Human Rights Campaign’s Homosexual Founder Charged With Sexual Abuse of Oregon Boy

BeanPORTLAND, Ore. — The founder of the nation’s largest homosexual activist organization has been arrested and charged with sexually abusing a teenage boy.

Terrance Bean, 66, of the Human Rights Campaign was taken into custody at his home on Wednesday by the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau Sex Crimes Unit following an indictment by a Lane County Grand Jury. He was booked at the Multnomah County Jail and released after posting 10 percent of his $50,000 bail.

Bean is facing two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor. The charges stem from an ongoing investigation that involves an alleged sexual encounter with a 15-year-old boy. Police state that there may be additional victims involved and others may also be arrested as part of the investigation.

“The investigation began in Portland, but the criminal episode occurred in Lane County,” police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson told The Oregonian.

Further details surrounding the matter are few, but neighbor Jeff Warila told local television station KOIN that he saw Bean bringing younger men home with him and could see them engaging in sexual acts through the window.

In June, the publication Williamette Week reported that Bean and one of his young homosexual lovers, 24-year-old Kiah Lawson, got into a dispute after the man claimed that he noticed that Bean had placed a camera above his bed to record sexual acts with men.

“Bean says that last year he fell in love with Lawson,” the report stated. “Bean paid him a $400-a-week allowance, put Lawson up in one of his homes and took him on international trips. Last fall, Bean brought Lawson to the White House and also introduced him to Obama.”

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“In January, Lawson says, he discovered that Bean had a hidden camera in the smoke detector above Bean’s bed in his West Hills home,” it continued. “Lawson used this information to seek money from Bean, alleging that the camera captured videos ‘of at least a half dozen individuals in a state of nudity engaged in intimate acts with you.’ Lawson claims he is in more than one video.”

“Records reviewed by WW show Bean recently attempted to settle the matter for $40,000 in exchange for Lawson turning over the images and refraining from disclosing Bean’s ‘alleged illicit sexual activities,’ but the deal was called off and Bean later sought to charge Lawson with theft and extortion.

Bean’s Human Rights Campaign, which he founded in 1980, is said to be the largest homosexual advocacy group in the nation, having over 1.5 million supporters. He also founded the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and has been one of the largest Democratic donors in Oregon, especially surrounding financial contributions made to Barack Obama’s election efforts, which are stated to be in excess of $1 million dollars.

Kristen Winemiller, Bean’s attorney, states that the criminal charges he now faces are all part of a setup.

“Terry Bean is a highly respected community leader who has devoted his life to bettering our community,” she said. “Over the course of several months in 2013-2014 Terry was the victim of an extortion ring led by several men known to law enforcement. This current arrest is connected to the ongoing investigation of that case in which Mr. Bean has fully cooperated. No allegations against Terry Bean should be taken at face value. We look forward to the opportunity to clear his name.”

But Scott Lively of Defend the Family said that he is not surprised by Bean’s indictment.

“Terry Bean was a founder of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest and most aggressive homosexual advocacy organization probably in the world—at least in the United States—and he was just arrested for pederasty, which of course is man/boy sex,” he told One News Now. “I’ve demonstrated in my research that pederasty is really at the core of male homosexual culture. Not that every homosexual man is engaged in it, but that it’s always been sort of a central theme of male homosexuality.”

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  • Rachael EM

    And this is only the beginning… This is what happens when people think they know better than God. Smh, America is jus gonna slide further and further down the demoralising hole they already started to dig.. Better start repenting :

  • BeWhoYouAre

    How is this “Christian News”?

  • Marie Adigwe

    Great. More propaganda. This is why I don’t like liberals or conservatives. You people are so focused on spreading propaganda and hate about each other that you can’t focus on the important issues, and post some statistics before spreading your hate.

    • Miguel de la Pena

      So, you’re upset that people say it’s wrong to have sex with kids? Then introduce politics, as though it’s relevant to the issue. You spread ignorance well.

      • BeWhoYouAre

        She didn’t say that. For one thing I’m wondering why it’s got anything to do with “Christians” and another, why you conservative Christians get so worked up about homosexuality. Worry about things that affect you.

        • Demmi Greene

          ”I’m wondering why it’s got anything to do with “Christians”;…Worry about things that affect you.

          That’s what we are doing. Why are you here with “Christians”,… why you get so worked up about Christians???

          • BeWhoYouAre

            This is some random pervert, nothing to do with Christianity. I get worked up about Christians when they focus on things that don’t affect them.

