Muslims Slashing Babies’ Heads With Knives As Part of Annual Islamic Ritual

AshuraMuslims have been slashing the foreheads of infants and children this week as part of an annual Islamic ritual that seeks to commemorate the death of the grandson of Mohammed.

Online photos that capture images of terrified children and babies provide a glimpse into Muslim traditions surrounding the Day of Ashura, which marks the death of Husyn ibn Ali approximately 1,300 years ago. He was the son of Fatimah, Mohammed’s daughter, and was beheaded during the Battle of Karbala in 680 A.D.

To remember his death, many  Shi’a Muslims observe the Day of Ashura each year, generally in October or November. In countries such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan, the observance is considered a national holiday, which to some also is a time when Muslims seeks to shed blood as a means to obtain forgiveness for sins.

In addition to cutting a gash in the forehead of children and babies, some children and adults voluntarily slash their bodies with knives or flagellate themselves with whips in order to reinact the death of Ali. One saying claims, “A single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins.” Participants are seen in some cities walking the streets with blood staining their clothing and dripping from their head, chest and back.

On Monday, Muslims in Kabul, Afghanistan gathered for a public Muharram ceremony, during which scores of observers whipped their backs with chains until they bled. The controversial practice has been discouraged in some countries, where Muslims are advised to rather donate blood rather than engage in self-flagellation activities.

The Associated Press reports that some fathers take a razor blade to their son’s forehead as a part of the Day of Ashura, despite their objections and screams.

“We’ve been doing this since we were kids. I started when I was three,” Mahmoud Jaber, 43, who brought his seven children for the observance, told the outlet. “It doesn’t hurt because the cry of pain goes away with the faith.”

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Hajj Khodor said that he has cut children as young as one year old for the ritual, and has slashed the heads of those as old as 100.

“The child doesn’t understand what’s going on,” he stated. “The parents are faithful and believe by doing this, their children will be protected and will enjoy a long life.”

The site Alwababa also provides photographic images of the various ways that Muslims observe the Day of Ashura around the world, including walking on hot coals, covering their bodies in mud or dressing their infants to look like the slain Ali. Some women additionally participate in a march of mourning, chaining their wrists together like a prisoner.

The Day of Ashura began on Tuesday of this week, and although the blood-letting rituals were not a part of American observances this year, mosques are commemorating the holiday with special meals or public processions. Some consider the day to also mark when the Jews were freed from their slavery in Egypt.

Those opposed to the baby-slashing rituals of the Muslim holiday view it as child abuse.

Warning: Graphic

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  • Neiman

    While Islam is a false, pagan religion of the moon god Allah and really designed by the child molesting Mohammad, it is barbarous, murderous and cruel; it is still fascinating to me that deep inside of them, they understand that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin, it is a Divine Truth that is held in the heart of all human beings.

    The difference, of course is that in Judaism it was the blood of animals, being prophetic and symbolic of the shed blood of Christ for the redemption of all who believe. Islam sheds human blood and they even beat themselves to punish themselves for their sins, but God, i His Love sent His Son to suffer the punishment every human being deserves and to shed His Own dear, precious blood for us.

    • The Lone Ranger

      Call them what they are antichrists !

    • Great insight Neiman. Poor children 🙁 once abused they will remember and will have been exposed to evil.. much like in Genesis..

      • Kevin Borg

        If this is a yearly ritual, why don’t all Shi’a Muslims have scares on their forehead?

        • Christina H

          Isn’t this the new ISIS thing to do? One more atrocity that causes muslims to follow along or take the chance they might be considered a dissident?

        • evie tar

          Don’t they wear head wraps? That would make it difficult to see.

