Black Leader Says Justice Served in Ferguson, Brown Not ‘Raised Properly,’ ‘Trained’ to Serve God

JesseLOS ANGELES — A prominent black Christian leader who works with youth states that he believes justice was served by the grand jury in Ferguson yesterday, asserting that teenager Michael Brown had “not been raised properly” and was headed down a dangerous life of crime. He is warning that if parents do not train their children in the ways of the Lord, more incidents like Ferguson will occur in cities across America.

Jesse Lee Peterson, a California pastor, president of the organization BOND (the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), and leader of the BOND Leadership Academy for youth issued a statement Monday night applauding the jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

“The decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson proves that our justice system works,” he stated. “The outcome shows that justice prevailed despite a concerted effort by rabble rousers, corrupt civil rights ‘leaders,’ Attorney General Eric Holder, and even President Barack Obama, who attempted to tip the scales of justice and convict the officer without due process.”

“Emboldened by irresponsible public statements made by race baiters like Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder, the professional community organizers have been planning to create havoc in Ferguson for months. Some are looking for an excuse to loot and riot,” Peterson continued, his statement issued just as protesters turned violent Monday night, burning down businesses and police cars, and smashing storefronts while stealing goods and liquor.

Peterson told Christian News Network that he believes at the heart of the issue, the responsibility lies with parents to train their children to live uprightly.

“I have said from day one when we saw the video of Michael Brown robbing the convenient store that this is not some innocent little kid tiptoe-ing through the tulips,” he said. “He was not raised properly, and my concern is that if these families don’t get married and by example raise their children in the right way to go, that we’re going to be seeing more of this.”

Peterson noted that Brown’s biological parents are not together, and stated that single parent homes are a significant problem among African Americans, which in turn is harmful to the children.

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“Seventy percent of black children are born out of wedlock,” he said. “They’re not being raised by a father and mother together, and a lot of mothers who have these kids don’t take time to guide them in the right way to go. And so, when they go out into the world [they are] lied to by the race hustlers and poverty pimps who want to use them for their personal gain.”

“We’ve got to restore the family,” Peterson said, advising that such is his daily work at BOND. “If the parents don’t turn back to God, love Him with all their heart, soul and might, get married, and by good example guide their children in the right way to go, it’s never going to get better, because that is the order of God. … According to the Scriptures, God advised us to train our children up in the right way to go, and when you do, you don’t have to deal with this stuff when they go out into the world.”

He stated that he was also concerned that some black leaders seemed to be stirring up unnecessary racial tension between blacks and whites, when the heart of the matter lies in the responsibility of every parent, no matter what race, to raise their children in righteousness.

“If we don’t stop them from lying to the young black Americans who are coming from single parent homes and don’t respect authority, don’t have a sense of morality, we are going to see more and more incidents like this,” Peterson lamented.

“The president of the United States sent three representatives from the White House to a thug’s funeral. And I thought that was evil at work, because these so-called leaders—these adults—are telling other young black people who have not been raised in the right manner that [if] you go out there and attack cops, you rob liquor stores [and] you get killed, we’re going be there for you. We will support you.”

He said that ultimately, the issue has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with the battle for the souls of men.

“We have to understand that this is a spiritual battle between good and evil, right and wrong,” he said. “It has nothing to do with color; it has nothing to do with male or female. It’s good versus evil, right versus wrong, the lie versus the truth, and God has commanded His children to overcome evil with good. … American Christians have gotten away from telling the truth, and the lie is out of control right now.”

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  • Neiman

    It is interesting that when this first happened, when I saw the picture of Michael Brown, I was struck by how much he looked like my grandson, a young black man, 6’4″, nearly 300 lbs, my best buddy by the way. I felt sick thinking about the similarities in their physical description and about how I would have felt, had he been shot. I know that my grandson has been stopped at least a few times for “driving while black.” So, my first reaction was feeling sick thinking how it could have been my grandson.

    Yet, by God’s Grace, my grandson is a gentle giant, he does not smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, when he occasionally curses – he immediately apologizes, he doesn”t do anything the least bit illegal. (He is addicted to cars, he always wants some old car he can fix up and trade) He was raised in his early years in our home and has been more like a son to me and his grandmother since his birth. He is a Christian, very kind, he and I have been together so much and are very close.

