Evolutionists Evade Critical Thinking: Author Says No Surprise Scientist Fired for Fossil Find

Armitage IIA Christian author from the Pacific Northwest is adding his voice to a growing national discussion as a scientist is challenging his former university employer in court after being fired for presenting colossal fossil evidence invalidating evolutionary “millions of years” theory.

As previously reported, Mark Armitage was a scientist at California State University—Northridge (CSUN) up until two years ago, where he worked as a researcher and supervised the school’s electron microscope laboratory. He was suddenly terminated after he discovered soft tissue on a Triceratops fossil, the findings of which were also published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Armitage believes that some at the the university were displeased by his discovery, since they were convinced that the fossil was tens of millions of years old. He states because of his find and subsequent report, his supervisor entered the lab and declared, “We will not tolerate your religion in this department!”

“Suffice it to say,” Armitage, who has now filed suit against his former employer, told reporters, “some people in the department didn’t appreciate [the soft tissue discovery], and somehow they seemed to work a way to have me very quickly removed from my position.”

Armitage recently appeared on the radio broadcast Creation Moments after listeners sent him hundreds of letters of support surrounding his legal challenge.

“[W]e have the evolutionists on the run,” he said. “They are scrambling to explain the presence of these delicate and life-like cells and tissues that could in no way survive the ravages of deep time. In fact, it is astounding that they are there even after the thousands of years since the Great Flood of Noah. Even if we allow only 3,000 years since the Flood, these observations of soft tissues are stunning.”

Armitage also said that word about his find can be an evangelistic tool in and of itself.

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“Tell your unsaved friends that you have a friend (me) who has been going on dinosaur digs and is unearthing and publishing his findings of soft tissues,” he continued. “Tell them he has predicted that soft dino tissues are the norm and not the exception in the fossil layers and he is finding it everywhere. Tell them if soft tissues are the norm, then the Earth cannot possibly be old, and that suddenly Genesis is believable as actual history.”

“You can get to the good news about Jesus in about 60 seconds and folks listen because they are stunned to hear that soft dinosaur tissues exist!” Armitage exclaimed.


Dan Greenup, author of Generation Why? and other thought-provoking writings, told Christian News Network on Friday that he is not surprised Armitage was fired over his discovery as evolutionists fear critical thinking.

“All of us were told about the importance of free inquiry, critical thinking and diversity in school, but it’s really not true,” he said. “Universities generally love diversity of skin color and diversity of sexual orientation, but they’re not interested in diversity of opinion. They want you to believe what they believe, and they definitely don’t want you to critically think about it. So, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Armitage has been fired for his findings.”

“[I]f dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years old, dinosaur fossils shouldn’t have soft tissue, red blood cells or blood vessels,” Greenup, who was raised in evolutionary teaching, continued. “Sure, several years back, Dr. Mary Schweitzer found dinosaur bones with red blood cells. Of course, she wasn’t fired, and perhaps that’s because she didn’t reach the conclusions Mr. Armitage did. Yet, it takes quite the leap of faith to believe these fossils have been preserved for at least 65 million years. It’s more reasonable to believe these fossils were rapidly buried by water and sediment a few thousand years ago during a worldwide flood.”

He agreed with Armitage that the fossil find can point the way to the gospel.

“The Bible says ‘be not conformed to this world,'” Greenup, who also speaks to youth groups along the Pacific Northwest, stated. “Young people in this country have been spoon-fed this business of evolution being a proven fact, but in reality, it’s got more in common with science fiction than it does with science.”

“Mr. Armitage said you should tell your unsaved friends that ‘if soft tissues are the norm, then the Earth cannot possibly be old, and that suddenly Genesis is believable as actual history.’ In other words, since the Bible is correct about how we got here, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to believe it has the answer to why we’re here,” he said. “It’s time to put that critical thinking we were told about in school to use and question authority. It’s time to take a serious look at what the Bible has to say about why we’re here.”

Greenup believes that evolution, at its core, is really an attack on the cross of Christ, and wrote Generation Why? to “preach the good news of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to a generation that’s been conditioned to think that it’s nonsense.”

