Activist Confronted Over ‘Christian Monsters’ Quote During Religious Freedom Hearing

WeinsteinWASHINGTON — The leader of an organization that fights against Christianity in the military was confronted by a Virginia Congressman this week during a hearing on religious freedom in the Armed Forces.

Rep. Randy Forbes (R), questioned Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation on Wednesday regarding statements that he had made in the past regarding the purpose of his activist organization and its views.

“Mr. Weinstein, in a Washington Post article dated July 16, 2006, they attributed a quote to you that said, ‘We’ve created this foundation to be a weapon. We going to lie down a withering field of fire and leave sucking chest wounds.’ Was that an accurate quote?” Forbes asked.

“I want to make it clear that what we are facing is a tsunami of fundamentalist Christian…” Weinstein proceeded.

“Did you make that quote or not?” Forbes asked, stating that he had just a few minutes to ask questions.

After a few seconds of arguing in an attempt to obtain an answer, Weinstein conceded, “Of course I said those words. And proudly.”

Forbes then presented Weinstein with a second quote.

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“On June 16, 2013, you said, ‘Today we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nations armed forces.’ Did you you make that quote?” he asked.

“I did,” Weinstein replied frankly.

“I haven’t heard any people of faith calling atheists ‘monsters’ or saying they want to put sucking wounds in them,” Forbes later commented.

As previously reported, last year, Weinstein had asked Department of Defense officials to punish superiors who attempted to proselytize their subordinates.

“Someone needs to be punished for this,” he told reporter Todd Starnes. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.”

“It is a version of being spiritually raped and you are being spiritually raped by fundamentalist Christian religious predators,” Weinstein asserted.

Christian groups, such as the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, were also represented at Wednesday’s hearing. Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews, USA Retired spoke of concerns surrounding the rights of chaplains to share their faith.

“While there is no question chaplains will continue to serve all service members with respect and care, there is increasing reason to fear that the government will not allow them their constitutional freedom to do that job as their faith requires and their own conscience demands,” he said. “And that diminution in liberty will in turn harm the rights of those such chaplains exist to serve: the men and women of our military.”

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  • Neiman

    While many here will, as usual express outrage at me saying so, this is just another part of America’s war against Christians. Piece by piece, little by little they are chipping away at the rights of Christians and persecuting them for their faith. At least this man is honest in his hatred and in declaring war on Christians.

    As increasingly the military is denying chaplains the right in their sermons to use Jesus name, and forcing them to compromise her own faith, I cannot for the life of me understand why any true Christian chaplain would want to remain a chaplain. There have been incidents after incidents were members of the military are being punished for declaring their Christian faith.Under Obama the military is being weakened morally and spiritually and when the time comes they will have no problem waging actual war against Christians.

    • I think you are right Neiman.

      • Neiman

        Thanks I get a lot of attacks here, an occasional thumbs up is encouraging.

        • Rosavera

          you didn’t say here in this particular article anything that is not true… Christians are under attack as we should expect as our Lord did warn us all …

    • AntiTeaTheist

      Aw, boo hoo. They’re oppressing your right to what? Rape children and attack people who don’t believe the same nonsense as you? You fucking nut jobs all belong in straight jackets.

      • Rose

        Yeah real mature. I guess you’re so obsessed with your belief that you go and say unnecessary things to others to make yourself feel better. Sorry, but it just makes you look like a teenager who thinks they know everything but of course doesn’t. Cuss all you want but it doesn’t make you right.

      • bowie1

        Rape is not part of Christian theology. It is in fact a serious sin.

    • Katee Ripid

      A person is Christian because he believes in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.. How csn he be denied his right to even mention JESUS in his prayer!!! please…….

  • Chrissy Vee

    People argue that the only war on Christians is happening in the Middle East. These same people would side with THIS monster and call it his “right”. His words and demeanor disgust me and I know he is creating his own army of hatred like all the rest. You are right @Neiman:disqus… the actual violence on Christians in America is drawing near.

  • Vee Bee

    Why pick on Christians? probably because we are easier to pick on. Why doesn’t he challenge The muslims? probably he will know he will face terror. What does that tell you?

    • James Grimes

      It tells us that he and his ilk are cowards.

    • AntiTeaTheist

      Because Muslims aren’t the problem in the US.

      • ma
      • Katee Ripid

        Anti Tea Theist, just you wait and see….

      • Rose

        Pft i think i laugh a little way too much at your comments. It’s people who are aggressive about their beliefs and resort to abuse instead of reasoning. People like you, including all the Christians, Catholics, atheists, and people of other religions who are way too pushy about their beliefs. But do realize that not all Christians are as crazy and abusive like you seem to portray them as.

      • KenS

        How soon we forget 9/11/2001!

      • TheSotSays

        Where do YOU figure they’re a problem?

  • MC

    Ah, more tolerance towards Christians that atheists are known for. Good job at exposing your true nature.

  • Kerry Hall

    Pray for the misguided. It may be their only hope.

  • wingnut1955

    Becoming a Christian is a personal choice. Please, Mr. Weinstein, give me one just one time that a person in the Military was forced to become a Christian, or be demoted, or even die. Please give me one time that any person in the World was forced to become a Christian or die by beheading. Sarah Palin was accused of “targeting” a congresswoman by placing a target on her district. You have said that you want to shoot Christians down for their faith. Isn’t that worse that just putting a target on an area?

  • D. Morgan

    There are many like this in the progressive side. They see devout Christians as an enemy hindering the progresive, secular agenda. And as others have said, this is just beginning. It is going to get much worse.

  • Joel Rivera

    Miley Whine-stein is the real monster here. He looks like a bitter fool.

  • ma
  • EaglesNest

    My my he is an angry man. He certainly seems to believe he is some sort of expert on the principle of the separation of church and state. Spent 20 years on active duty and never ran into any of these “Christian Monsters.” Is he having nightmares? Seems he is a little confused as to who the real monsters are.

    And he will have to further show how talking about one’s faith is intentional proselytizing and even how such is necessarily oppressive. He has not done it, not by a long shot. He has, however, demonstrated his hateful intolerant bigotry quite well.

  • bowie1

    Weinstein forgets that the views of the individual soldier does not necessarily represent that of the military, therefore there is no government endorsement involved.

  • Rosavera

    The name Jesus has become only in the last 6 years to be something that cannot be spoken, ever since Obama came on the scene…

  • Phipps Mike

    ““Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, ….”
    hmmmm, until I know what the oppression IS, this confuses me.