Homosexual Man Fired from Children’s Ministry for Introducing Boyfriend to Kids

Casey StegallLUBBOCK, Texas – Homosexual advocates are outraged that a Christian children’s ministry in Texas fired an employee after he introduced his boyfriend to a group of children under his care.

Children’s Home of Lubbock is a non-profit west Texas ministry founded in 1954 and sponsored by Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock. According to the church’s website, the children’s home is committed to bringing “hope, healing, a sense of worth and value to the lives of fatherless, abused, and neglected children.”

“In spite of the negative behavioral responses, every child, and family of origin will be treated with dignity and compassion of Christ,” the church’s website says. “This ministry brings those of differing gifts together to be the hands, feet, arms, tears and heart of God to defend the cause of the fatherless and at-risk families.”

However, the Christian children’s home became the subject of controversy this month when Casey Stegall, a 22-year-old male college student, was fired from the ministry. Stegall, who had worked at the home as a child caregiver for 14 months, describes himself as a “gay Christian.”

“My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years, and we have never once showed any display of public affection towards each other,” Stegall wrote in a blog post published on Friday by the pro-homosexual website Believe Out Loud. “Living in a very conservative town, we knew the risk we were taking as a couple.”

However, Stegall’s employment at the children’s home came to an end earlier this month after he invited his male “fiancé” to meet a group of teenage boys under his care. According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Stegall used a planned day trip out of the children’s home as an opportunity to introduce his homosexual partner to the youth.

Lynn Harms, president of the children’s home, swiftly dismissed Stegall from the organization, informing him that his homosexual conduct was unwelcome in the Christian children’s ministry.

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“As a faith-based, church-related outreach providing welfare services, if you will, to children and families, there is a set of biblical values that we adhere to and live by,” Harms said, according to the Avalanche-Journal. “When you are implementing life training and so forth—particularly with children—to put a confused message out there is counterproductive.”

Stegall was stunned by the ministry’s decision, claiming it was unfair and discriminatory for the Christian organization to terminate his employment.

“I got fired just for me being who I am,” he complained.

Since Stegall was fired on July 11, he has tried to find lawyers to represent him in court and help him file a lawsuit against the children’s home. So far, he has been unsuccessful.

“I still can’t believe that in the year 2014, discrimination is still prevalent and affecting so many LGBTQ people across this country,” Stegall wrote. “Discrimination is wrong, and it needs to stop.”

However, Harms stands by the children’s home actions, explaining that Stegall was fired because he was “presenting a lifestyle that is damaging to kids.”

“If you want to try to force our culture to meet your expectations, that’s not going to go well,” he asserted. “I don’t feel like the culture here has to meet an individual’s desire for the world to be different.”

According to Texas law, organizations are free to terminate someone’s employment on the basis of sexual behavior. As a result, several commended the Christian ministry’s decision.

“[Stegall] knew it was a Christian faith based organization, so why did he even bother to apply for a job there?” one commenter asked. “Homosexual man trying to impose his deviant lifestyle on children—I would say that is a good reason to fire him.”

Photo: Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

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  • Contendia

    Why was he hired in the first place? Was he open about his homosexuality 14 months ago? If so, why did they hire him? If not, he was acting deceitfully in approaching the ministry for employment.

    As a related matter, there is no such thing as a “Gay Christian”!!!

    Homosexuality is a sin and abomination to the Lord, who is holy, holy, holy (Isaiah 6). A homosexual may become a Christian by repenting of his or her sin and trusting that Jesus Christ bore God’s wrath for that sin. Repenting means he or she no longer engages in homosexual behavior, no longer identifies as gay, and calls other homosexuals (and other sinners) to repentance and faith, warning them of their certain damnation in eternity.

    If one claims to be Christian, the test of that claim is that he lives a life of repentance of his sins/sin nature and puts his faith in Jesus Christ alone. The “gay christian” claims Christ but is not even acknowledging his sin and bears no fruit of repentance. He is still in rebellion and under God’s condemnation, according to the Bible (and not the Queen James version which is no bible at all.)

    Does that sound harsh, judgmental and hateful?

    Biblically speaking, its the most loving thing I can say to a homosexual. Knowing that Christ has called all to repentance and faith in Him, to be forgiven and free of the condemnation awaiting unrepentant sinners who flout the free grace of God in Jesus Christ.

    The consequence for the homosexual’s (and any other unrepentant sinner’s) rebellion against God is His wrath: an eternal, conscious torment in hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth and the worm never dies.

    So tell me, which is more loving?

    To affirm someone in his depravity, because its politically correct and you don’t want to be called a hater, a bigot or intolerant, knowing that he faces an eternity of torment for his sins?

    Or to warn him from the Scriptures what awaits him if he doesn’t repent and trust in Christ. The other side of the warning is the good news of the forgiveness, freedom and promise of eternal life & fellowship with our Savior, now and in a perfect eternity.

    True Christians must contend for the truth about this issue of “gay christianity”! It’s a lie from Satan, who above all is a LIAR and the father of lies. He’s looking to deceive these “gay christians” by displacing the true Gospel of Christ with a gospel of “tolerance”, knowing that he’ll see these sad souls in hell.

  • Bruce

    According to other reports, Stegall had received only positive feedback regarding his performance, and his supervisors knew that he was gay. The school claims that he was fired for public displays of affection with his boy friend, an allegation which he denies and had no opportunity to challenge. The Texas Children’s Home receives state funds. Sadly, despite all this, there is no local, state or federal law available to Stegall which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. What they did wrong, and yet perfectly legal.

  • Dianne Rondonuwu

    I do agree

  • Ort

    1) no such thing as gay “marriage”
    2) no such thing as a gay “christian”

  • Jane

    If only more Christian organizations had the moral fortitude and backbone displayed by this one, America would be in a much better place right now. Today, so many are afraid of being targeted by the LGBT gestapo that they walk the fine line in order to be politically correct and avoid a horrendous backlash. It’s truly refreshing to read stories like this and I look forward to reading many more as Christians in America chafe against blatant anti-Christian discrimination and the perversion of morality in schools and other traditionally and culturally normal settings.

  • MatsPT