    • Phil Best


      • Conservative seer

        Islam is truly demonic, and its the most violent religion man has ever seen, im from nigeria where boko haram execute children and adults and burn churches weekly for recreational purposes, they killed about 100 little boys in middle school in one day and this brings them joy, they worship a demon moon god called allah

        • Pax Humana

          No, as evil, brutal, violent, and destructive that Islam is, things like Atheism/atheism, humanism, and their related ilk like evolution are by far the most destructive religions in the world, and especially when they work together for a common cause, period, full stop.

          • Stuart Blancas

            DUMBASS. Go back to your cave

          • Joseph L. Bleifus

            Absolutely, atheism teaches that right and wrong are little more than personal choice, essentially meaning there is no evil,and that ANYTHING is permissible in the right time and place. Racism, sexism, pedophilia, murder, you name it.

          • Kevin Borg

            You forgot homophobia

          • manderso

            Actually that isn’t true, you for instance are not permissible.

          • Steve

            Hope you meet a partner who thinks just like you.

          • Martin Altria

            Don’t be a fool, islam is murdering people and you spout off about atheists being destructive !!!

      • Neiman

        If you are unable to express yourself intelligently, don’t we worry, we understand and pray for you.

        • Phil Best


          • Neiman

            Then enlighten us o wise and benevolent one.

          • Pax Humana

            Thank you for admitting that you are the ignorant one here, Phil Worst.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

            One day you will face the one you rejected. You will see who the Ignorant one truly was.


          • Phil Best


          • Christina H

            Why don’t you fly to the heat of the battle and prove your point, Phil. I’m sure we would all be happy to donate.

      • Pax Humana

        Yes, please do that in your life, Phil Worst.

        • Martin Altria

          Typical religious nut case…. just insult somebody long enough and they may change their mind !!!

      • Edward Vincent

        Who are you refering to ?.Please state so that you do not get loads of thumbs down ?.

      • Christina H

        Why so much antagonism and hate, Phil? Are you a muslim or a maybe a liberal who thinks everyone who isn’t a liberal, HAVE TO be PC. Everyone is sick of the PC crap.

    • Mabel Jacome


      • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

        When we look at the condition of the world I think His return may be sooner than what some think .

        • Mat 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
          Mat 24:21-22 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. (22) And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
          The elect, that is more than someone who just claims to be christian, are the ones whom shall be hated BY ALL NATIONS.
          There has never existed a time as evil as what will come in the last days before His return, as He himself has said in the bible! Not even the inquisitions, black plague, the holocaust, etc.
          So I ask you, based on what Christ says in the bible, does it seem like we are close to His return?
          This is not even taking into account whether someone holds to a pre trib rapture lie or not.

          • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead


      • CharlesKGim

        Nothing will save you from your karma.

    • Tatiana Covington

      Hey, let them beat themselves up. Who knows? They might kill themselves off and at no cost!

    • Joel Settecase

      Fundisi I think you hit the nail on the head. I’ve written something similar here.

    • boumalia mahfoud

      First, Islam is not a religion of blood is the religion of God came to fulfill the divine religions that preceded it, “Judaism and Christianity,” and whipped themselves are the wrong sect of Shiites, like Christian denominations glaciation itself for vindication and this is anathema to Christianity on Jesus the Prophet and is anathema to the Islamic religion and I would advise everyone wanted to speak on religion and criticizes first reading and understanding that religion.

      • Christina H

        To fulfill what?? Have you read the Bible through? Don’t you know the prophecy of the scriptures? Obviously NOT.

  • jmichael39

    Sorry, but that’s just downright barbaric.

    • Dutchy

      People of the middle ages, that´s what they are.

      Any religion seemes an illusion for itself.



      • Pax Humana

        Your lack of a religion is also a religion and it was also invented by people, thus it also likewise, in any way, shape, or form that is, or is related to, Atheism/atheism, is also a form of illusion for itself in the end, period, full stop, Benny.

  • The Lone Ranger

    What do you expect form a antichrists but antichrist worship .
    1 John 2:18
    Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

  • dave

    hahah these idiots realize their rage is coming from taking amphetamines.