          • Miguel de la Pena

            You get worked up by Christians getting worked up over things that don’t affect them?

            Quite the hypocrite.

          • Demmi Greene


          • Demmi Greene

            so,… you got worked up over Christians who were tending to what concerned them. Thats called a hypocrite.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            How does someone else’s homosexuality affect your life? In any way?

          • TheSotSays

            Think of it this way. It’s like driving through the Hudson Valley on a beautiful fall day and having a bunch of freaks in front of you in a rusty old Volkswagon Bus, throwing garbage out the windows.

            It’s troubling to one’s sense of decorum.

        • Miguel de la Pena

          According to the article, the subject is child rape – not homosexuality. Stop trying to justify child rape by downplaying something related.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            I am not justifying child rape. And this is not related, homosexuality is not related to pedophilia.

          • was it sex between two males?

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Homosexuality – sexual attraction between two people of the same sex.
            Pedophilia – sexual attraction to children.

            Entirely different things.

          • Demmi Greene

            Which obviously seem to overlap more often than you want to admit;
            ….(i.e., boy scout troop leaders, homosexual priests preying on boys in the church).

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Practically every mental health expert on the planet would disagree with you, but whatever you say.

          • You’re stating that there’s no such thing as homosexual pedophilia?

            Different but not incompatible.

            That is splitting a very thin hair.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            No, I’m saying that homosexuality and pedophilia are unrelated in every respect.

          • So homosexual pedophilia is unrelated to itself, in your opinion.

            what about heterosexual pedophilia?

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Homosexuality is homosexuality.
            Pedophilia is pedophilia.
            Homosexuality is not pedophilia.

          • Just can’t admit you made a bad argument? Children cannot be separated from the sexes. They possess male and female parts.

            You just said there can be homosexual pedophilia. Then in almost the same minute said homosexual pedophilia is unrelated to itself.

            So my question stands, what about heterosexual pedophilia? Is that unrelated to itself?

            If you don’t want to admit they are co-morbid, then simply look at it as (a) a set of behaviors ranging in frequency and intensity , signifying one’s predilections to mate with members of the same sex but (b) that person’s homosexual behaviors find the greatest reinforcement when they engage in a sex act with a child of the same sex. Again, these particularly problematic behaviors range in frequency and intensity.

            Does this work for you?

          • BeWhoYouAre

            What is the matter with you?

            There are homosexuals.
            There are pedophiles.
            They are NOT the same thing.

            That’s the only point I made, and ever made.

            Your question doesn’t even make sense, what do you mean by “unrelated to itself”? And what on earth does “co-morbid” mean? Is English your first language?

            If a person is a pedophile, they could be heterosexual (and most often are) or homosexual. Just like a car can be blue or black.

          • Look dude,

            Me: You’re stating that there’s no such thing as homosexual pedophilia?

            You: No, I’m saying that homosexuality and pedophilia are unrelated in every respect.

            A. if you were trying do dismiss the entire point, you did the opposite. It sounds as if you are agreeing then disagreeing.
            B. Which makes no sense.

            I never said they are the same thing. You must be confusing arguments.

            Co-morbid means at least two pathologies occurring in the same organism simultaneously. I understand that you would not agree homosexuality is not a pathology. Hence the drawn out behavioral description.

            My point: Your statement “homosexuality is not related to pedophilia” makes no sense when a man preys upon a boy or a woman preys a girl. Do you understand?

            Attacking someone as though there is something wrong with them when you do not understand their argument is really poor etiquette.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            I fail to see what point you’re trying to make. If a 55 year old woman abuses a 15 year old boy sexually, it’s pedophilia. If a 41 year old man does it, it’s also pedophilia. All that’s required to make it pedophilia is for the abused person to be a child or youth. You seem to be saying that, ah, when a male does it to a male then there’s homosexual component. So what? If the abusers were exclusively of the same sex, you might have a point. But they aren’t (by a long shot), so you don’t.

          • I’m glad someone gets it. Christians should remember that I can go on google and find hundreds if not thousands of child molestation incidents of the opposite-sex variety. Right now we’re having an issue with female teachers molesting teenagers, of course, when that happen, we hear stupid comments like “where was she when I was in high school.” The implication being that it’s not molestation if the victim consents, a laughable argument

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Fundamentalism is a terrible disease, it fosters lots of crazy thinking such as this.

          • Demopublicrat

            From one perversion to another, not a very big step, more of an easy lateral move.

