‘I Am So Glad I Chose Life’: Mother of Baby Born Without Eyes Thanks God for Son Despite Naysayers

BuchananWOODBURY, Tenn. — The mother of a baby boy who was born without eyes is expressing her gratitude to God for her son’s life despite the negative comments she receives from those who claim that she should have aborted her child because of his condition.

Lacy Buchanan and her son Christian have been inspiring the masses worldwide for the past two years after she posted a video of her story on YouTube, which has since gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views.

“This is my plea to anyone considering abortion,” she wrote in the description for the film. “Rethink your decision, no matter the circumstances. I am so glad I chose life!”

The situation began in 2010 when Buchanan and her husband Chris learned that they were expecting. The excitement soon turned to dismay when they received a phone call that there was something wrong with the baby.

“Our little boy was diagnosed with a bilateral cleft palate and lip,” she told reporters. “We were crushed. How could this happen to us? Why did this happen to us?”

Although doctors were concerned that the Buchanan’s son might not make it to birth, they continued with the pregnancy and trusted God. They named him Christian.

In February 2011, Buchanan gave birth via C-section, and it was discovered that not only did Christian have a cleft palate and lip, but his eyes did not form properly, leaving him with spaces where his eyes should have been.

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The couple took their son home a month later, but found many reactions from others to be disheartening.

“Any time we took Christian out in public, people would stare,” Buchanan remembered. “They would whisper behind my back, ‘Look at that baby!’ I even had one girl telling me I was a horrible person for not aborting Christian.”

She said that in sharing her story online, she has also received many unkind messages.

“I have literally had strangers see a single picture of Christian on Facebook and say ‘If i saw that kid walking down the street, I would murder him.’ They judge that Christian’s life isn’t worth living based on one single picture,” Buchanan writes on her website. “But most of you who know him know how awesome he is and how loved he is and how great his quality of life is.”

Christian is now three years old and has since had reconstructive surgery to correct his cleft palate, and will undergo other operations in the years to come. The Buchanans say that Christian is a normal child just like any other little boy; he just sees with the eyes of his heart instead of his physical eyes. Christian loves to laugh and play, and engages in conversation.

And although some have made rude remarks about the Buchanan’s son, others have expressed what an inspiration the family is to them—including the thousands who have learned of Christian’s story through YouTube.

“God’s really using Christian to touch other people’s lives,” Chris Buchanan told local television station WZ-TV last year. “Just with something as simple as a little video.”

“Those judgmental glances and whispers don’t really bother me anymore, because I know that Christian is beautiful, inside and out,” his wife states in the video, smiling. “I also know that I did the right thing by not aborting Christian. He is the love of my life and he is a miracle.”

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  • Gary

    Thank God not everyone is heartless and cruel. God bless this family.

  • Tux

    People who say things like this deserve everything they get on judgement day. That is so offensive.

    “I have literally had strangers see a single picture of Christian on Facebook and say ‘If i saw that kid walking down the street, I would murder him.’

    They are nothing but degenerates and cowards hiding behind their avatars.

    God bless you both Lacey and Chris.

  • waymas

    Is life happy with life? Evil can’t use petty selfishness to predetermine or deny that of another individual life. Libs are pure, murdering, evil.

  • rachael

    God bless this woman and her beautiful son. oh how humanity has fallen further and further away from compassion or even humanity. when the world says, destroying a life is better than giving it, you know we are closer to its inevitable end. this woman’s actions Ina world blinded my superiority are commendable. this world is so blinded by “perfection” that it no longer sees it in imperfection. it’s heartbreaking to hear the comments made about this beautiful child and his mothers choice to give him life. but at the same time, it’s wonderful to hear her story and that she is fighting for this gorgeous boys future.

  • Chris Pereira

    God bless you and your family.You have shown true Christian love just as God showed us even when we were HORRIBLE sinners.

  • Jacob Myers

    Aborting A Baby Is An Abomination In The Eyes Of God As Gay Marriage There Is No Forgiving Them Hell Is The Destination They Chose! The Same People Who Called American Troops Baby Killers In Vietnam War Are The Real Baby Killers!

  • Melody Rainer Tregear

    I really admire this couple and their decision to have and keep that precious little boy! May Father God bless you and guide you as you raise this little boy in the ways of the Lord.

  • 4everlife

    The Lord has a purpose for EVERYTHING. He may use this precious soul to help win souls to Him. Remember Psalm 119:90-91, the latter part of verse 91 – “for ALL are thy servants.” This means he can use anything – really anything (car, pencil, refrigerator, flowers) and anybody – and yes anybody (deaf, quadriplegic, as well as the blind) for His divine plan. Pray for the family and especially pray that God’s Will will be carried out.

  • Nora Shaw

    Oh Much love and hugs sent your way! What a beautiful family Christian’s joyful smile warms my heart! I’m so glad he’s here!