Professors Resign from Christian College As Creation/Evolution Rift Continues

Bryan College 2DAYTON, Tenn. – Several professors at a Christian college in Tennessee have announced they will be resigning after the school’s leadership affirmed that Adam and Eve were historical people, specially created by God.

As previously reported, Bryan College is a small evangelical Christian school in Dayton, Tennessee, with a total enrollment of approximately 1,400 students. In February, the school added a brief clarification to its statement of belief in order to clear up any ambiguity about the school’s stance on the origin of humans.

“We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve,” the statement says. “They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms.”

In an email interview with Christian News Network last March, Dr. Stephen Livesay, president of Bryan College, said the historicity of Adam and Eve is important for two reasons.

“First, if Adam and Eve were not historical people, then the credibility of all scripture is at stake,” Dr. Livesay said. “When the Genesis account of humanity’s first parents is reduced to myth or allegory, how can any portion of the Bible be understood as true in word and meaning?”

“Second,” he continued, “Adam and Eve are foundational to understanding original sin and the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. The need for a second Adam (Jesus Christ) is pointless if our first parents did not sin. Sin affected both the physical world as well as all humanity and required God’s Son’s death and resurrection for sin’s payment and our victory.”

Two-and-a-half months after Bryan College issued the statement of belief clarification, the school remains under heavy fire from evolutionists. Jerry Coyne, a well-known evolutionist professor at the University of Chicago, alleged that the school’s statement flies in the face of “science.”

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“It’s sort of amazing to see this clash between religion and science all over again, except that this is kind of sad,” Coyne told Inside Higher Ed. “As soon as you say something about the historicity of Genesis, science education is compromised.”

Coyne later added that Christian schools’ statements of faith “are often in direct conflict with science.”

In addition to atheists like Coyne, several Christians argued that Bryan College’s anti-evolution stance is unnecessary and even harmful.

“I love this school, I’ve been happy with my education, and I love the people here,” wrote Bryan University student Michael Whitlock in a letter published on the school’s student website. “But I think the way things have been handled and the decisions that have been made are harming all three of those things, and harming us as a community.”

“I think living in dialogue with people who disagree with us is incredibly healthy and makes us believe what we believe on a much deeper level because they make us search out our own beliefs,” Whitlock added.

According to Chattanooga’s Times Free Press, at least nine full-time professors at Bryan College will not be returning to the school next fall. Though some of the professors are simply following their retirement plans, others are purportedly resigning as a result of the creation/evolution rift.

Despite the controversy, many Christians have voiced support for Bryan College’s biblical stand on the creation account. Seth Julin, a  graduate of Bryan College and parent of a Bryan College student, argued in a letter to the school’s student website that a literal interpretation of the Genesis account has always been a vital component of the school’s Christian beliefs.

“The Bible just flat out really does say that the universe was created by God over a time period of six days and that mankind had no ancestors but was, instead, crafted by God’s own hand,” Julin wrote. “The Bible does make those claims, and no amount of scoffing, theorizing, pontificating or wishing it were not so will overcome that fact.”

Julin further argued that biblical truth should not be sacrificed in the name of “diversity.”

“Educational diversity ranks somewhere near bedrock bottom on my list of reasons to be a customer of Bryan College,” he wrote. “What does rank at the top of my reasons to send my money and my son all the way from Central Florida to the hills of Eastern Tennessee? The answer is: Truth. I want my son to learn about truth, and truth, as it turns out, has always been a topic greatly lacking in diversity.”

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  • The time is now to decide where you stand! Either you are for God or against Him! This college took a stance to stand for truth! Very sad about those who left because of it. All the more sad that atheists are determined to monopolize everything in the name of diversity while refusing to execute accepting diversity.

  • mommaof10

    The very first question I asked all Christian colleges when we were considering college for our children was what is your stand on creation? If they don’t uphold the Scripture of Creation they will compromise the Scripture as a whole. I was shocked at how few CHRISTIAN colleges did not uphold the plain teaching of Scripture. No thank you to anyone who teaches less than Sola Scriptura.

  • Larry

    It is better to believe Gods word than man whom speak foolishly and say there is no God. When he spoke this world into existence what he did science is still trying to explain however when you take the source of this truth out of the equation it is science so falsely called and only an opinion or speculation. Some men so-called philosophers love to sqawk about these things seeking the admiration of other men but not God. You decide whom it is better to serve and surely you will reap what you sow.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Let the apostate professors fall away.

  • Ross Yerkes

    That is perfectly appropriate. That college should not want to have people like that working there. Thank you professors
    for saving us the trouble of having to dismiss you.

  • LittleMouse

    When will people learn to listen each other? Your point of view is always subjective, no matter who you are. Especially when it comes to education, people have to learn how to deal with this type of situation. You don’t have to agree, but try to respect others opinion. I’ve read numerous customized essays for students and luckily new generation is going to be more open minded. It is no use to run away whenever someone disagrees. Educators shouldn’t take this job in the first place if they can’t dead with their own feelings.