Republican Senatorial Candidate Rejects Party’s Personhood Platform, Declares Abortion Support

BrownCONCORD, N.H. — A Republican Senatorial candidate from New Hampshire has rejected his party’s recent adoption of a pro-life platform that expressed the personhood and subsequent right to life of unborn children, and is instead declaring his support for “a woman’s right to choose.”

Scott Brown, a former Massachusetts senator who now resides in New Hampshire, is running against Democrat Jeanne Shaheen to represent the people of the state before Congress. Last weekend, the New Hampshire Republican Party adopted a platform outlining its belief in “the pre-born child’s fundamental right to life and personhood under the Fourteenth Amendment,” as well as its support for the “Life at Conception Act.”

Shaheen blasted Brown and the party for the language used in the platform, calling it “disturbing.”

“The message from Scott Brown and his Republican Party is disturbing, alarming and clear: they believe they should make the decisions about birth control and health care for women in New Hampshire and around the country,” she wrote in a statement. “They are dangerously wrong, and by signing on with Tea Party extremists, they’re showing just how irresponsibly out of touch they are with the needs and rights of women.”

But Brown and spokespersons for Brown’s office quickly distanced themselves from the party’s beliefs on the right to life.

“I’m a pro-choice, independent Republican,” Brown stated Monday before an audience at the Rudman Center at the UNH School of Law. “So I don’t agree with that particular part of the platform, however I have always felt that we are a big tent party, we have the opportunity to agree or disagree.”

“Scott Brown is pro-choice and will protect a woman’s right to choose,” Brown spokeswoman Elizabeth Guyton later reiterated to reporters.

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Keith Mason of Personhood USA expressed his disappointment in Brown on Thursday, classifying Brown’s stance as “extreme opposition” to the state party platform.

“Can you imagine a Democratic Senate candidate doubling down on his unqualified hostility for the Democratic Party platform on such an important issue?” he asked. “There’s no way the Democratic party bosses would allow it to happen. This is a clarion call for the Republican Party to stand up to poseurs in its own party who undermine principles of human rights and dignity.”

“Scott Brown has staked out an extreme position on abortion that contradicts the conservative values of his electorate,” Mason continued. “I commend the New Hampshire Republican Party for following in the steps of President Reagan by taking this principled stand on the most important human rights issue facing our nation.”

While Brown advocates for adoption on his campaign website, he also outlines that “[a]bortion is a very difficult and emotional issue” and that “he believes that these personal decisions are best made between a woman and her doctor.”

Brown has also raised concerns for posing nude during a Cosmopolitan photo shoot in 1982, and was named the magazine’s “sexiest man.”

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  • Jeffery Kinkead

    American Holocaust:

  • Gordon A. Parsons

    Good luck with this MAGGOT, New Hampshire. You’re going to need it.

  • mzungu

    Yes it is always best to sell your soul; that will clinch the win.

  • James Grimes

    If elected, he cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

  • robertzaccour

    It’s never ok to kill an innocent child in the womb. For those that have there is forgiveness in Jesus. You don’t have to live in shame or the fear of going to hell if you give your life to Him.

  • MaryWaterton

    Republican does not equate to conservative, much less Christian. The republican party is dominated by RINO’s who are nothing but democrats wearing republican suits. I concluded that the best option is to allow the RINO candidate to lose. Just skip their name on the ballot.

  • KCR

    He is a liar and the truth is not in him.

  • alnga

    Folks being a Republican does not make you a Christian, so his choices will lead to his consequences. We wont have perfect candidates whether they are Christian or not. We are all sinners saved only by the Grace of God. Vote for the person who can get most done of what you desire and let God do his part. Our part is to pray for those who choose to kill the unborn babies where they would normally be the safest. Pray for the new moms of the dead babies..

  • donzxcv

    This is a betrayal of the lowest order. scott brown, now the non person

  • nowis1234

    Hmmm, sounds like Romney before seeking the support of conservatives. Not a conservative (certainly not a “severe” conservative … just an ambitious (career) politician with a need to remain in the public eye. He is representative of the GOP.

    Once again conservatives must come to grips with the inevitable … we must begin the hard work of deploying a third party immediately. Denial is merely helping the worst elements of the political class to main tai the stays quo.