‘Praise Darwin!’ UConn Professor Goes Ape During Campus Preaching

BosterSTORRS, Conn. — A University of Connecticut professor asserted that he came from an ape on Tuesday as he went wild during a campus gospel presentation that included discussion on evolution.

James Boster, Professor of Anthropology at University of Connecticut, spent over two hours attempting to draw students away from several evangelists that were open-air preaching and distributing gospel literature on campus.

Evangelist Don Karns of Hampton, Virginia told Christian News Network that Boster approached him as he was holding a sign about evolution and became condescending and confrontational.

“He asked me if I had accepted Darwin as my lord and savior,” Karns stated. “He was very agitated, very demonstrative. … It was very unbecoming of a professor.”

Minutes later, Boster also began to heckle campus tour coordinator Scott Smith of Schoolmaster Ministries of Raleigh, North Carolina as he preached.

“As I was pointing to Christ—I was talking about the sin nature—I said, ‘There’s probably some people out there—maybe even professors—who think they descended from monkeys,'” Smith recalled. “[Boster] jumped off the ground and came running over and basically started screaming, ‘I did not come from a monkey! I came from an ape!'”

“He got about two inches from my nose,” he noted. “You could tell he was going to pop.”

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Karns states that Boster then confronted him a second time, using profanity and likewise coming closely to his face. Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries in Jackson, New Jersey witnessed Boster as he began presenting a speech in an attempt to stir up the students.

“He started to address the students as ‘My brothers and sisters of Darwin,'” he recalled.

“I want you to join me in saying, ‘Praise Darwin!'” Boster declared, as the students echoed his refrain. “Amen!” he proclaimed.

Boster then instructed the students to “feel your spiritual kinship not just with other humans, but also with your fellow mammals.”

“We are all bonded together in that great spiritual web,” he stated. “The divine saturates nature the way that gravy saturates cornbread.”

Boster yells at evangelist Don Karns as he holds a sign decrying evolution.
Boster yells at evangelist Don Karns as he holds a sign decrying evolution.

As Rappaport began preaching, Boster again became agitated, and at one point began shouting in Polish.

“He literally got two inches from my face and started yelling at me that I was ignorant,” Rappaport said. “I start trying to transition to the gospel and he then tried to get the crowd to tell me to shut up.'”

“He was being rude. He was talking over me,” he remembered. “He was yelling at me, and I tried to say, ‘Can we have a reasonable discussion?’ … But he asked a question and then talked right over me.”

Rappaport said that although Boster claimed that he was now going to conduct “open-air Darwinism” on campus as a result of the preaching, he remained open to further discussion and was willing to exchange emails.

Smith, a former prep school teacher and headmaster, expressed a concern for Boster’s soul and eternal salvation.

“We obviously care about this professor and the students at UConn, and we long for them to find the liberty and freedom from sin in serving Jesus,” he stated.

Boster could not be reached for comment.

Latest Update: UConn Professor Who Went Ape on Campus Evangelists: ‘I’m in Deep Trouble’

Warning: Profanity

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  • Jay Berardino

    Would the passionately rude professor care to answer this question…


    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Oh, ya, that is one of my fave short movies: way to go, Ray Comfort! Love the part where he gets a professor to admit that humans are fish. 🙂

      • Chris

        I think he was being facetious.

        The video’s is grounded on one definition of “kind.” On a micro level, evolution is very observable, one kind of finch, for example, to another. What isn’t observable in our lifetime is the accumulation of these micro changes to result in something that would satisfy the broader definition. I am informed by computer models and I think it’s a logical step from one to the next: the sum of many small changes will result in a larger change. Maybe someone else would call that faith but I don’t.

        This is, of course, ignoring fossil records…

        • Ray

          Your problem of course is there are fossils that are exactly the same today as back when “then” was. The so called ” niche ” theory is a fallacy because there are other animals or bacteria or fish that also perform the same functions sometimes more than one life form perform the same function.
          The so called “fossil” series, is also a problem for you because the “series” is out of sorts in the strata layers, and just because something looks like something else does not mean they are related, the dog is not related to the marsupial dog, the flying squirrel is not related to the marsupial flyer, the mole is not related to the marsupial mole.
          You also have a problem with Darwin’s finches. Their beaks change readily depending on the abundance of particular food item. His assumption has been busted.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    I’m really not sure what these two men are arguing about: they are both correct. The professor IS descended from an ape and the preacher is descended from God.

  • uconn student

    The preachers come on campus and don’t respect students. They have their preach memorized, and they insult students trying to simply study in the library. I am catholic, and I believe in evolution. The preachers should not be calling all students sinners as they walk through campus.

    • James J. Grimes

      Stop and listen to the message. Right now you’re just making uninformed assumptions. EVERYONE is a sinner.

      • Nicholas

        Considering the person has met and witnessed these people firsthand… I wonder who is making uninformed assumptions?

