God Saves ‘Gays’: 29 Freed from Homosexuality by Jesus Christ Testify in New Film

Movie CoverFRANKLIN, Tenn. — Over two dozen men and women have come forward in a newly-released film to testify that they found hope and freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ.

And Such Were Some of You is produced by Master Life Ministries and Pure Passion Media, led by Dr. David Kyle Foster, who turned from homosexuality 34 years ago through the truth of the gospel. The title of the film is a direct quote from 1 Corinthians 6:11, which follows a passage warning that those who practice sin— such as homosexuals, fornicators and adulterers—will not enter the Kingdom of God, but adds, noting in the past tense, “And such were some of you, but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.”

The two-hour documentary features on-the-street interviews that discuss common questions about homosexuality, followed by responses from psychology experts and Bible scholars, such as Dr. Robert Gagnon of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Dr. Neil Anderson of Freedom in Christ Ministries.

“There’s always a cause and effect,” states Anderson. “In most cases, the cause can be identified fairly easily: ‘I was abused by my babysitter, or my brother or some cousin.’ Or, ‘I saw this porn film,’ or whatever else, and that’s when it began.”

The film then introduces 29 former homosexuals who tell their personal stories about why homosexuality became a temptation for them, what their life was like as a homosexual and how Christ set them free.

“I remember in fourth grade, I went to a birthday party,” explains Kegan Wesley in And Such Were Some of You. “And at this birthday party, I was raped by several men.”

“I grew up without a father until I was about four,” shares Daniel Delgado. “I had a stepfather who came into the picture, and he was a very abusive man.”

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Many of those who share their stories were involved in homosexual behavior for a number of years, and some contemplated suicide in their desperation to be free.

“I thought, ‘One of these days, I’m going to stop mid-span and jump [off the bridge],” Frank Worthen recounts. “And I heard these words come in my mind, ‘If you’re willing to take your life, are you willing to give it to Me?’ And I thought, ‘That must be God.'”

Each of the 29 explains how turning their life over to Jesus Christ changed their heart and behavior.

“It doesn’t matter how you think you were born, you can be born again,” Linda Jernigan declares.

“Satan wants to say, ‘You can’t never be free,'” Charlene Cothran shares. “I stand as evidence that the Holy Spirit can and will change you if you give God your whole heart. … I am free.”

“When I got up, I was a new man. I was a new creation. All the old things had passed away, and my life had become new,” Darryl Foster testifies, quoting from 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Producer David Kyle Foster says that the most poignant aspect of And Such Were Some of You are the stories of those who have walked this road themselves and have found God’s promises to be true.

“[W]hat makes this film so powerful are the moving stories of being saved, set free, healed and delivered from the brokenness of homosexuality by those who have gone through that great trial,” he wrote in an article for Charisma News published on Friday. “As the Scriptures promise in Revelation 12, they have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

“[I]s change possible?” one man asks in the documentary. “That’s what [the gospel] is all about.”

Editor’s Note: Further information about church, support group and small group showings may be found at the documentary website: SuchWereSomeOfYou.org

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  • Webb

    The intolerant, hating liberals will not be happy about this film.

  • MichelofChrist

    This is “excellent.”

    • Rusty Reiter

      Yes, I also enjoy fiction

    • Rusty Reiter

      Many of the testimonies seem to be by rape victims who reject their same-sex attractions due to it being linked in their minds to the trauma.

  • Christians Love

    This “film” is using nearly 2 dozen new Christians’ old testimonials, mainly from years ago, along with a handful of heterosexual anti-gay speakers, to distract from the fact the long-time leaders of the major ex-gay ministries admitted 2 years ago nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual. Love in Action, the oldest ex-gay ministry (and only one with a year-long, live-in program), Exodus International, the largest (and only global ex-gay ministry), Living Waters Australia, New Directions Canada, Courage UK and all the ex-gay ministries in Europe, as well as Evergreen International, the main Mormon ex-gay ministry, ARE ALL CLOSED DOWN FOREVER following the admission that nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual, just from gay to same-sex attracted. This is not a film, it’s a recycled pile of garbage. Pure Passion = Pure Fiction

  • Rusty Reiter

    “Gays can change through Christ” proclaimed evangelicals in ex-gay ministries for 40 years, but a few years ago the long-time leaders began admitting nobody changed from homosexual to heterosexual, just from “gay” to SSA, same-sex attracted.The major ex-gay ministries with decades of “change” claims from the US to Australia have faded into history.
    This new effort is likely to have the same results. But for those who don’t want to accept LGBT people exist, 29 anonymous claims will “prove” that the 4 million Christians alive today who are LGBT (out of 2.1 billion Christians worldwide) could all do the same. They won’t notice that most of the testimonies in the video come from people on the payroll of an anti-gay organization.