Mom Finds Arm-Slitting Photo in ‘Evilstick’ Wand Toy Purchased for Toddler

EvilstickDAYTON, Ohio — A mother in Ohio is expressing horror after discovering that what appeared to be a pink princess wand that she purchased for her toddler at a local dollar store included a hidden photo of a girl slashing her arm with a knife.

“I’m outraged over it,” parent Nicole Allen told local television station WHIO. “I want to know how they think that is suitable for a child.”

The toy, called an “Evilstick,” looks like a pink wand with a flower or snowflake design at its tip. The handle features a heart design. The packaging itself states that it is “for ages three and up,” and claims, “I can send out wonderful music.”

But after Allen purchased the item for her toddler daughter, and removed the foil that covered the end of the wand, she was shocked to find a photograph of a girl cutting her arm with a knife inside. Additionally, the wand didn’t play music, but rather featured a maniacal, evil laugh.

Local reporters talked to the dollar store owner about the matter, who said that parents need to be more careful about that toys that they purchase for their children.

“The name on it says Evilstick. So, in one way, if I am buying it for my kid–and I have lot of children and I have young ones—I would inspect it before I ever give it to them,” owner Amar Moustafa stated.

But he said that while the toy may not be suitable for toddlers, it may not be completely inappropriate for older children.

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Image found underneath foil
Image found underneath foil

“For a five, six, seven, ten-year-old—they see that on TV every day,” Moustafa stated.

He said that he will not remove the item from the shelf at this time unless he receives a direct complaint from a parent.

It is not known whether other all Evilsticks have the same photograph inside, or if Allen’s purchase was a factory prank.

Public feedback about the incident has been mixed.

“The world is a pretty messed up place,” wrote one commenter named Sara who said that the mother was at fault for purchasing the toy. “Things like that are everywhere and if you don’t want your child exposed to it, you need to take responsibility and be more careful. If you’re going to overlook the name, you can’t use it as a valid excuse to blame someone else. I wouldn’t buy my daughter something called and Evilstick. Clearly the idea behind it isn’t positive. I have a choice in the matter, so did she.”

“[T]he store manager probably didn’t know about it, so it wasn’t his fault, but after he found out about it he should have taken it off the shelf because that toy isn’t suitable for any age child,” another named Samantha opined.

“The store owner has a right to sell what they want, but in the end this toy is very misleading, and I believe it’s on purpose,” said a commenter named Brandi.

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  • bowie1

    With a name like Evil Stick the mother should have clued in that this was not suitable for her toddler.

    • dawnrosanne

      A picture of a child slashing her arm is not suitable for ANY CHILD.ANY AGE. That’s disgusting. There are so many children and teens who are cutting themselves, and some have even died as a result of “cutting.” So, why in the world would this “toy” be suitable for anyone? Even with the name “Evilstick.” Come on.

      • Rose Munro

        The picture is hidden behind a piece of foil, she didn’t see the photo!

    • Kris

      I disagree. Being a fan of anime and manga, my first thought seeing it is that it’s the name of a characters weapon. The packaging leads you to believe that is EXACTLY what that is, because outside of the name.. it hardly looks evil, just like most anime character weapons. The age group on the packaging says 3 and up. So are we really going to sit here and blame the parent when the store and company really need to be the ones looked at??? REALLY?

    • Often dollar stores sell items with “engrish” writing on the packaging, meaning that you might buy some marshmallows and it’ll say “happy fun time pillow stuffing fluff duck martians” so seeing something cute saying “evilstick” on it could just mean that the manufacturer is foreign and didn’t have a proper translation for the product.

  • Marie

    hello? now why would the mother buy a toy called evil stick? Which makes me wonder if she planted the photo herself, just saying…the name says it all.

    • Rose Munro

      The stupid shop owner admitted it was there, dummy!

    • Kris

      I believe there were other incidents, not just her.

      Also are you a fan of anime and manga at all? These type of names are common as character weapons. She probably thought that was what it was given the packaging and 3+ label.

      Blame the company, NOT the mother.

    • Matthew46

      No, it’s for real but each one had a different picture. Someone followed it up and checked it out.

      • Marie

        Thank God for that, I hope all Mother’s become aware.

    • engrish my friend. I’ve bought things from a korean dollar store and they’d say things on them like “eat microwave for fun time pillow fluff” and it would be a package of tissues. LOL

  • Toa

    “EVILSTICK”?????? Are you kidding me?
    Why even buy something like that without some serious inquiry beforehand??
    Looks like some spiritually sick people are playing practical jokes on the public.

