Camp Teaches Kids How to Defend Evolution Against Creation ‘Bullying’

Charles DarwinSPRINGFIELD, MO – A Unitarian organization in Missouri hosted an evolution camp for kids earlier this month, during which the kids were taught how to defend evolutionary theory from critics, including Christians.

According to a report from the Springfield News-Leader, the First Unitarian Universalist “Church” of Springfield sponsored an evolution camp this month for about 30 children. The camp, which took place July 7–11, was designed for youth between the ages of 5 and 11.

During the camp, the children were taught the basic tenets of the evolutionary worldview.

“I am the universe,” one of the camp’s Unitarian organizers, Jennifer Lara, recited to the kids. “Like you, I started as a speck about 13 billion years ago. I was smaller than a piece of dust under your bed. I was bursting with wild and dazzling dreams of galaxies, stars and planets in radiant colors—bright yellow, molten red and piercing blue.”

“It’s awe-inspiring, an amazing thing, how the earth came together,” Lara told reporters. “We can just enjoy the beauty of the science.”

According to Lara, evolution is “a touchy subject,” but she believes it is important to teach children how to defend their belief in evolution. Moreover, Lara criticized the creation worldview, saying it “can be used to bully other kids.”

Unitarians were not the only ones participating in the evolution camp. According to the News-Leader, several professing Christian parents enrolled their children in the program. One such parent was Brandy Clory, who brought her 5-year-old son to the camp.

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“I wanted him to have experiences with other children learning science and be around open-minded children,” Clory stated.

Though Clory says she and her son attend a Christian church, she wants her son to be “exposed” to the evolutionary theory from a young age.

“I want him to grow up knowing both paths so he can make his own decisions,” she explained. “My job is to expose him.”

However, others who learned of the program were less enthusiastic, warning of the dangerous doctrines behind evolution and Unitarian Universalism. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis described the Unitarian group as “a secular (anti-Christian) institution.”

“Secularists … want to indoctrinate children in their worldview of atheism—and they are some of the most intolerant people around,” Ham wrote in a recent blog post. “They only tolerate the views of people they agree with, and they really become intolerant not just of Christian views, but of Christians themselves!”

“Exposing the children to multiple views (except those of Christians) and training them to supposedly be open-minded so that they can decide for themselves seem to be a common theme these days,” he added. “There has been an intense attempt to indoctrinate people in evolution through the education system and the media (and sadly through compromising churches).”

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