‘We Should Embrace Our God-Given Gender:’ Ken Ham Rebuts Article Promoting Gender Neutrality

Man WomanA renowned Christian apologist is responding to a recent article in the Washington Post that promotes the concept of gender neutrality, that is, identifying neither as male or female.

The article, entitled “When No Gender Fits: A Quest to Be Seen as Just a Person,” tells the story of a 18-year-old woman named Kelsey from Michigan who struggles with identifying as a female, and prefers not to have any gender at all.

“People would say Kelsey was pretty, and it made Kelsey squirm—not because Kelsey felt unattractive but because other people’s definitions of pretty, or handsome for that matter, didn’t work,” the article outlines. “Dresses and makeup only made Kelsey feel uglier, but boy clothes weren’t right either.”

Reporter Monica Hesse tells the story from the perspective of Kelsey feeling torn as she shops for a t-shirt that bears the message she wishes to convey as she prepares to leave for college.

“I just want something subtle, but where people know what I’m talking about,” Kelsey stated. “I really just want something that makes it clear I’m not a girl.”

“I don’t want to be a girl wearing boy’s clothes, nor do I want to be a girl who presents as a boy,” she also wrote in a letter to her mother Nancy. “I just want to be a person who is recognized as a person. That’s how I’m most comfortable. I’m just a person wearing people clothes, who likes to look like myself and have others see me how I see me.”

Kelsey’s mother also struggles with referring to her daughter as she wishes: not as “she” or “her,” but rather the neutral term “they.”

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“Using ‘they’ just seems like such an impersonal thing,” she said, but soon after obliged her daughter by attending a homosexual pride festival with her.

“How do you navigate the world when the world is built on identifying with one group or another group, male or female, and the place that feels most right to you is neither?” Hesse asks.


But Christian apologist Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis wrote in a blog post on Sunday that Hesse’s article is indicative of the continued rebellion against God’s created order.

“This story highlights the continuing degradation of a culture that used to be based on biblical principles but has now gone adrift in a sea of everyone doing what is right in their own eyes (Judges 17:6),” he wrote. “Instead of basing our definitions of masculinity and femininity on an absolute authority—the Bible—culture is by and large redefining male and female by what ‘feels most right to you.'”

“If you have no absolute authority and being ‘genderless’ feels right to you, why not go for it? And, of course, if you can arbitrarily change what gender means then the definition of marriage is also open to redefinition,” Ham said.

He noted that God had a purpose for creating two different genders, and that the Scripture outlines that woman was created to be the complementary helpmate to the man.

“God has not left us adrift in regard to gender. Genesis reveals that God created Adam and Eve male and female as two distinct persons, both specially made in His image (Genesis 1:26),” Ham explained. “Even though both males and females are completely equal in God’s sight (Galatians 3:28), there is a distinction of roles between the two. This distinction was present from the beginning, “And the Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.’”

The founder of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, opined that mankind should welcome God’s definite design, not distort it.

“Gender is not a social construct that confines us and can be arbitrarily changed based on our feelings—it is a God-ordained created order that has been present from the beginning but has been marred by sin (Genesis 3:16),” he stated. “Instead of trying to change ourselves into the opposite of who God created us to be, we should embrace our God-given gender.”

Ham encouraged Christians to reach out to others with this truth.

“Sadly, we are now seeing more and more stories like Kelsey’s, but we need to remember to reach out to these individuals with the gospel of Jesus Christ and a message of the true design for men and women,” he said.

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  • alnga

    The Bible, which consider to be God’s word is anything but gender neutral.. The only gender neutral creatures of the Angels only because they do not procreate..

  • softengine

    alnga – “The Bible, which consider to be God’s word is anything but gender neutral.. The only gender neutral creatures of the Angels only because they do not procreate”. Huh? Proofread. Please.

  • bowie1

    The only people who are gender neutral are eunuchs either through birth or those made that way.

    • They’re still either male or female.

  • dongszkie

    MAN & WOMAN is still the RIGHT & ACCURATE definition in a civilized society,no matter what and how twisted man’s philosophy has become this age. Even at their homes,this proponents of strange alternatives, remains just as orthodox as we used to….they cannot accept their mom as their dad and their dad their mom, their sister as brother and brother as sister, none of it for sure. All they ask, outside home, is a legitimization of their perverse way of life and lustfulness.

