School District Apologizes for Imposing Homosexual Propaganda Film on Students

Classroom II pdJANESVILLE, Wis. — A school district in southern Wisconsin has publicly apologized for a highly controversial film promoted to students that endorses same-sex marriage while disparaging those who disagree.

Last month, students at Craig High School were shown the short video Kids React to Gay Marriage. Controversial statements in the film include calling those who do not approve of same-sex marriage “outrageous” and “insane.”

The video was selected by the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance and approved by both the club’s advisers and Craig High Principal Dr. Alison Bjoin to be shown as part of the Day of Silence observance on April 11. The Day of Silence is an effort to call attention to harassment and discrimination supposedly faced by LGBT high school students.

Several families with children at the school felt that the video didn’t have anything to do with bullying and brought the matter to the attention of the public.

“I felt it was very misleading and I felt it was propaganda,” said Jo Yungerman, the grandmother of a Craig High freshman.

Tom Yungerman said that his son left the room when the video began playing.

“He was basically horrified by it,” Youngerman stated, who said he teaches his sons about biblical marriage.

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“What’s disappointing to me is that in the name of tolerance, students were forced to watch a video that clearly promoted one side.” said Philip Alexander, president of Solid Reasons, a Wisconsin-based ministry that has worked in the Janesvillle area. “What about tolerance for those that advocate for marriage between one man and one woman?”

“If the school wanted an open discussion on the subject, then why wouldn’t they have allowed a Christian to present the many powerful arguments that support the biblical position of marriage?” he asked.

As a result of the outrage, the district has now apologized, saying that the video shouldn’t have been shown to students without an opposing viewpoint also being presented.

“Once I viewed the video, I felt like it was biased to one side,” said Dr. Karen Schulte, superintendent of the Janesville School District, who issued a letter condemning the presentation and apologizing for what took place.

Dr. Schulte went on to call the showing of the video a “violation specifically of our policy on controversial issues and the policy on political activities,” which requires that students are presented with relevant information in a manner where they can carefully examine all sides of an issue.

“It broke policies,” agreed Janesville School Board member Bill Sodemann, who was also upset by the video. “We have a policy against political activity in schools. We have a policy regarding controversial issues.”

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a national Christian legal organization, applauded the apology in a written letter to the school district.

“Student indoctrination is inappropriate, especially on an issue as important as marriage. Students and parents deserve better,” stated ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “The district recognized its mistake and deserves to be commended.”

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  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Christian parents: homeschool. If not, you get what you deserve.

  • Alan Stanwyk

    I take great pleasure in reading the most recent studies showing that more than 60% of Republicans under age 30 support marriage equality. I’m pleased that the number of evangelicals under age 20 who support marriage equality is steadily growing. Cultures progress, and from time immemorial, religion has fought these progressions as secular society has had to drag Christians away from slavery, away from Jim Crow and toward from interracial marriage. In a matter of just a few more years, gay marriage will be legal throughout the entire country, and in a matter of just a few more decades, the battle you’re currently losing will be but a footnote from a backward time before the next enlightenment. Tell me, why do you prefer the darkness?

    • Scott

      Mr. Stanwyk;

      Greetings to you. Would you describe yourself as an atheist?


  • Alan Stanwyk

    Not at all, just somebody who believes in equal rights for all. How can one be Godly while at the same time, choose to discriminate against our fellow man? I know people hate the word ‘bigot’, but can you think of another word that fits? Either we’re all created equal in His eyes or we’re not. If we are all equal, than how can we not seek equality for everybody? Today’s Christians have become like the Vice & Virtue Ministry of the Taliban, running around acting as GOD’s police officers. That’s not what Jesus would want from us… afterall, did He EVER do that kind of thing??? How can you claim to be Christ-like and actively try to prevent others from loving whoever their heart desires???

    Leave it to GOD to sort it out the end.

  • Scott

    So then….you would describe yourself as a Christian?


  • Alan Stanwyk

    I describe myself as a God loving human being who has accepted his son into my heart as my Savior. I deplore American fundamentalist Christianity. Screw the poor, they’re all “takers”. Deprive the gays, they’re all sinners. Today’s Christians worship the Bible, they don’t worship Jesus Christ. They are people of the most base character, and they use the Bible as cover for their own immorality. Do you honestly believe the moral, the good, the proper and GODLY thing to do is prevent people who are different from you and I from having the same expression of love for another human being as we ourselves have? Would a good God really want to keep that most beautiful commitment two people can make to each other an exclusive privilege, available only to certain people who are no better or worse than anyone else?

  • Scott

    Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Stanwyk. Have a nice weekend!


  • LittleMouse

    True, it’s not the best idea to show this type of movies at school. Kids are easily influences and parents won’t leave it alone. Although it’s important to teach students accept people around them, turning it into a propaganda is a mistake. I know that some students even pay for college papers to study remotely avoid people they despise. It’s way too extreme and you will have to deal with people with different ideas through your life. It’s better if both parents and teachers show kids that hate is never an answer.