Hostility Growing Toward Christians Following Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling

hobby lobby Hostility toward Christians and Christian teachings is growing since the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, with lawmakers even moving forward with efforts to overturn the protections afforded to religious-owned businesses through legislation.

As previously reported, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 30 in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell that government cannot force owners of closely-owned corporations to provide contraceptive drugs to employees if they hold religious beliefs that oppose them.

“The government has failed to show that the contraceptive mandate is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest,” the court held in a 5-4 decision.

But political commentators, pro-choice protestors and apostate churches alike have now come out swinging against the Christian-owned company, and Christians in general, asserting that the “religious right’s” intent is to force morality upon the people.

Salon writer CJ Werleman asserted that Christians seek cultural and political dominion, referring to believers that stand for their faith as the “American Taliban.”

“The hyper religious conservatives on the bench of the nation’s high court, all of whom were appointed by Republican presidents, see the federal government as being controlled by ‘secular humanists’ who wish to make war against the purity of the Christian belief system,” he wrote.

“Like the 89 million Americans who count themselves as evangelicals, they seek total cultural and political domination,” Werleman continued. “The American Taliban is on a roll, and the Republican National Committee is seeking to capitalize on the Christian Right’s renewed energy, which has been fueled by victory in the Supreme Court.”

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Writer Amanda Marcotte of Alternet similarly took issue with both Hobby Lobby and like-minded Christians, expressing angst that Christians would put a damper on women’s sex lives.

“The scary thing … is that the Supreme Court seems to believe that your fellow citizens have broad rights to try to impose their anti-sex views on you through harassment or, in the case of Hobby Lobby, docking your compensation package as a kind of sex fee,”  she wrote in a recent article.

A woman holds up a hanger during a protest against Hobby Lobby in Burbank, California.
A woman holds up a hanger during a protest against Hobby Lobby in Burbank, California.

“Indeed, the argument that drives the anti-choice movement isn’t really ‘life,’ but goes more like this: In some more ‘moral’ past, women were so scared of pregnancy that they all waited until marriage to have sex and then only did it sparingly without enjoying too much, as befits a lady,” Marcotte continued. “Women going into abortion clinics are seen by the anti-choice movement as wayward souls who need to be saved from their sex-having ways and turned towards a life of chastity and pushed to give birth as repentance for the sin of lust.”

Protests have also been organized outside of Hobby Lobby stores nationwide over the past week, including in Huntsville, Alabama, Springfield, Missouri, South Jordan, Utah, Woodbury, Minnesota and Burbank, California. A protest is planned in Clarence, New York for today with others likely following.

In Burbank, California, some protesters had crafted IUD’s out of pipe cleaners, and were passing out coupons to passersby from Hobby Lobby’s competitors. “Not the Church, not the state, women must control their fate!” protesters chanted, holding signs such as, “Keep your theology off my biology.”

Likewise, the Washington Post reported this week that 29-year-old Jasmine Shea of Albany, New York admitted to the publication that she went into her local Hobby Lobby store and rearranged some of the letters in a number of craft displays to spell the phrase “pro-choice.”

Shea. Credit: Instagram
Shea. Credit: Instagram

She stated she originally visited the location in Lathan to distribute condoms to females, but when she only saw one female employee, she left the condoms randomly around the store. Others have now informed Shea that they have copied her idea of rearranging the in-store letter displays.

In Aurora, Illinois, a group of clergy–along with representatives from Planned Parenthood–distributed condoms in front of their local Hobby Lobby store, asserting that some believers support the contraceptive mandate.

“It just kind of started out as a joke,” Mark Winters who leads the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Naperville, told reporters. “It started out to show that not all Christians are opposed to contraceptives.”

Winters was joined by Emmy Lou Belcher, who has now retired from her position at the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church in Naperville.

Bruce Powell, the leader of the progressive group Faithful America and retired Baptist minister, organized a protest in Edmond, Oklahoma outside of Hobby Lobby. Reports state that approximately 30 to 40 others gathered with him to stand against the company.

“The right of religious liberty is a fundamental human right. Corporations are legal constructs. They are not human beings,” he told local television station KFOR.