    My point? This black leader in the article is right in the sense that how a boy is raised, if in the fear and admonition of the Lord, has a much better chance at a happy life and avoiding conduct that would bring him to such a place. Not that there are any guarantees in life and not that I have any inside information into how Michael Brown was raised, not that otherwise good boys cannot be sidetracked by evil friends, but I believe there is much to say in support this man’s arguments that how a person is raised will have a big impact on whether or not he ends up like Michael Brown.

    • Jerome Cooper

      You really can’t say how this boy was raised. The parents probably did raised him in the according to scriptures but who to say he didn’t astray (CHECK OUT THE PRODIGAL SON). It still does not justify why excess force was used to kill the unarmed teen. If it was his child or those who agreeing with him, the attitude would be different.

      • Neiman

        being fair, I hope you would have read and noted this: (1) “not that I have any inside information into how Michael Brown was raised.” (b) “not that otherwise good boys cannot be sidetracked by evil friends.” So, I said exactly what you said, thereafter I was talking in more general terms.

        Whether is was or was truly not excessive force can be very subjective, it can be seen quite differently by different people. Unless you have been a police officer, it is hard to understand what happens in a emotionally and adrenaline charged confrontation on the street, it is difficult to say whether you too might have felt a threat to your life after being physically attacked inside your cruiser, after a physical assault on a police officer, a felony, and having this very large and angry young man charge at you, assuming those were the true facts. So, it seems to me that we have to, even if grudgingly, even with great skepticism, accept the Grand Jury decision, as giving the benefit of the doubt to the officer. We need to trust that God will bring Justice, if not now – in eternity.

        If you read all of my post, you will see that for striking reasons, similarities between my dearly loved grandson and Michael Brown, it made me sick to hear of his being shot dead, of him being unarmed and I kept thinking, could it have been my grandson, so it was/is very disturbing. How would I have felt? Angry, very angry and I would have wanted justice to prevail, while I hope I would forgiven the police officer and held no hate in my heart.

        I doubt this author would have thought much differently, I think he was right that while there are no guarantees in life, there is a strong chance that had Michael Brown been raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord, he “might not” have found himself on that street that night. This author was only encouraging that way in general terms, as being the better path, not judging the parents of Michael Brown.

      • WES 1

        not only that he was a trained police officer. he had the ability to shoot the kid in legs. he was trained police officer kid 6’4 and nearly 300 lbs on video tape young man I may not get you today but tomm. we will be back. he was a trained police officer. what 18 year old follows the letter of the law. I was 18 once and did all kinds of things. my parents taught me better I went to church every Sunday, but I still did crazy things. I’m 46 years old today I have my masters degree in Theology. Big Mike was the kind of kid that Jesus would see opportunity in.

        • Neiman

          Michael was 80 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller than the police officer, that is a significant difference in size and strength.

          Your having a Master’s Degree in Theology is meaningless, it does not make you a Christian, most people with degrees in theology are atheists. The Apostles were marveled at because they spoke the truth and had no schooling, other than Paul. They were called by God, not by academic institutions.

          Jesus loves everyone, but He does not excuse crime or sins, He does not oppose governments being in authority and tells His children to obey the Law. If they do not, they will suffer the consequences of the Law.

          • Bruce Morrow

            Some folks like to make excuses for thugs like Michael Brown. Yes I said thug. He simply reaped what he sowed.

          • Neiman

            Long ago we became a no-fault society.

        • kinthenorthwest

          Wes if you attack an officer of the law you will get shot.

        • betty sines

          he was shot in other places a number of times and none of those stopped him. by the time the last and fatal bullet was fired the officer was down, his eye socket had been broken by Michael Brown, his vision blurred… autopsy reports proved his hands were down, he was not stopping… I supposed the best thing for officer Wilson to do was to just put down his gun and let the guy go ahead and beat him until dead?

        • James Grimes

          In light of your response and your poor communication skills, your Theology degree is meaningless on this forum. I apologize in advance if the truth hurts, but it is realistic.

      • kinthenorthwest

        Jerome…When I hear about woman/ taking 20 thugs with her and beats the living >>>> out of their son’s grandmother I cannot help but wonder what type of role model she was for her son. Mind you this was when she knew that the whole world was watching her.
        Yes Mike Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden went to a street corner where Mike’s grandmother was with 20 thugs and beat the ….. out of Mike’s grandmother. It happened Oct 18th, look it up. Mind you McSpadden did try and keep the police from relealse the arrest reports on her.

