Ohio State Psychology Course Teaches Christians Are Dumber Than Atheists

Ohio State University Credit Robert ChrissCOLUMBUS, Ohio – Students in an Ohio State University psychology class are being taught that atheists have higher IQs than Christians, according to a report from a college watchdog organization.

Campus Reform notes that a question from a recent online psychology quiz from the university implied that religious beliefs were directly related to IQ levels.

“Theo has an IQ of 100 and Aine has an IQ of 125,” the quiz stated. “Which of the following statements would you expect to be true?”

Students were then asked to select an answer from the following four options:

  1. Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.
  2. Aine earns less money than Theo.
  3. Theo is more liberal than Aine.
  4. Theo is an atheist, while Aine is a Christian.

According to the school, the correct answer is option #1.

The quiz question was purportedly part of an online homework set for Ohio State’s Psychology 1100 course. Psychology 1100, according to Campus Reform, is a general education requirement, which means many students from a variety of disciplines take the class each year.

The anonymous student who first told Campus Reform about the quiz said that the question was unsurprising, considering the anti-Christian bias prevalent in many public universities.

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“I understand that colleges have a liberal spin on things so it didn’t surprise me to see the question, which is a sad thing,” the student said. “But how can you really measure which religion has a higher IQ?”

“Colleges will tolerate pretty much any religion other than Christianity,” he added. “If colleges really want to give everyone a fair shot, they should stay away from making comments about any religion.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Mike Adams, a Christian professor at the University of North Carolina, told the outlet that “every group is protected from offensive speech on campus except for conservative Christians.”

“When science arose, it arose in the West and it did so in Christian nations,” he explained. “It did so because Christianity—with its assumptions about an orderly universe and its emphasis on obtaining knowledge as a cultural value—[was] necessary for science to develop and to flourish.”

Adams also decried the “anti-Christian … institutional bigotry” evident in many schools.

After Campus Reform broke the news of the online psychology quiz, many took issue with the school’s claim that atheists are more intelligent than Christians, while others quoted Bible verses that link faith in God to true wisdom.

“God says, ‘A fool has said in his heart that there is no God,’” one commenter noted. “Also, ‘The fear (reverence) of God is the beginning of wisdom.’”

Photo: Robert Chriss

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  • Mark Moore

    This has been widely known and studied for some time. There have been over sixty studies that have found the same result – the more religious the lower the IQ on average.

    • James J. Grimes

      I believe that you would like that to be true, although it has never been proven. Good bye.

      • Mm

        You’re correct. Being saved doesn’t make a person less intelligent and there are just as many high iq believers out there.

    • Bill

      Show me just 1 such study from a reliable source. just 1…..

  • Porter

    In response to Mr Moore, there’s a difference between being religious and a born again Christian.

  • Rob

    Most of the brightest scientists of the past who ever lived were devout Christians.

    Even today many of the brightest scientists are Christians.

    You’d have to be pretty foolish to believe your great….great grandparents were reptiles, and before that frogs/amphibians, and before that fish.

  • Kathleen

    Belief in any religion has no correlation with IQ and I am living proof. I am a devout Orthodox Christian and my IQ was rated twice by two different examiners to be between above average and high. This is a bigoted statement.

    • Steve

      Kathleen, a single data point is proof of _nothing_. I’d think someone with a high IQ would know that.

  • Kenneth Tidball

    It is a sad commentary on our world and on some Christians, the venom that has been spewed here. The seeking for meaning and personal worth and importance fills these comments. The difference I saw as a child and what I still see as an adult in what the difference is between what the world offers and what Jesus offers is so massively different. The Bible shows clearly as is made transparent in the world today, knowledge puffs up- makes a person think he is more important than he or she actually is. The world is with pride; look at me, I have this degree or that degree, or this IQ or that IQ. How empty is all this seeking after knowledge and sticking our chest out there. What drew me to Jesus was and is His love for me and caring what I go through every day and providing for me, whether here, or what my needs will be after I die. The world will not give you love. It is self seeking and self promoting. Jesus is drawn to the humble, the weak, the sinner, those hungry for real meaning knowing they dontdon’t have all of the answers. All of us are in one religious camp or another (on a spiritual level) we either belong to Jesus or to the world which puts you under the authority of the devil. Knowledge, wisdom, and IQ’s may give you wisdom and fame, but they are hollow and empty and without love.

  • Adam

    Honestly, I believe the stats do not lie but imo it’s more of a causation versus correlation issue.
    Are people more dumb because they believe in Christianity or do people who are more dumb tend to be attracted to religions like Christianity? I believe it’s a mix of both but at the same time it doesn’t make Christianity itself a less defensible position. Ontology vs. epistemology can also come into play. Etc. Etc. Etc.