“The Bible says that we preach Christ crucified unto the Jews a stumbling block and unto the Greeks foolishness. Young people have been brought up to believe that the cross is nonsense, in the sense that evolution is taught as fact,” he explained. “If evolution is true, then God really doesn’t exist. If God doesn’t exist, then what’s right and wrong is left up to personal opinion. And if that’s the case, then there’s really no sin. And so, why would Jesus have to die?”

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  • The web address posted in “Website” has a link to an article how soft tissue can be preserved.

  • Mister Bubble

    The evolutionists at that school must believe in miracles, if they fire somebody for finding ‘soft tissue’ in fossils. An honest scientist could not come to the conclusion that a fossil supposedly millions of years old would contain ‘soft tissue’ – it would certainly still be amazing if even a 500 year-old fossil contained such. Or maybe they’ve been finding it all along, but usually destroy the evidence. Any group that would put lies in school textbooks (discredited evolutionary findings) would certainly stoop to this behavior also. ( Although I know that there are evolutionists are honest researchers who tell the truth about what they find, there are still some liars and deceivers in the group.)

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Well-put. Evolutionists have blind faith in a LOT of miracles: that the universe miraculously popped into existence out of nothing and uncaused by anything, that life magically appeared when lightning hit some mud, that morals sprang forth from molecules, etc. I, for one, no longer have enough blind faith to be an evolutionist. (With credit to Geisler and Turek)

  • John

    Mark Armitage is not a scientist. He is a microscope salesman, he says so at the beginning of the video. He refers to the Tricerotops horn as bone. Dinosaur bones have never been discovered, only fossils. There is a vast difference between a fossil and a bone and a real scientist would never make the mistake of referring to a fossil as a bone. He is an incompetent Christian fool and his firing is completely justified. Silly Christians.

    • Jan

      John buys his microscopes from non-scientists, because the intersection of scientists and salesmen is a null set. He knows, before he looks through the microscope at a fossil that it is non-bone and non-soft tissue. He knows this because evolution is an undeniable scientific fact. He knows that a real scientist will agree with his view, and not be swayed by evidence that he sees in a microscope. He knows that Christianity leads to the silly incompetence of examining evidence instead of standing by the eternal and glorious truth that is evolution. These are just some of the characteristics that make him an amazing dynamic system of bizarrely self-organised atoms.

      • John

        Despite the snarky tone of your retort you pretty much got it right. I would however take issue with your characterization of evolution as being an “eternal and glorious truth”. Such a phrase, dripping with pomposity and hubris would never be uttered by those of us who believe in science and reason and reality. We just don’t speak that way, Christians do.

        “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.” Albert Einstein

    • Ken

      fossil is short for fossilized bone or plants, etc.. And since this fossil is of a horn of a triceratops,it is a fossilized BONE, therefore your argument is moot!

      • john

        Fossilization is a process by which bone and other tissue are replaced by minerals and these minerals form an exact copy of the original bone or tissue. A fossil, by definition, has no bone or tissue. So Mr. Armitage said “bone” and he meant “bone”, not fossilized bone. This is also problematic because no dinosaur bone has ever been discovered in the history of mankind, only fossils.

        Why is not the discovery of the first ever dinosaur bone and soft tissue front page news on every newspaper in the world? Must be a conspiracy by the news media against the truth of Radical Christianity.

        Why have actual scientists not confirmed this discovery? Are all scientists evil atheists who want to deceive everyone, another conspiracy?

        Even the idiotic Catholic Church believes in evolution, how sad you people can’t even rise to their base level.

        • Mr. Bizy

          What’s even more sad is that you think you’re going to win me to your way of thinking by how you address those whom disagree with you. I happen to know lots of individuals that hold to no religion or faith yet still question evolution as science. This always reveals the level of selfish indignation that often goes with those whom hold to the evolutionary doctrine. Attack instead of evangelize. Offer me an alternative to what i believe outside of indoctrinated science instead of attacks and maybe i will listen…

  • GooRu
  • disqus_SUijHfDO8w

    Wow. This guy completely ignores the facts that the dinosaur blood is fossilized yet not mineralized. Also, dinosaur blood did contain a lot of iron which would allow it to be preserved for millions of years.