South Carolina Education Committee Allows Critical Discussion of Evolution

Mike FairCOLUMBIA, S.C. – Despite outcries from evolutionists, the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee has approved new standards which would allow public school students to learn arguments both for and against evolution.

As previously reported, South Carolina Senator Mike Fair objected to pro-evolution curricula proposed in his state earlier this year. Fair, a member of the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC), told reporters that evolution and natural selection are not conclusive theories.

“To teach that natural selection is the answer to origins is wrong,” Fair stated. “I don’t have a problem with teaching theories. [However] I don’t think it should be taught as fact.”

Following Fair’s statements, evolutionists labeled him “an embarrassment” and an “uneducated and unintelligent buffoon.” One commenter suggested that a balanced view of evolutionary theory in the classroom would cause South Carolinian students to “suffer because the education they are provided will be of low to no quality.”

Despite the criticism from evolutionists, Fair and the other EOC members have proposed a new education policy which would facilitate in-class discussions about evolution’s strengths and weaknesses. The EOC’s proposal, according to The Post and Courier, would require biology students to articulate both pro-evolution arguments and anti-evolution arguments.

Last week, Fair reiterated his stance on the evolution debate, saying students learn best when they understand both sides of a debate.

“We must teach the controversy,” he stated. “There’s another side. I’m not afraid of the controversy. … That’s the way most of us learn best.”

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The EOC passed the new education measures with a 7-4 vote. The proposal will now be considered by the South Carolina State Board of Education.

Once again, evolutionists condemned the proposed education standards, with some commenters suggesting that the theory of evolution is as obvious as the roundness of the Earth.

“I am willing to be tolerant, to an extent, but these idiots [who don’t believe in evolution] endanger the rest of us,” one commenter vented. “At the least we need to remove all tax exemption from religion. I am not in favor of underwriting the stupid that they spread.”

Other expressed support for the EOC’s education decision.

“Education is not about indoctrination into a particular belief system,” one commenter wrote. “Critical thinking and evidence is what is scientific proof is made of.”

“Yes, there are theories other than Darwinism that have scientific merit,” another posited. “Darwinism suffers from fatal flaws logically and evidentially. It is unfortunate that any scrutiny of Darwinism in the public eye is immediately branded as a violation of church and state, or religious, and therefore, irrational. Neither which are true. This is a century-plus old tactic to forcibly shut down true scientific exploration.”

“It’s not about teaching creation,” a third commenter opined. “It’s about questioning what is being taught to our children. … We should question theories. Science is the search for truth. I find Darwin’s theory lacking in truth. So do a lot of other people—including scientists.”

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