          • Jeremy Grimes

            You clearly didn’t read the article completely. In the last prargraph the writer quotes Scott Lively that at the core of homosexuality is pederasty. So yes, homosexuality and pedophilia are related

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Quoting Scott Lively is tantamount to quoting Adolf Hitler. Of COURSE he would say that, as it has no basis in fact whatsoever.

        • Lucas Thein

          This is a horrible belief. Christians have the OBLIGATION to worry about things that effect YOU.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            How about letting people decide for themselves what affects them?

        • TheSotSays

          No one cares a hoot about the homos anymore chief. HIV-AIDS, Hepatitus and vicious prison beatings are looking after that problem.

          Molesting 15 year old children, we worry about. It affects us.

      • Marie Adigwe

        Uh no? It’s never okay to have sex with kids. I never even mentioned that. “I’ve demonstrated in my research that pederasty is really at the core of male homosexual culture. Not that every homosexual man is engaged in it, but that it’s always been sort of a central theme of male homosexuality.” They never showed any statistics to support that claim, not to mention that there are many heterosexual pedophiles too. This has nothing to do with Christian news. It just seems to me like it’s another conservative tactic that’s just going to create more bickering between liberals and conservatives.

  • Demmi Greene

    Right, Mr Bean,…we know,..we know.

    ”The sex was consensual” and You were just expressing Your love.

    • Jose

      of course its not surprising at all. Before you know it this will be there stance, “you cant judge him for his “orientation” he was “born” with a lust for little boys.” This is what happens when you prevert truth and morality wth the lustful perveted desres of the flesh.

      • Demmi Greene

        And these same immoral degenerates have no trouble calling the truth of it all, ‘hate mongering’.

        • BeWhoYouAre

          When you blur the lines between homosexuality and pedophilia and try to make one a natural byproduct of the other, you ARE a hate monger, because that is dishonest.

          • Is homosexuality a sin?

          • BeWhoYouAre

            No. Not at all.

          • Then there’s no debate. You are still being given over as stated in Romans 1.

          • BeWhoYouAre

            Last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal to be homosexual. Unless you live in Iran.

          • TheSotSays

            It seems to be pretty much disease ridden though. The little tinkers are dropping like flies at about 40 a day

          • There are completely different things, normal people don’t have an attraction to children.

  • Gary

    This has to be a mistake. Doesn’t it? This guy would never do such a thing. Would he?

    • Demmi Greene

      Would he claim ”The sex was consensual” and not a crime called sodomy?

  • Now I know what it feels like to LOL in angry disgust. Not schadenfreude, because there is a child involved…

    Poetic justice. Come-up-ance.

    Shame so thick I hope he can taste it.

  • elizabeth

    That’s what they do it’s sexual abuse ! No matter the age or Race they are a bunch of Pigs.

  • Gary

    Surprised? Not at all. This is what should be expected of every pervert. There are no homosexuals who would not molest children, if they have the opportunity.

  • jennylynn

    The Kinsey syndrom

    A must watch to see what is really behind the sexual revolution.

  • Kepha Hor

    And this is the sort of loving, sharing, and caring relationship that so many assure us is at the root of the “gay” lifestyle.

    Still, I’m cynical enough to think that if Terrance Bean had any sense, he would hold a lachrymose press conference and whine about how a “Puritanical culture” destroyed his and Lawson’s attempt to initiate the 15-yr.-old into the “beautiful thing” that is homosexual sex–and, besides, aren’t the young supposed to be experimenting to find their sexual identities anyway? Worst of all, I’m sure that if this happened, our MSM would start clucking sympathetically.

  • Lyndon Roberts

    Not surprising!!! I just took a survey that needs to hear our side of this story! – don’t let them keep pushing liberal policy without having the proper stats!

  • 54blueroses

    Bean must be demoted and should have absolutely no association with the gay rights campain. He is a disgraceful, perverted, child pedophile sex addict! He is unfit to represent the gay rights campaign. He is a sex craved lunatic who needs some serious psychological help. As a matter of fact, he needs JESUS.

  • Amielle Moreno

    Someone who co-founder a civil rights group has pedophilic desires. Numerous Christian leaders have been accused of pedophilic, homosexual and child sexual abuse. Loving a Hod doesn’t seem to over the individual any safety from hard wired sexual tendencies.
    What peer review study One News Now citing? Legitimate citations with peer reviewed journal status or your “research” doesn’t count.

  • MC

    Typical behavior of the homosexual.