  • Tux

    If they want to do it to themselves, they should go right ahead but leave the kids out of it.

    • guest

      then why do we still circumcise baby’s they cant connect they are not doing it themselves Note: this is coming from the perspective of a non circumcised atheist also i am not accepting that this is ok i feel that its just as disgusting and brutal as circumcision.

      • Tux

        who is “we”?

        • guest

          north Americans someone in general not sure about uk tho

          • Christina H

            Wow. That’s your comparison?

  • Reason2012

    And they keep saying it’s “extremists” that are the problem when clearly the barbarism is mainstream. Want to be guaranteed heaven is islam? Kill_a Christian or non-believer. It’s not extremists – it’s mainstream.

    • That’s not totally true. Killing muslims who do not live by the standards of a particular sect is within Jihad as well.

  • Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he
    cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

    Imagine these practices occurring on US Soil…

  • Chrissy Vee

    If you look it up, there are many websites with the story of the beginning of Islam… which was created by the Vatican to destroy Christians. Muhammad was trained by the Vatican.
    Has anyone else read or heard that?

    • Stella Kemunto Nyakundi


      • Chrissy Vee

        Sure you heard of it? Or the mean spirited sure?

    • You should also check out the “fuel project” on youtube- especially “know your enemy”

      • Chrissy Vee

        Thanks I will . 🙂

    • You should also check out the “fuel project” on youtube- especially “know your enemy”

    • Angel Triumphant


    • Lynda Janzen

      Oh gee, if it is on you tube it MUST be true. Give your head a shake and then go read a real history book.

      • Chrissy Vee

        Oh you’re so clever. I guess you really told me. NOT! Here’s an idea…Shut your pie hole and stop butting in on things too deep for your little mind to comprehend. Oh, and… Get bent!

      • Not agreeing with Nevermore, but history is dictated by the victor.
        Ever hear that one about Columbus or the Lusatania?

    • Joseph Essien-Obot

      I have read and heard of that but they have turned out to be absolute rubbish!

    • Nevermore Raven

      He was trained by an official organisation that didn’t even exist at the time…. okay.

  • Demopublicrat

    Meanwhile in America, Gosnell gets off easy and the planned parenthood dumpsters keep filling up.

    • Nevermore Raven

      And HIV in bible belts rises, and an atheist gets death threats for standing up to Bibleman.

      • Just as Atheists give death threats to Christians who stand for the word of God, the Bible and Christ. It doesn’t matter how nice a true christian may stand for Christ and preach His, atheists are hateful towards us. There is ignorance straight across the board and is not limited by color, creed, political, spiritual, sexual or religious beliefs.

        • Nevermore Raven

          Actually, the threats come more from your side to Atheists. Atheists can loose their jobs for example just for not believing. Atheists have even had their families lives threatened over Bible Man. Crawl back under your rock.

          • Christina H


  • delores_in_wa_state

    As a Christian I refuse to be swayed by news that would try to make me judge another. From the lack of Scientific evidence about Muhammed being a “prophet” I would not turn to it. As a Christian, I also know that it is not my job to judge those who practice it; it is God’s.

    Rather than posting judgments here people would be better served to go out into the world (active) searching for the lost and preaching Christ. It is when someone feels left out in the real world, that they can be drawn into Islam. Something to consider.

    • John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

  • utol

    Naima FYI information Islam is not violence religion but the violence are those people are revise the true said in the Qur’n and Hadith, I think this retual is doing by Shiy’a, with my respect to the She’a it is there belief and don’t have about it, even Prophet Ibrahim Alaihis salaam, he got the message to sacrifice his son Prophet Esmail alihis salaam, but Allah replace the head of prohet into Piece of Goat.

  • Stella Kemunto Nyakundi

    the sacrifice that God gave through the righteous blood of His Son Jesus Christ was final and sufficient for all time. No more blood is required from anybody or any animal for that matter for He caused all sacrifices to cease.

