Texas Elementary School Investigating After Teacher Bans Bible from ‘Read to Myself’ Time

Reading Bible pdCYPRESS, Texas — Officials at elementary school in Texas have launched an investigation after a teacher allegedly banned a second grader from reading the Bible during ‘Read to Myself’ time.

The Plano-based Christian legal organization Liberty Institute sent a letter on Monday to the Fairbanks Independent School District and Hamilton Elementary School about the matter after receiving a complaint from the parents of the child. The family is remaining anonymous for fear of retribution.

According to the letter, “a teacher at Hamilton Elementary School prohibited a second-grade student from reading the Bible during ‘read to myself’ time, [stating] that the Bible did not meet the requirements of a ‘Just Right’ book, and that the teacher prohibited the student from bringing a Bible to school again.”

A “Just Right” book is a publication of the student’s choice that is on the child’s level and can be comprehended. The Liberty Institute outlined in its correspondence that if children are allowed to select secular books for “Read to Myself” time, then they should also be permitted to choose religious books as well.

“It is our understanding from other students and other CFISD schools’ published guidelines for ‘Just Right’ books that children are allowed to choose or bring reading material of their choice as long as it fits the ‘Just Right’ criteria,” the letter stated.

“[T]he Bible is clearly an appropriate book,” it continued, in light of the requirement that the book be on the student’s reading level. “The student chose to read the Bible because it is a book of interest. The Bible is suitable because the student can read it, comprehend most of it, and its vocabulary is within the student’s abilities.”

The Liberty Institute requested a response within 30 days in an effort to regain the student’s rights.

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“We expect Cy Fair ISD officials to resolve this unfortunate incident quickly and amicably by informing us that they have addressed this matter with District employees, and by assuring us that this will not happen again,” Michael Berry, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel, wrote in a news release about the matter.

“More than forty years ago, the Supreme Court famously stated that students do not ‘shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate,’” he added. “That means that second graders have the right to read the Bible during ‘read to myself’ time.”

On Wednesday, officials with Cyrpess Fairbanks Independent School District released a statement, advising that it was investigating the matter.

“As a school district, our policies clearly support the First Amendment rights of all students,” it read. “We take any allegation involving the civil liberties of our students seriously and will continue to address all concerns reported.”

As previously reported, an investigation was also recently launched at an elementary school in Florida after a kindergartner alleged that her lunch monitor prohibited her from praying over her food.

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  • This is without doubt the most ridiculous thing I have heard lately. What is this world coming to anyway? Our rights are being taken little by little and most people don’t even realize it. All you people out there should wake up and see what is going on around you before it’s too late to do anything about it. This is very disappointing to say the least. As an American I feel like my freedom is slowly being taken away.

  • lmjenn

    It seems to me fear of God’s truth is permeating the minds of many who are indoctrinated to follow lock step the confusion behind separation of church and state. This concept was introduced to protect Christians from persecution by state, not the other way around. It was designed to protect students who wish to practice their beliefs in public places like school. And it was also meant to protect any one religion from prohibiting another, or government from persecuting one for one’s beliefs.Because our nation in its infancy was mostly of Christian beliefs, it’s schools adopted prayer, use of bibles to teach(because many schools had no money so students brought their family bibles to school because it usually was the only book most poor people had) and the concept of one nation under God. Now, in this generation where most schools are federal government owned (funds from federal government to supplement state funds) and not locally owned as it once was centuries ago, the secularist ideology of government is so pervasive now because of a few (it took one atheist to take prayer out of schools) it is no wonder that secular hysteria is rampant. People fear the secular government more than God. Teachers that overreact to christian students need to check their logic and sanity and ask themselves this question: am I being a hypocrite if I deny a student her right to read her bible in school because it might offer another student? Should I consider that tolerance should be on all sides and not just one? Therefore no student should be offended by a bible any more than any student being offended by a book about Hitler or even the Koran. My point being, true tolerance is in not denying free will as many fascists and Marxist followers are want to do. Freedom scares those who subscribe to following fascist doctrine as if it were religion. Sadly, our government owned schools are where the indoctrination begins and it begins with stripping the rights of the faithful. Any teacher who checks their “christianity” at the door for his or her paycheck is a false christian. That is why I am loathe to want to ever teach at a public school ever again. I am so glad my children are out of school, but I am scared of what the university environment is doing to them and I pray everyday for their protection. They have even told me they plan on homeschooling their kids or putting them in private schools and they are at this point doubters now, they are not sure or don’t believe at this point but are still exploring all philosophies in their quest to know truth which is symptomatic of all twenty somethings that are still learning, still discovering. But at least they see the public school system for what they are quickly becoming:institutes of governed indoctrination through the dumbing down of curriculum with the intent to indoctrinate the masses into obedience and compliance when the fascist Marxist dictator ship arrives. Remember there are still many out there being persecuted for daring to profess their allegiance to Christ, check what may Asian countries are doing to Christians especially in countries like North Korea and other eastern Asian nations. If we citizens do not start standing up to the minority who are so easily offended, then this minority will be putting us faithful in jail or worse in the guillotines. We need to uphold what our founding fathers created: freedom to speak and freedom to worship as we see fit without fear of reprisal.