his official social media pages.

“On behalf of our membership, we ask you to immediately delete this religious message from your official gubernatorial Facebook and Twitter,” the letter stated. “May we hear from you at your earliest convenience?”

However, Laurel Patrick, the press secretary for Walker, told reporters this week that the governor will not bow to atheist demands.

“Governor Walker will not remove the post on his social media,” she wrote in an emailed statement. “The verse was part of a devotional he read that morning, which inspired him, and he chose to share it.”

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Patrick said that the Scripture was “a reflection of his thoughts for the day,” and that he often uses social media “to engage with Wisconsinites on matters of public policy,” as well as to provide his constituents with a more personable “sense of who he is.”

FFRF’s Dan Barker told The Blaze on Friday that he still finds the Scripture citation to be “rude” and arrogant,” but explained that unless Walker posts Biblical references on a regular basis, the organization is unlikely to sue.

“We’re not going to take any legal action on one abuse,” Barker said. “And it is an abuse—and he should know it’s one.”

“We’re still complaining about it, but we can’t do anything more than complain,” he stated. “We think it’s inappropriate for him to use his official page to promote his view.”

Walker, the son of a former Baptist minister, identifies as an evangelical Christian. He attends Meadowbrook Church, a non-denominational assembly in Wauwatosa, with his wife Tonette and two sons.

Photo: Gage Skidmore

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  • This is the same group that has been all over the country, including my state, to find things to protest. They are actively attacking religion. This is a hate group in my book.

  • Jerry

    I feel the Governor has every right to share this.Thats the problem in this country today, everyone is way to sensitive. Christians need to step up and stand behind our fellow Christian brother and show the non believers that we are here and we won’t back down. God bless him and all that stand behind him. Godspeed

  • Webb

    About time someone has the courage to stand up to these atheist mega-bullies. Their “Mikey” Weinstein is the head thug and bully.

  • C.P. Steinmetz

    Surprised to see that it is ‘mega-bullying’ to demand that government officials do not engage in unconstitutional entanglement of church and state.

    I wonder if you would see it the same way if he was posting Islamic or Hindu scriptures.

    • George Amntt

      Love the way it is “unconstitutional” to espouse a belief that refers to God, but it is not “unconstitutional” to espouse a belief that denies God, because that is supposedly not religion.

      Bear in mind that religion is defined as “A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.” Therefore aetheism is a “religion”, so who are these hypocrits in the FFRF who denies all religions except their own?

      • C.p. Steinmetz

        Oh sure, atheism is a religion like bald is a hair color.

        As you well know, reading the Wikipedia article you quoted shows you are missing a few things in that definition, most especially, the belief in something sacred.

        Most importantly, atheists do not ‘deny God’ any more than you deny the pink elephants that drunks see.

        When believers provide objective evidence for ‘God’, then atheists can deny he/she/it.

        And, why do you just say ‘God’, when even the Bible talks of ‘Gods’?

        • George Amntt

          Religion is just another name for beliefs, atheism is a belief, it doesn’t have to have a divine being at the centre of the belief to be a religion/belief system, ergo atheism is a religion, trying to deny that is just semantics. You might just as well try to deny that Buddhism is a religion, because there is no God at the centre of their belief system.

          Since I didn’t say that atheists ‘deny God’, rather that they deny everyone else the right to hold their own belief system, I fail to see your need to to talk about pink elephants. Is it just an excuse to ridicule anyone who believes in God in any form, or is it just a reason to be able to parrot the belief that “If you can’t convince me, then there is no God”. Is the notion that other people believe there to be a God so frightening to them?

          Why should believers need to provide evidence to aethists that God exists, anymore than atheists need to provide evidence that God doesn’t? People can look and decide for themselves.

          I say God rather than Gods, because all belief systems have a central God or article of faith, although some may also include secondary Gods/Articles of faith.