  • “Ashura” sounds like the name for a pagan goddess. And then they have a group called ISIS….like the egyptian goddess? Sounds to me like Islam is the whore of Babylon.

    • Except the whore of Babylon and the False Prophet, which will be accepted basically worldwide, are end time prophesies as in the last 7 years of a horrible time upon the earth that Christ calls the tribulation and great tribulation.

  • Mark Troutt

    When are we as Christians going to ban together and in Jesus name by the hundreds go to a mosque daily and profess MUSLIM as false god worship witnessing to them God is displeased with their evil ideology… .?

    • Klaus

      I hope never ever because Muslims are already doing that thinking the same about your 3 headed god

      • Mark Troutt

        I don’t have a three headed God…there is only one God. You interpret christian interpretation wrongly…. You and I know God to be “I Am” …you and I know God to be Jehovah…. You and I know God to be Elohim…. I could go on with more than 12 names for God…does this mean we have a 12+ headed God? No…. So interpret wrongly when CHRISTIANS know God to be as you do with the additional benefit of knowing God sent His Son Yeshua…Jesus… Giving all and You Klaus the Holy Spirit…so do not make a grave error of missing God completely with any excuse saying CHRISTIANS have a false three headed God… Else You deny God how God chose to come to all for all… Peace be unto you Klaus and the fullness of who God is as One explained to you so you may not be in error…

        • Jonny-O

          I think he’s referring to the trinity.

  • Gary

    They should use axes instead of knives. And make much deeper cuts.

  • ArmedPatriot

    It IS child abuse.
    If a US citizen cut their kids face with a knife for ANY reason they’d be arrested.

    • Nevermore Raven

      But it’s okay to cut their genetals.

  • barbarakelly

    Oh God this is sick.To do this to babies. These acts are so ungodly. And to think this is ok. Talk about fanatics, this is it.

  • Stuart Blancas

    Muslims are nothing more than savage barbaric inbred pedophile BEASTS. They are a plague on society and need to be exterminated

    • Klaus

      Aren’t you a militant one Stuart. I can see your fear though. Not all Muslims (actually the majority) are violent or more violent than our wonderful Christian brothers. Best is make sure that we go ahead with a good example of a free life and the benefits of it. If they want to pray 3 times a day with their little carpet wherever they are, let them. You have a smoko and they love to pray. So what? Only cruel practices which have even nothing to do with the Koran should be opposed.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Now THAT’s child abuse!!

  • Corinna Dellinger

    they are barbaric!

  • Laura Lee

    What a LOVELY civilized and so peaceful a religion!! Why, these are the most civilized and advanced and peaceful of all peoples who have ever lived! Why, this is the height of human civilization! The history books should be so full of this so advanced and civilized society and, oh, that all would be as them! Isn’t it lovely? Aren’t they so civilized? Why, what a disgrace it is that this is not the global one world religion so all could be this advanced as human beings! JK.. of course!! Just pointing out insanity of such thoughts. Clearly, people are insane to fail to recognize depravity and paganism in a slide into the Dark Ages. Who can see this and be so insane that they want to whitewash this evil religion?

  • Remnant Israel

    In the bible, the only people who cut themselves were the demon possessed.

    • Klaus

      Then all Catholics that have whipped themselves bloody are to be judged the same way? What some people see is great to do is absolute horror to others

  • Michael Ellis

    How demonic can you get?

  • sammy13

    And to think that many Christians view infant Baptism in the Catholic church and similar denominations as not being necessary. Cutting a baby – what a sadistic thing to do.

  • Guest

    Later, they may teach them how to strap bombs on their bodies to murder. This barbaric practice is outrageous. You will only detect outrage from those who are not moslem.

  • Nevermore Raven

    Wow, again you don’t even know how to tell the truth do you? And you wonder why I have nothing to do with your deceptive religion?

