Huckabee: Christians ‘Shouldn’t Just Accept Things That Are Ungodly’ in Government

HuckabeeIn a recent conference call with Vision America’s Rick Scarborough, talk show host, author and ordained minister Mike Huckabee stated that Christians need to be more active in resisting evil in the land and “shouldn’t just accept things that are ungodly.”

“I’m convinced that the problems are ultimately spiritual; the consequences are political,” he said. “Sometimes people present it as ‘If we could just get the right people elected to office, the spiritual revival will come,’ [but] I think it’s exactly the opposite. If we can pray, humble ourselves, seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways, I believe God will hear and he will heal our land.”

Huckabee then spoke of the consequences of our nation’s silence toward evil, such as the 57 million babies that have been murdered in the womb through abortion since Roe v. Wade.

“How do we face God with that?” he asked.

Huckabee also noted how federal judges are overturning the will of the people in regard to the institution of marriage, including in his home state of Arkansas.

“There should have been an outcry from the people of the state—a massive outcry [saying,] ‘You can’t do it,'” Huckabee opined. “I would remind people that the judicial branch is not the supreme branch, and the Supreme Court is only the Supreme Court, not the Supreme Being. And I feel that we have failed in civics to understand that there are three branches of government, and one can’t overrule the other two, and all three of them together can’t overrule the people.”

“Yet, we have people who say, ‘Well, the courts have ruled on abortion, we’ll have to live with it,’ or, ‘The courts have ruled on same-sex marriage, we have to live with it,'” he continued. “I would suggest no, we don’t. We shouldn’t just accept things that are ungodly and that will cause us to have to stand before God with bloody hands. I think that’s where we’ve failed.”

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Huckabee then exhorted pastors to preach about the issues facing today’s society, and to encourage their congregations to vote the Bible.

“I would urge pastors to get in the pulpit and call people to biblical truth as it relates to the issue of life and marriage, and even the issue of stewardship, and never be apologetic and say, ‘Vote the Bible in your own heart,” he said. “I hear people say sometimes, ‘Vote your pocketbook.’ Well, if you vote the Scripture, you’ll ultimately benefit your pocketbook, because everything about the economy that’s wrong would be fixed if people had a biblical understanding of the economy and a biblical understanding of personal stewardship and responsibility.”

Pastor Matt Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin made similar statements in an op-ed published last year by Christian News Network.

“We are now seeing, in our day, the results of a pietistic Christianity. Because the pietists retreated from the culture, the institutions of the culture have been annexed and overtaken by pagan men,” he said.

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