  • Deedee Keith


  • Rose Munro

    I’m amazed that anyone could blame the mother because this the picture is hidden behind a piece of foil, and the Muslim(Amar Moustafa) idiot who was selling the toy said that she should have inspected the toy before she gave it to her child. Does this mean she could open to toy in the store to examine it before she bought it? God help this country! We are falling more and more into demon worship in this country thanks to the Muslims, Atheists, and sadists. This country is so screwed!

    • Kris

      I’m right there with you! Some of the comments on here are absolutely absurd. I can’t believe people are blaming the mother and NOT the company selling this product, given that it advertises it for THREE year olds and up!!!!

    • confusedishwisdom

      This mother bought her daughter a “magic wand” called an EVILSTICK. To begin with, this is a far cry from a Christian purchase. Secondly, the owner of the store is not the issue. Thirdly, it is a false conclusion to assume she had to inspect the toy in the store. She could have easily opened it and inspected it at home prior to giving it to her child. I will agree with you on one point, the country is indeed screwed…but not because of store owners or toys.

      • Kris

        Evilstick could mean ANYTHING though. It could mean a wicked witches want, an anime characters weapon (and with an anime character featured ON the packaging, that’s what I assumed right off the bat) — the mother is NOT at fault here. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BLAMING HER. We need to be upset with the company that distributes this toy, because they have NO right labeling it 3 and up.

      • maybe she thought it was “engrish” I’ve bought a lot of stuff from dollar stores that sold knock-off goods that had garbled packaging. So when you look at the cute packaging with a magic wand you think “Well maybe the manufacturer doesn’t speak english- it still looks cute” and you get this…

    • Marie Adigwe

      I heard about this on an agnostic page. That page also has atheist followers. Everybody was against it, so don’t even dare bring atheists into the picture with this one.

    • There are a lot of Moustafas and Amars in Iraq who were beheaded for their Christian faith. So, don’t go busting out your big ol’ broad paintbrush.

  • bella

    The owner knows about the evil wand so he could be sued if kids end up hurting themselves. I wonder if the owner is a muslim and maybe he approves of this because its something that they practice .Nonetheless even if he was not muslim he doesnt seem to care that a kid might get his hands on this as long as he gets his money.I am a mother and I always inspect the toys that I buy my kid but I dont know if others do.

  • Julie Ringer

    It’s a deceitful toy!

  • Jack Rohde

    I’m a 54 year old man and that picture gave me the creep’s, Satan is a real person, a fallen angel trying to collect as many souls as possible before his end, beware of doorways.

  • Jack Rohde

    It’s all about planting images in a young mind, it works, if you don’t believe me look how nutty the kids are now.

  • Kris

    First, I’m going to say this. I enjoy anime and manga. A lot of characters in them have weapons that look like this and have names like this, so when I first saw the picture of the wand I assumed that it was anime related. I’m sure the mother did so as well, because it’s what anyone who watches or reads them would think. The packaging has a 3 and up label, so why are we upset at the mother? WHY IS NO ONE QUESTIONING WHAT COMPANY THIS IS AND WHY THE OWNER OF THE STORE IS DEFENDING THIS PRODUCT!?!?!??!?!?!?! Something is NOT right here!!!! IT’S ADVERTISED FOR THREE YEAR OLDS! Get it off the shelf!

  • Matthew46

    The evil stick was made in China and that was one of a number of pictures in them. Not familiar with Halloween, it probably represents the Chinese idea of what it’s all about. Have you ever bought other cheap Chinese toys and read their directions? My sister just got an EBay message from a seller in China who thanked her for her kind evaluation of her purchase and told her she was a “so nice guy”.

  • Michelle Bowen

    This disgusts me, and proves that we cannot purchase anything that even hints at evil. I don’t know why they would show a kid slashing herself and what is up with that face?! Its super creepy! I don’t blame the store owner unless he knew, which it seems he did not. The mother did not etiher, but no one should be so complacent these days abou tthe evil stick name. That alone now hints about stuff…..being well evil. Fair warning the world these days is associating with the devil more and more…and if they can find anyway to sneak it in on your child they will! DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR FALSENESS!

  • Obviously the owner of that store is from one of those countries that doesn’t like children.

  • A lot of people are commenting “Why would you buy something that said evilstick on it?” Well I’m assuming those people have never heard of “engrish”. If you’ve ever been to a store that sells foreign goodies targeted to an english-speaking market, you’ll be familiar with the term. It’s basically bad translations. An example would be a comic book with the title “Hyper Nonsense World Tobasco Shower” Yes, that is a real thing. And the comic book has nothing to do with any of those things! It’s about a school girl. You can even buy a package of ice-pops that say “Lactic Acid Bar”. Yep. So a woman buying something labeled as “evilstick” with cute packaging isn’t so crazy.

  • C’mon my people! It’s the one thing you can buy from the dollar store that is as the package describes.

  • Demopublicrat

    “Evilstick” should have been a clue.