Children Being Groomed to Fight Jihad for Allah, Establish Islamic State: Video

ViceAn online documentary released by VICE News shows firsthand footage of children being groomed to fight jihad for Allah in order to build the Islamic State.

The video is a segment from a five-part series on “The Battle for Iraq” and features interviews with Islamic fighters and others about their desire to establish a Muslim caliphate in Iraq and Syria —and in the United States of America.

“What do you want to be? A jihadist or to execute a martyrdom operation?” Abdullah Al-Belgian of Belgium asks his young son Abdullah. “A jihadist,” he answers.

“Who do you fight with?” filmmaker Medyan Dairieh asks another child featured in the documentary. “The Islamic State,” the boy answers. “Where are you going after Ramadan?” Dairieh inquires. “To the camp … to have training,” the child replies. “What are you going to do after?” Dairieh asks. “Fight the Russians [and] Americans. The infidels,” the boy states.

“For us, we believe that this generation of children is the generation of the caliphate (Islamic State),” explains one man being interviewed at the Euphrates River. “Allah willing, this generation will fight infidels and apostates, the Americans and all their allies.”

“The right doctrine has been planted into these children,” he continues. “All of them love to fight for the sake of building the Islamic State, and for the sake of Allah.”

The man later explains that children are trained in Islam and Muslim warfare in various camps until they are old enough to join the jihad fighters.

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“Those under 15 go to Sharia camp to learn about their creed and religion. Those over 16, they can attend the military camp,” he outlines. “Those who are over 16 and were previously enrolled in the camp can participate in military operations.”

Video footage captured by VICE News also shows a number of young children attending a caliphate celebration on the streets of Raqqa, Syria, which had been overtaken by Muslim insurgents.

“In the name of Allah, my name is Daoud and I’m 14 years old,” one child declares, looking into the camera. “I’d like to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and to kill with them because they fight the infidels and apostates. … I love the Islamic State.”

Other segments of the film explain the imposition of Sharia law, the public execution and beheading of citizens by Islamic terrorists, and the resistance of Catholics in certain Iraqi towns who pledge to stay and defend their buildings because “Jesus and Mary will protect [them].”

The documentary also notes that other Catholics and non-Muslims in Iraq and Syria have decided to flee areas overtaken by the Islamists, while some have agreed to pay a tax in order to remain in their homes despite the establishment of the Islamic caliphate.

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