  • Mark Troutt

    We are all missing the foundation of who God is for us…. God is love and loved us so much God sent His Son to die for our sins… I read unbelievers and believers comments and with no judgement I say I love you all with Gods unconditional love….without pure platonic love for one another we are dead to each other and to God….that’s why Jesus said give the good news(gospel) to the world….

  • Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

    Sounds to me like Soviet atheism.

    Just like American separation of church and state.

    BTW. Now you know why muslims and SHIAS fight: Because SHIAS are freakshows.

    Do any of you know what the difference is between muslims and shias? It’s like if there were a sect of Christianity that said “Judas was supposed to be Jesus + God made a mistake.”

    You see what kind of psychopathy that is? You see why that could cause conflict and insane stuff like this? No? Didn’t think so.

  • Barbwire Bob

    I heard scientist are working on a virus that attacks muslimes and causes their heads to rot off.

  • Dee Hoffner

    That kind of trauma will turn any kid into a damned sociopath .. cycle of abuse.

  • Sunny Days

    I dont understand…I just dont understand…It is beyond my ability to comprehend such nonsenses….how can this be religion?

  • Judah Maccabee

    When muslim childrens get killed by mistake in war zones or because they were forced to be human shields…FFS, don’t be an idiot and blame the other side!

  • boumalia mahfoud

    First, Islam is not a religion of blood is the religion of God came to fulfill the divine religions that preceded it, “Judaism and Christianity,” and whipped themselves are the wrong sect of Shiites, like Christian denominations glaciation itself for vindication and this is anathema to Christianity on Jesus the Prophet and is anathema to the Islamic religion and I would advise everyone wanted to speak on religion and criticizes first reading and understanding that religion.

  • manderso

    Gee, sounds wonderful, so enlightened.

  • Satan666


  • Becky

    Do they also sexually molest children…you know, how mad-muhammad would do?

    Blind fools.

  • I’ll say it again, when there are no women’s voices in a society the balance is severely impacted and testosterone rules to disasterous outcomes.

  • amuncat

    I’m not sure about this one, but i do know that my Pakistani friend told me about the Muslim custom of shaving babies’ heads at one yr old!

  • Tiny Price

    those are not hebrew israelites they never used a j in the hebrew alphabet so jews is what they turkish ashkenazi roman greek selves made up. those are people of edom. there cruel as hell.

  • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    TYPO??? “Hajj Khodor said that he has cut children as young as one year old for the ritual, and has slashed the heads of those as old as 100.” As old as 100, or 10?

  • Sunny D

    Talk about needing a rubber room.

  • Share this with your favorite human rights organization ….not sure they will give it light of day but this is abuse that needs to stop ……

  • Bret Stewart

    so glad I was not born into that kind of lifestyle religiosity. And know Jesus Christ as my Savior King.

  • Rebecca

    WHEN will people wake up and stand up to this foolishness. At some point it is coming to America if you don’t.

  • Heidi K.

    islam = 100% satanic!!!

  • 2star

    Most hospitals blood bank are low in reserve. Oh what a waste of blood.

  • crusader51

    Those are some truly crazy folks…who serve a cruel god.

  • katalina g

    GOD ALMIGHTY,,,,,,,,,DON’T CARE WHAT RELIGION THIS IS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Rowley

    These sand fleas are sick bastards

  • Sporkfighter

    This practice is exactly as repulsive as is circumcising infant boys. Our culture has made us accepting of one and not the other.How about we all grow up and stop cutting children?

  • SoundMind

    Headache season for Muslims has rolled around again. Self-flagellation is one of their best traits, they should all practice it, and I’d be glad to help.

  • Rich

    The citizens of Europe must take arms and exterminate every single MUSLIM COCKROACH before it is to late. It is time to pull a HITLER in Europe.

  • dedmchr

    How unbelievably stupid!!!! These people are animals.

  • NCOriolesFan

    To each his own, I guess.

  • LuJr75

    But, I thought it was the religion of peace and love! How can this be?