As previously reported, some democrats in Congress are now also pushing to pass a bill that could somehow supersede the Supreme Court’s decision.

“After five justices decided last week that an employer’s personal views can interfere with women’s access to essential health services, we in Congress need to act quickly to right this wrong,” Sen. Pat Murray (D-WA) said in a statement Wednesday. “This bicameral legislation will ensure that no CEO or corporation can come between people and their guaranteed access to health care, period.”


But others are urging Christians to take a stand for Hobby Lobby and have applauded the court for defending religious freedom.

“We are very thankful that the Supreme Court acted to protect family businesses from government coercion and fines for simply honoring the tenets of their faith,” said Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical Association (CMA).

“There seems to be growing intolerance of the faith community by some government officials who appear to want to extinguish the First Amendment freedoms that allow for a diversity of values,” he continued. “We are seeing this antagonism expressed in coercive government mandates enforced with harsh penalties and discriminatory practices that threaten to eliminate the faith community from the public square.”

“The idea that faith is separate from activities at work or elsewhere in the public square should be unacceptable,” added Hugh Whelchel of the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. “For the Christian, work in and of itself is an exclusively religious activity. Working in the field of business is just as religious as working as a missionary. .. [F]or Christians there are no secular pursuits. The Bible says to do everything you do for God.”

“We are pleased and relieved … that the nation’s highest court ruled in a way that upholds the Christian view of work,” he said.

Celebratory rallies were held in both Chicago, Illinois and Hartford, Connecticut following the Supreme Court’s decision.

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  • Linde

    If you repeat a lie often enough, people start to believe it. I am hoping for a protest near me so I can ask the protesters if they seriously believe working for HL means they can’t get access to these abortion causing drugs. They aren’t mad because they are being denied access, they are mad because someone else isn’t required to pay for them. What if a President mandated employers pay for Bibles for every employee, and some Godless employer said No…should we all protest because Sally Jo is being denied access to a Bible? No, she should go pay for one herself. This decision protects everyone, not just HL.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      They are mad, because they are losing their War on the Womb. And their taste for the blood of innocent defenseless babies is insatiable.

    • George Spigott

      Well put. We have the cream of low information voters believing everything the leftist misinformation machine puts out. People like Jasmine Shea who obviously takes pride in ignorance, judging by the pictures above. Instead of the evasive “Pro Choice” slogan, Jasmine, if she were honest, would be posting “Inconvenience Killer”. It would be nice if someone pointed out to her that the “right” she fights for was the brainchild of a white woman who wanted to get rid of lesser races, and that blacks are at the head of abortion statistics.
      These (selfish to the point of sickness) “people” don’t just view killing the innocent as a “right”, but a “right” where taxpayers should be expected to pay for their vices.

  • BuffyRegister

    Once again, this issue is NOT about Hobby Lobby not paying for contraception for their employees. They pay for 16 out of 20 contraception choices. They only will not pay for the drugs that cause the death of a human life. Now who is pushing their morality on whom? Give me a break! Another thing to think about is the jobs that will be lost if Hobby Lobby closes over this. I understand they are paying $14.00 an hour for salesclerks! I would have done cartwheels to get that when I was a salesclerk. I didn’t make that much as a floral designer. I get so sick of the twisted rhetoric that paints a false picture. How will any of the Hobby Lobby people get there contraception paid for after Hobby Lobby closes? Please don’t let us hear you whining then. You don’t know when you have it good!

  • Mary Waterton

    Christians brought this on themselves. In the past the children of the Devil have observed that Christians are cowards who tuck tail and run whenever they shout “haters” … and “hate” means whatever they want it to mean.

  • Josey

    Here’s freedom for you if you want contraceptives buy them yourselves, you are smart enough to go buy your own, are you not? Why should a Christian have to help pay for something like this that they want no part of? This world has gone mad! Come Lord Jesus, Come! You are really something lady going around putting condoms all over the store, you really showed them, how proud you must be of yourself, you look silly smiling for the video and silly for spending money on those and the cleaning team will throw them in the trash. The hobby lobby ought to get a no trespassing order against you and make sure they get it in writing, now that they have your picture and have you rearranging their products so you can never return, you have no right to go in there and do what you did!