Wife of ‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Tells Atheists to ‘Cease and Desist’ Harassing Police Chief

RoperBIRMINGHAM, Ala. — The wife of Alabama’s chief justice, who became known as the ‘Ten Commandments judge,’ is defending an Alabama police chief from atheist attacks and is demanding that efforts from the church-state separation group cease and desist.

As previously reported, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently sent a letter to Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper to assert that his actions are unconstitutional and offensive to non-Christians.

Roper, an ordained minister, is involved with the initiative Prayer Force United, a coalition between the chief, area churches and local residents to host monthly prayer walks and faith-based gatherings in areas of Birmingham that are most affected by crime.

“We understand that a police cruiser leads these prayer walks with lights flashing, followed by a truck with a sound system that ‘cranks up some gospel music,’” the letter from FFRF outlined. “At the end, a ‘worship team [is] going full bore, just praising Jesus.’ Then the ‘local pastor introduces the police chief,’ and you then give a sermon invoking Jesus several times.”

The group stated in its correspondence to Roper that the organization finds a promotional video of the effort to be inappropriate, as it shows the chief stating that he is “claiming the city of Birmingham for the Kingdom of God” and declaring that the largest problem in the city is a “lack of godliness.”

“If you wish to participate in religious events, you must do so as a private citizen, without using your office, title, and badge,” the letter stated. “Prayer Force United’s explicitly stated goals are all religious—your official participation is therefore unconstitutional.”

But Roper told reporters that he is not ashamed of his Christian beliefs and is unapologetic for the work that has been done to fight crime in Birmingham.

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“Obviously, it’s no secret that I support the prayer walks and many other faith-based community events as one tool in our overall crime-fighting strategy,” he told AL.com. “We have built strong partnerships with various groups, and I believe they have done a wonderful job committing their assets and assisting us in addressing various issues that affect crime.”

Last week, Kayla Moore, president of the Foundation for Moral Law and wife of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore—also known as the “Ten Commandments judge”—sent a letter to FFRF to demand that the organization discontinue its interference with Roper’s right to acknowledge God in his official capacity.

“Members of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, please cease and desist your harassment of Chief Roper immediately,” the letter stated. “Your efforts to prevent him from acknowledging God and invoke His guidance and protection will not dissuade Chief Roper.”

“His task of providing protection for the citizens of his city and caring for the men and women of his department carries a heavy weight in and of itself,” it continued. “If you wish to make his job harder in efforts to fulfill your own personal goal of eradicating God from society, it is your right, but please do not misuse the Constitution of our great nation to accomplish your goal.”

There is no word at this time as to whether FFRF plans to respond to the correspondence or discontinue its communication with Roper.

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  • Justin

    there is no “separation” of church and state listed in the constitution or bill of rights. please do more research.

  • The Word Speaks

    The Pharisees & Sadducees tried to stop The Word by manipulating the law also. Didn’t really work out to well for them. 2000 years later The Word flourishes while the groups who hid behind the law are but a stain on the pages of history…

    The Roman empire tried to stop The Word by nothing short of total annihilation of the early Christians. How’s the empire doing these days?

  • jess robinson

    I want to say everyone needs to turn back to Jesus and people needs to open there eyes Divine judgment on this country I do believe that judgment has began to many slapping Jesus in the face with the world living of the way they want to live and not living a life for God Amen.

  • Bambi McConaghy

    It’s just one more indicator that the enemies of Christ are becoming bolder and bolder.
    When homosexuals, sodomites, were permitted to enter into holy matrimony, the doors opened for all manner of abominations against natural law to demand the right to be in our face.

    Now we have transsexuals who demand to violate the privacy of our children in our government funded public schools, from K grade to 12th grade, by entering into the opposite sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers! And even to play on single sex sports teams when they “Identify” as that sex even though God made them the opposite sex.

    To note that those states that permit this abomination have never repealed those laws that prosecute indecent exposure, is to be called a bigot.

    This, atheist assault on Christians is just the next abomination down the line. Take note of the Atheist group name. FREEDOM FROM religion foundation.
    A fascist Atheist entity, their goal is to insure the first amendment is repealed and America is made free of religion.

    Christians need to sue them back. When FFRF threaten lawsuits, Christians under attack need to sue FFRF for civil rights violations.

    This is a group that sided with the Communist ACLU and terrorized a school last summer. Threatening lawsuits if they didn’t police the valedictorian and all other students graduation speeches. Demanding that their speeches be censored so as not to include any mention of God or Jesus or Christianity, because to do so would offend non-Christians.

    Freedom OF religion!
    What the FFRF fail to realize however is that the 7th circuit and the Supreme Court, have deemed that Humanism AND Atheism are religions!

    For the religious group FFRF then to harass and intimidate another religion and demand abdication of that religions civil right exercise is illegal.
    And there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution.

    There is the establishment clause. However, allowing the free exercise of religion in the secular community is not a legislative action that gives Christianity primacy by law.

    It is simply the free public exercise of religion. And since the secular community of this particular city described in this article are tax payers, many of whom are Christian, there is no law that says their tax dollars that fund those police can not be used to fund programs to deter crime.
    After all, if the FFRF had a point about separation of church and state, they could argue that tax dollars can not go to pay the salary of any civil servant who is religious.

    OOPS! I may have just given the godless fascists an idea.
    My bad.