      • Jim

        You are assuming everyone is a sinner… assuming that sin exists… assuming your god exists. All are incorrect.

        • James J. Grimes

          Do you really think that you are going to convince any believer of you position? You come to a Christian forum and try to ram your heresy down our throats. That is the epitome of arrogance and disrespect.

          • Jim

            “try to ram your heresy down our throats. That is the epitome of arrogance and disrespect.”

            Exactly what the preachers were doing on the campus! Thank you for making my point for me so eloquently!
            Exactly what the preachers were doing on the campus. Thank you for making my point for me so elequantly!

  • Reason

    Thank you professor!

    Even though, I don’t condone aggressive behavior I can certainly understand his reaction. How do you stay calm when in 21st century people still, seriously, believe that they were somehow, magically created by this fairy tale creature they call god?!?! I understand if someone wants to keep their “faith” as a family tradition but that one seriously believes that there is a god – as defined in any of the scriptures – is insane!

    • Mia

      I was an exchange student at Uconn and I probably wouldn’t like this scene, “forcing” people to believe in something or someone, when as a matter of fact, you have to “live” and “experience” to decide by yourself what’s real or not.
      I was catholic for maaaaany years and I never bought anything from them really,now I am a protestant and all I can say is that I believed because I’ve seen and experienced supernatural things, not because people told or asked me to experience or believe, but because it was my own choice to prove things. Nowadays, I’ve been living in what’s called Faith and it has worked for me,because you get to see the invisible, believe the incredible and receive what’s impossible and receiving it’s the best part…’cause that’s when you get kinda shocked and do not understand how certain things (which seem impossible to the human mind) happen.

      I respect all ideologies and ideas, and I guess I just felt I needed to reply to your answer, because you made my God sound kinda nothing or inferior. And let me tell you, just to make sure, for me is not a tradition and I don’t believe in God because the scriptures tells me what to believe or not, but because I’ve seen how the supernatural world is so present in our natural world…I’ve read many books and seen many things right here in this world not to believe.

      I hope you don’t take me wrong, it’s just humble opinion and experience.


    • James J. Grimes

      Do you really think that you are going to convince any believer of you position? You come to a Christian forum and try to ram your heresy down our throats. That is the epitome of arrogance and disrespect.

      • Uconn student

        James, I would say the exact same thing to the preachers who came to OUR campus…”Do you really think that you are going to convince any believer of you position? You come to a COLLEGE CAMPUS and try to ram your heresy down our throats. That is the epitome of arrogance and disrespect.”

      • Will

        Kind of like when these preachers went to the university and yelled at the students? LOL – you can’t have it both ways!

  • Another UConn Student

    The preachers have no right to be on campus. They disturb the peace and create an unsafe school environment (heckling individual students as they walk by)… No one wants them on campus they are certifiably insane.

  • Cloe Canivet

    After hearing you preachers yelling & disturbing a peaceful day a repeated amount of times, I will gladly go to hell if heaven is filled with people like that.
    You have every right to believe and share your beliefs, but please stop coming to our campus just to yell at us about hell. You guys create the hostile environment that none of us want to suffer through. Its threatning and aggressive, maybe you could ask nicely if people have a minute to listen to you, instead of forcing it on u by screaming.
    Also man a
    Finaly with all due respect get a job, and leave us alone.

    PS: Professor Boster I’m behind you a 100% but don’t get angry, us apes are better than that.

    • Cloe Canivet

      I am so sorry for the typos by the way, my phone is kind of terrible.
      *forcing it on us
      and please ignore the “Also man a”.
      *if heaven if filled with people like you. Sounds a lot better this way.

  • JLC

    The Bible is a history book that describes the events that took place through early generations. And many of those tragedies or events are proven or found by scientists, archeologists, historians, etc. There’s a natural realm and there’s a supernatural being. The big bang theory it’s only describing or breaking down how God made everything happen in human terms.

  • Mike

    So you can dish it out, but can’t take it? Typical.

  • avd

    This is sad – it’s truly a case of two wrongs don’t make a right. First, stop classifying all these preachers as Christian. My religion is Christian but does not go around telling people they’re going to hell. So to classify every christian as this type of person, is wrong. Second, evolution does not exist so far as we know. Adaptation is what exists as no kind has evolved to another kind. There is literally ZERO proof that this occurred. Adaptation is when creatures adapt to their living environments, but they do not change “kinds”. If you think they have, find one kind that changed to another kind

  • D Loos

    That professor is commiting the crime of assault : Intentionally putting another person in reasonable apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. No intent to cause physical injury needs to exist, and no physical injury needs to result.

  • ianerc

    I think you have severely misunderstood which side is looking stupid in that confrontation. I would guess that sarcasm and humour, and ridiculing the ridiculous, are not big with this page.