South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Candidate Warns of Dangers of Public Schools

Ray Moore [from Twitter]CHARLESTON, S.C. – A candidate for South Carolina’s lieutenant governor position is encouraging Christians to pull their children out of public schools and pursue other educational options, like private schools and homeschools.

E. Ray Moore is a Republican candidate vying for the lieutenant governor seat in South Carolina. A former army chaplain, Moore often emphasizes the importance of faith and family. He and his wife lead the organization Exodus Mandate, which is a Christian ministry designed to promote homeschools and Christian schools.

“It is our prayer and hope that a fresh obedience by Christian families in educating their children according to Biblical mandates will prove to be a key for the revival of our families, our churches and our nation,” Exodus Mandate’s website states.

After announcing his bid for the lieutenant governor position in March, Moore has used his political platform to promote parent-guided, Christian education.

“To provide effective spiritual instruction for their children, parents need to be very involved with all aspects of their children’s training, especially their academic education,” Moore wrote in a blog post on his campaign website. “The local church has a responsibility to support and assist member families in providing Christian training for their children.”

Moore’s campaign slogan is, “What once was can be again,” and he says a return to family values and the United States’ Christian heritage is essential for the health of the nation.

“If we go back to these principles and our Christian heritage, we may find with God’s mercy ‘what once was can be again,’” he said, according to WND.

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Last month, Moore spoke at the “Liberty Rally” in Charleston and shared his convictions on the state of the country and the dangers of the public school system.

“We cannot win this war we’re in as long as we keep sending our children over to the enemy to educate them,” he stated.

“The culture has changed,” Moore added. “The culture has turned against God, against our Constitution, and against traditional values. Why has that happened? It’s fundamentally … because of the public school system.”

Moore also said that the public school system is “godless” and “pagan,” and that it “cannot be fixed” because the system follows a “socialistic model.” He then encouraged parents to either homeschool their children or enroll them in private Christian schools.

Many online commenters have since decried Moore’s pro-homeschooling and pro-Christian education statements, with some claiming that Christian education would lead the country “back to the Dark Ages.”

“You are just another Bible-thumping crazy nut ball that wants to ignore the groundings of what this nation was built on,” one commenter alleged on Moore’s Facebook page. “Separation of Church and State is non-negotiable. You can pander to your base but in the end your church-based ideas forced on the masses is a joke.”

Despite the opposition, Moore remains firm on his position, saying, “I won’t take back a word I said.” He also noted that the public outcry over his education-related comments “means we’re on the right track.”

“If you will look into my background, you should be able to surmise I’m not a wealthy man,” Moore posted on his Facebook page. “I’m not a career politician. I’m not a millionaire. I’m not in this race for money. I’m in this race as a result of my convictions.”

Moore will face three other Republican candidates in the June 10th primary race.

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