Muslim Man Admits to Multiple Murders in WA, NJ in Taking ‘Vengeance’ on U.S.

BrownWEST ORANGE, N.J. — A Muslim man has admitted to multiple murder charges committed in two states, of which he told investigators were committed as retribution against the United States for its military operations in the Middle East.

“My mission is vengeance for the lives, millions of lives [that] are lost every day,” Ali Muhamad Brown stated, according to reports. “Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan—all these places where innocent lives are being taken every single day … All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life.”

Brown, 29, is currently behind bars in the Essex County Jail in Newark, New Jersey on charges that he murdered 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin on July 25th by gunning him down at a red light. According to NJ Advance Media, after firing multiple shots into the vehicle, Brown moved Tevlin’s body into the back seat of the car, which he then drove to a nearby apartment building and abandoned it. The two did not know each other.

Authorities in Washington State have also charged Brown for the murder of 30-year-old Leroy Henderson, who died in April after being shot ten times in the back while walking home. On June 1st, Brown reportedly killed Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young after meeting them at a night club in his Seattle neighborhood. He then left Washington and traveled to New Jersey, where he randomly killed Tevlin.

“The defendant was on a bloody crusade, executing four innocent men … with the same murder weapon, over the course of approximately two months, and all under the common and single scheme of exacting ‘vengeance’ against the United States government for its foreign policies,” King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg alleges in court documents.

Washington Detective John Pavlovich has likewise stated that Brown has admitted to all four murders, remarking that he was just “doing my small part” to take vengeance on Americans.

“[Did you commit] the one in King County on the 28th, the two in Seattle on June 1st, and the one in West Orange [N.J.] on June 25th?” Brown was asked by the detective.

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“All of it,” he replied.

“Those four murders that we’re talking about were all done for vengeance for the actions of the United States in the Middle East?” Pavlovich inquired.

“Yes,” Brown affirmed.

“Are you taking responsibility for that?” the detective asked.

“Just doing my small part,” Brown allegedly responded.

Brown is being characterized as a devout Muslim who finds U.S. operations against Islamic groups in the Middle East to be “evil.”

“During the [investigative] interview Brown also stated that, as part of his beliefs, if a ‘man sees evil then he must take action against that evil’,” court records state.

Brown is currently being held on $5 million dollars bail and could face the death penalty. Despite alleged admissions to investigators, he has plead not guilty to the crimes in court.

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  • Sheltie1

    So how is hope and change working for everyone out there. There is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim. Only “radical” muslims. Read their Qur’an. The god they worship, Allah (the moon god), is none other than Satan. Satan means destroyer. Allah has many names and one of those names is the destroyer. If you want to find out about the history of Islam and the United States, read, “What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an by William Federer. You will never think the same about Islam. It is not a religion. It is a conquering ideology that will kill, enslave anyone who refuses to submit to Allah. We also need to realize that they have no qualms about lying as long as it is for Allah. Their own writings tell them that they can lie as long as it is for Allah. So any agreements/treaties made with Islam will fail. They don’t have to keep their promises. Look at how Israel has had to deal with these evil cancers.

  • Art Hall

    The coloreds get loose in MO. And that is all you have heard about? This happens and no one talking about it? What is wrong here??

  • The world has it’s eyes closed and then wonders why the religion of Islam is so dangerous. It will be a very bloody thing when people finally wake up. Mostly because stopping them won’t come from talking. Because they are allowed to become strong. Just a thought.

  • ODissious

    Does anyone believe in the Death Penalty? And I’m talking about for this sub-human animal. He has already demonstrated that he believes in death for people, he should get his share, and dam soon.