    • Joe Scot

      And when will courts and liberals stop misusing the Constitution in this way? First of all the separation of church and state is not found in the Constitution. That language keeps being invoked, but it is not there! The wording of the First Amendment says that the (federal) Congress shall make no law (about religion). Whatever that means on a federal level, it does not apply to the states, and judges should strike down all kinds of applications to the states they have made, especially over the last 65 years, or so. There is nothing in the Constitution that would keep the state of Wisconsin from picking an official religion. I don’t think it would be a good idea, but it would not be unconstitutional. Some states still had official state religions after the Constitution was finalized. Again, I’m glad they have gone by the wayside, but they were not unconstitutional, until the states said they were in their own state constitutions. Walker can write what he wants, and atheists can squawk all they want, but they are patently speaking falsehood.

  • Terry Pennington

    He was elected because of his personal views. That is what his leadership is built on. Nowhere did he say that you have to have a certain belief. He did not say this is the only way to get strength. Nowhere did he say that you must rely on God or you will be treated as a second class citizen. He simply shared something that gives him strength.
    Just because you sad close minded people want nothing to hope for after this life is over does not mean that because he is an elected official he has to stop showing what gives him hope to all the people of his state. It is such a shame that you are so deluded that you think that you have an open mind when in reality it is closed tight.
    Accusing someone of violating a law that does not exist ( show me where it says that you cannot express your personal religious beliefs if you are an elected official). It says that the government shall not establish. That does not mean in any common sense discussion that by expressing a personal belief, that establishes that belief as the law of the land.
    To demand that an elected official cease practicing their religion because not all of their constituency is of that belief is unconstitutional. He truly cares about his fellow citizens on wants to share with them ( not force upon them ) what gives him strength. The arrogance is on the part of the FFRF who believe its right to be closed minded trumps the right of everyone else to have an open mind. I wish to remind them that this is still the united states of America where we are free to express or religious beliefs. Where it is unconstitutional for anyone to prohibit the free expression of our religious beliefs.
    Governor please never let people like this sway your devotion to what is right. Do not let people like the FFRF take away your desire to do the best for all, even when some are determined to deny the freedom to most Americans that which is guarantied to all Americans by our Constitution.

  • Fran

    Sure glad you stood your ground. Getting sick of this group FFRF trying to stop our freedom of speech.
    If you do stop it then you have no right to speak either.

    • Jay

      Thank you Fran. 🙂 The same right back at you.

    • Jay

      Well….quite a few of my posts have been erased. The last one that I posted was my response to being questioned about my being insulting. I posted just a few of my questioner’s posts including petty name calling and very rude insults.

      christiannews.net has some highly questionable morals in that they erase the good info and support insulting and petty persons.

      • earl coker

        That is so intolerant of you.

        • Jay

          Heh, 😀

          The tolerance of intolerance is not tolerance, but it is cowardice instead.

          Even though I don’t have the quote quite correct I do love the sentiment.


    Where are we going in this country if we allow atheists and others to stop our right to express our faith in Christ publicly?
    Where are those who call themselves “Christians” but are silent when the unbelievers shout against GOD and do not care if our country continue down the hill toward sure destruction? Our nation cannot survive without THE LORD!
    Why is that the voice of the unbeliever sounds louder than of The ‘People of GOD”? Let’s repent of our sins and turn to THE LORD while we have time, is my advice.

  • James J. Grimes

    Jay, Sir Tainly,
    You are obsessed with any disagreement to your extreme views. Extreme, yes… sane and intelligent people know that abortion is murder!
    You have too much time on your hands. Spend time in God’s Word God’s Word will provide answers to important questions. God tells us “You shall not murder.” (Ex. 20:13 NKJV) Did God put a qualification on this – You shall not murder unless the victim is still in the womb? No, he did not.
    Stop obsessing with the fact that there is disagreement with your comments here and that your position on several issues attract scrutiny and opposing comments. People grow tired of your complaining and write you off as a whiner and sour puss.
    If you feel that you are being picked on, please contact the administrators and complain to them. Posting your long rants here is meaningless.


    • James J. Grimes

      Tainly, another long rant??? Please get over it. Stick to the facts of the article and discuss those. You’re wearing people out here.