Alabama Governor Declares ‘Day of Prayer Over Students’

Gov Bentley Credit Sutherland BoswellMONTGOMERY, Ala. — The governor of Alabama declared Friday to be the statewide ‘Day of Prayer Over Students Across Alabama,’ urging people of faith to lift up youth in the state in their prayers that they may live godly and honorable lives.

“Whereas Alabama students face extreme challenges, such as peer pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, negative influences in the media, school violence and gang activities, and low self-esteem,” the proclamation issued by Governor Robert Bentley read, “… Alabamians are encouraged to pray for God’s protection, guidance and peace, and for opportunities and blessings on the students of Alabama.”

“And whereas that prayer be offered for our schools, teachers and administrators for God’s wisdom and knowledge as they impart to the students of our state the greatest lessons of life and morality, and the education that each student deserves,” it continued, “Now, therefore, I, Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim March 28, 2014 as [the] Day of Prayer Over Students Across Alabama.”

The proclamation is the ninth issued by the governor, as the first Day of Prayer Over Students took place in 2006. The occasion was launched by the group First Priority of Alabama, an organization that coordinates the Christian clubs that meet weekly before school and various prayer activities, such as “See You at the Pole.” Moms in Prayer also worked with First Priority to organize this year’s observance, which is held on the last Friday in March every year.

Day of PrayerThe groups urged Christians across the state to get involved in one or more activities, such as becoming a “prayer zone partner” by praying each time one drives past a school, planning a prayer vigil at church or organizing a prayer walk around their local school.

“We are thankful once again for the governor’s proclamation,” First Priority of Greater Birmingham Executive Director Matthew Wilson told

“Praying for students is not just a privilege, it’s a necessity. They face an enormous amount of peer pressure to become part of what is considered normal by the world’s standards,” he said. “Without prayer, these students will not be able to stand against the insurmountable odds they will face from childhood until they leave this world.”

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The organization states that thousands have participated in the Day of Prayer Over Students in years past. A tally has not yet been provided for Friday’s observance.

Governor Bentley, who issued the proclamation, is a Southern Baptist and serves as a deacon and Sunday School teacher at First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa. He has also served on the Youth for Christ Advisory Board, and was the 2009 recipient of the Christian Coalition of Alabama’s Statesmanship Award.

Photo: Southerland Boswell

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  • Steph

    How embarrassing. Grow up, Governor, and stop believing in fairy tales. Better to focus on Alabama’s horrendous record on, well just about everything.

  • Bobby G


    Article 1

    SEC. 7. There shall be no establishment of religion by law; no preference shall ever be given by law to any religious sect, society, denomination, or mode of worship; and no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under this state.

    • James J. Grimes

      “Whereas Alabama students face extreme challenges, such as peer pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, negative influences in the media, school violence and gang activities, and low self-esteem,” the proclamation issued by Governor Robert Bentley read, “… Alabamians are encouraged to pray for God’s protection, guidance and peace, and for opportunities and blessings on the students of Alabama.”

      How has the Governor violated the state’s constitution? He has not. I’m not sure what your intent was in quoting from the state’s constitution.

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        James, the atheist trolls cannot stand to have anyone pray for the protection of students, because they want those same students indoctrinated in Darwinism, abortion, homosexuality, godlessness, etc, and atheists secretly fear, with good reason, that there is a God to Whom they will be accountable someday. They also know deep down that they have lost the intellectual and scientific debate for their atheism. But, sin is a mighty lure.

  • amber

    Praise the Lord . this is beautiful… inspiring! I stand. with him

  • randall (active duty Army 27 years and counting)

    Obviously prayer works, how else would Alabama be ranked 49th? oops I mean second to the last. Alabama is close to the top in few categories…let’s see obesity and teenage pregnancy, and divorce rates. That about sums it up. Maybe the governor should actually do something besides talking to his imaginary friend…

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Randall, you seem to be making a moral claim that the governor “should actually do something besides talking to his imaginary friend.” It always surprises me when an atheist makes an objective moral claim. Have you not heard? Your “high priests” have admitted that objective moral claims cannot be grounded under atheism: (That link includes a quote from the “pope” of atheism, Richard Dawkins, as well as other “bishops” and “cardinals.”)

      If you are still searching for (objective) truth and morality as an anti-Christian (as I was for decades), please rest assured that unshakeable ground is not a myth: it exists in the Person of Christ Jesus. (Thanks for serving our country for so many years in the Army, and God bless you, Randall!)

  • Leigh Ann

    Those of you who have previously posted negative comments towards the governors actions are forgetting history.Have you looked at your money lately? What does it say…”in God we trust”. What is above where the supreme court justices sit? Moses holding the ten commandments. Our founding fathers based many of their decisions and laws on biblical principals, it is interwoven everywhere in American history. It’s what this country was founded on and why it is so great. Read a real history book and you will see the prayers and comments made by our founding fathers and many of our greatest presidents pertaining to God and prayer..they prayed!I can say it makes my soul happy to think there are still some people with political authority that still believe in praying for this country, it needs it look around.(Adrian Rodgers currrently has some intersting broadcasts at having to do with this very subject I cannot be certain but I think one is titled”Christian worldview” and “ghosts that haunt
    us). God bless America.

  • Leigh Ann

    As for Randall’s comments… Alabama’s problems you addressed are no worse than the extreme problems plagued by every state in the U.S. there are mothers killing their innocent unborn babies whom simply cannot speak up for themselves, young girls who get pregnant just go up to the local abortion clinic and off their baby so they can try to have a better life for themselves, the rate of teenage suicide has gone up extensively, divorce is rampant, sexual immorality is looked at now as a joke on commercials and encouraged, the number of people suffering from depression and drug abuse sky rocketing…. I could keep going, the point is sadly there is nothing any more wrong with Alabama than their is anywhere else, maybe their high school scores are down, but if you met some of those kids, I bet they could surprise you with their kindness and I bet they are handy and have loads of common sense. Just because you don’t score the highest in school doesn’t mean your not smart, ex. Albert Einstein:horrible in school.