Northwestern University to Offer ‘Gender Open’ Restrooms on Campus

RestroomEVANSTON, Ill. — Northwestern University, a public institution in Illinois, has announced that it will offer ‘gender open’ restrooms to its students beginning this fall in order to be more accommodating to ‘transgender’ students.

An announcement on the university’s website notes that the restrooms will be in the Norris University Center near the student organization offices and the LGBT Resource Center. Two existing male-female segregated bathrooms will have their placards changed to reflect that they may be used by all genders.

“We are trying to be responsive to the needs of all of our students and to be inclusive,” campus spokesman Bob Rowley told The College Fix. “This is becoming a common occurrence on campuses across the U.S.”

Devin Moss, director of the LGBT Resource Center, told The Daily Northwestern that his office surveyed student groups and staff on the third floor to obtain feedback about the idea of creating gender open restrooms.

“We received overwhelmingly positive information, and so we went with it,” he stated. “We didn’t really get any major concerns.”

The publication notes that “[g]ender open restrooms are also planned for the new parking structure … and the new Kellogg School of Management building.”

According to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, over 150 campuses nationwide have created gender open restrooms.

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“A rapidly growing number of colleges and universities are creating gender-neutral bathrooms, either through renovations or by simply changing the signs on single-stall male/female restrooms,” it states in an online report. “‘Gender-neutral’ bathrooms—typically single-stall, lockable restrooms available to people of all genders—provide a safe facility for transgender people.”

It cites New York University, Ohio University, University of Colorado-Boulder and University of California-San Diego among those that have made the change to their campus restrooms.

As previously reported, a number of colleges and universities are also seeking to be more accommodating to “transgender” students by providing insurance coverage for sex change operations, treatments and counseling. Brown University in historic Providence, Rhode Island announced last year that it would adjust its student health insurance plan to cover “sexual reassignment surgeries” and 14 types of treatments for students desiring to switch genders.

“God help us. I guess this is what moral collapse looks like,” commented one concerned reader, who remained anonymous. “Then good riddance to your ‘morality,’” replied another identified as KN.

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut also recently extended the coverage to students—but with opposition.

“[T]he reason why Yale shouldn’t pay for this is the same reason why I am not covered by Yale for all the plastic and cosmetic surgery I want,” commented one student who named Eli. “It is not medically necessary.”

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  • Perversion at its finest.

  • wandakate

    I would like to add my 2 cents and say that we are NOT to judge others. In my opinion each soul is responsible to GOD (the one and only GOD) for their thoughts, their actions and yes their lives. We will be judged as we judge. What is wrong to me may well be right to another person, and vise versa.

    GOD knows the condition of each persons heart and we will have to face Him on judgment day and He and He alone will decide our eternal fate. Our morals are at an all time low that is true, but that has nothing to do with judging or putting others down. We put down people for their race or b/c they are from another country, or because they are obese or because they have a tattoo or for many other reasons.

    We may have our own opinions but judging is wrong, no matter what. If you don’t feel comfortable using one of those bathrooms then find a normal one and use it. Hopefully there will still be normal ones to use.

  • ps

    I see no problem or perversion in converting *single stall* washrooms to accommodate the need of all individuals. I see no religious conflicts with this, and actually I welcome this limited move. No body is put in any danger, and gives everyone *greater privacy*