  • MC

    Doesn’t matter if she wants to be gender-neutral, she’s a girl and always will be.

  • Danny

    Man is created a Spirit being, who lives in a body and possesses a
    mind. Satan has longed to destroy the human race and is doing so from
    the inside out because of sin. Adam was created in the very image and
    likeness of His Creator. God made a man and a female. He made a blood
    Covenant of marriage from the very beginning, when Adam made love to Eve
    for the first time. A virgin woman can tell you that their first time
    having intimacy with their husband, her hymen is broken and blood is
    released, signifying this holy Blood Covenant between them. God knew
    what He was doing when He made both male and female.. And this is why
    God does not nor will he even unite together in holy matrimony two men
    or two women, for it is an unholy union and it is cursed before God. The
    devil knows this and when two men or two womwn gives in to the
    tempatations of such sins, they being first spirit beings, can and do
    give themselves over to the demonic and that of being themselves, demon
    possessed. This is why God forbids such actions because it is sin and
    an abomination before Him. God is holy, pure, and righteous and this is
    why God sent forth His only son, to die on the cross. so that all of
    creation could be set free from the curse of Adam’s sin by allowing the
    Holy Spirit of God to come and abide within them. Any homosexual man or
    woman, can come and be cleansed from this sin and the demons have taken
    up residence within that one, must go and not return unto them as long
    as they stay pure before the Lord and continue to live a life holy and
    righteous before the Lord. There is no embracing their lifestyle for
    they are defiled and if they should die as in with any sinner who has
    not turned from their sins and wickedness, they will not see the glories
    of heaven but the wrath of God remains upon them, unless they turn to
    the living Christ for the cleansing from all sin. The devil is a
    deceiver and even as the local church is embracing the homosexuals,
    instead of offering them freedom from their sin, they too will be held
    accountable and their judgement will be greater for they did not share
    the true Gospel of Christ. Jesus did not shed his precious blood in
    vain. His blood brings cleansing, His Holy Spirit gives life within. His
    anointing breaks every yoke of bondage and when a believer comes to
    Christ by faith, they are made the very Children of the Most High and
    they are then being prepared for Christ’ coming kingdom on earth, Those
    who reject Christ, also reject and forfeit their own rights to their
    kingship with Christ.. God’s word is already settled in heaven.. Come to
    Jesus today and serve only Him..

  • Mark Combs

    Ken Ham is a fundamentalist and an extreme conservative, and his opinion is only that, an opinion. Just because a woman doesn’t like to wear pink, frilly dresses doesn’t make her an abomination destined to hell. I really can’t see Mr Hams point-of-view as being anymore part of the biblical message than Jerry Falwells theory of a gay Tele-tubby. People, we are missing entirely what God is trying to speak to us with divisive garbage like this. God’s message to us is so much bigger and awesome than a dress code.

    • Ma Bo

      Well God’s message is not liberal, He gave us rules to follow and homosexuality is a sin

    • James Grimes

      You forgot to mention that he is very well educated and has an excellent reputation in his field.

      • Godlesspanther

        Face it, Ken Ham has a reputation for being a liar and a crook. Because that’s exactly what he is.

  • MattFCharlestonSC

    We should embrace our free will, and he should embrace his own business because this is none of his.

    • BarkingDawg

      Ken Ham’s business is scamming investors to sink money into his failed creation museum and his Ark park.

      • James Grimes

        Prove it. Oh, this is another one of your idiotic statements that you are using to play the fool here.

    • Oh, it’s his business all right. It’s all of our business because it’s mixed up, defiant people like this woman who are attempting, and succeeding, I might add, at redefining our society and how it operates. She is adding one more thing to the mix — “no gender”. What follows will be someone who claims they are an animal. Hey, they feel like they’re an animal, so let’s call them an animal.

    • James Grimes

      Nonsense. He has the responsibility to speak out on issues that have the potential to tear our society apart. More dramatically, this is one of the more ludicrous issues that Liberals are embracing.

  • KenS

    THe word “They” is a plural pronoun, so who is the second or third or more person that she is referring to when asking to be referred to as “they”

  • Leave it to Ken to bring the refreshing truth to a situation. Mankind has and is ruining the very gift of God, life. He gave us life and He has made us male and female; it’s quite simple and it’s the only way that a society can function as a whole. I love people like Ken, thank God there are still some people with sense!

  • James Hillier

    You mess with the Word of God, you’re messing with God!