      • NanaM

        People like you Jerome Cooper are the ones who keep the hate and racism going. If he had been raised properly he would not have been robbing and stealing, and assaulting an officer of the law. He would have known better. He was not killing and unarmed teen, he was killing a grown man who had tried to take his gun and shoot him with it, who was in a rage for whatever reason and who wanted nothing more then to kill that officer.

      • Badd Medicine

        At age 18, he is considered an adult and could have been carrying his own weapon in the military. His mother needs to quit acting like he was a first grader on a field trip when he died. I’m a mother and have raised 5 boys. I wasn’t always in control of the decisions they made when they were that age. My children were raised with discipline and in a Christian church. I still had one child end up in prison…after he almost ended up in the same situation as Michael Brown. Yes, it broke my heart…who did I blame? Not the police.

    • NanaM

      Congrats on raising a good kid into a fine young man. He was lucky and fortunate to be raised by you and your wife. It is not about color at all, there are kids of all colors who are being half raised and not taught the values of life. They are not being brought up in Christian homes and being taught the word of God. I feel fortunate that my grandchildren are being raised the way I raised my son and the way my parents raised me. To love God and to mind them, and if I did not I would suffer the consequences. Spankings were a common occurrence back then at home and in school if you needed one, and nobody made anymore out of it then what it was, discipline. Now if you spank your child and someone/anyone sees it and wants to they can yell child abuse and next thing you know you are in jail and in court trying to defend yourself. Spanking and child abuse should not even me mentioned in the same breath. Kids need discipline and when they have it, they grow up to be better people.

      • Neiman

        When in 1962, by a decision of the godless Warren Supreme Court, we turned our back on God as the sole guarantor of our liberty, thereafter atheism and secular humanism rushed in to fill the void, in partnership with politically correct liberalism. We became an anything goes society, we became a no-fault nation and those forces officially took control of all of our children, they no longer were the responsibility of their parents, they all became wards of the state to be raised to believe in atheism. This is exactly what also happened in the former Soviet Union. Atheism became our official state religion and the Christian faith began its march towards being a criminal enterprise and a form of child abuse.

        Only a blind man, one deliberately blind to all that is around him could say anything so foolish or to think anything so stupid, as to believe that his children are really his children. Your children the belong to the state and you are only allowed to have temporary physical custody as long as you submit to the political correctness of the state. Stray from that submission and you will lose your children and as you said, often wind up in jail.

        Children need a stable two parent home, with a father and mother, two people of the opposite gender. They need to be raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord, and be raised in a loving environment of discipline. If they are to grow up healthy, prosper and have their best chance at a happy life.

        • NanaM

          Absolutely correct.

          • 4everlife

            Amen and Amen!!!

      • H thomas

        Had nothing to do with luck. Had everything to do with taking responsibility for the life that was given into their hands.

    • candace lucas

      You have only to listen to his step father shouting ‘Burn the b****h down,’ to know how MIchael Brown was raised.

      • Neiman

        I also heard that Michael’s mother was guilty of beating up his grandmother with a group of young thugs.

    • TheJawster777

      Well stated, sir.

    • afchief

      Amen! You have a lot of wisdom!

  • bowie1

    Having witnesses give contradictory accounts didn’t help the critics of Officer Wilson so they had no choice but not to indict him.

    • Peter Leh

      on one hand it would have been nice to let the case play out in public. The same verdict would have been given, but i think it gives a voice to those who feel the system is stacked and the evidence would be there for all to see.

      On the other hand, why put the cop through a circus when the GJ did not find the need to move forward? It would not be fair to him.

      No one wins. The best thing to do is try to move toward and the understanding of history and reality of the black narrative in order to unite a more solid america.

    • Neal

      The prosecutor who was supposed to be working for Ferguson did not support Ferguson in the first place. Their goal was to present too much evidence and force the grand jury to let wilson off the hook due to “conflicting evidence.” There was no cross-examination of wilson and the prosecutor had ties to wilson as well. The people of Ferguson did not want this prosecutor put on the case.

      • Neiman

        One of the reasons we cannot have any civil discourse on such issues anymore is when, as in this case, you/me/we assign motives to someone without at least some minor objective evidence in their support, not just speculation/emotions. Would it not have been better to say, “I feel that their goal was to present too much evidence and force the grand jury to let Wilson off the hook due to “conflicting evidence.”? Would it not have been more accurate to say, “It appears the prosecutor had ties to [the Ferguson Police Department as well,” rather than accuse him of having a bias towards Wilson personally? Lastly, since when do the “the people” have a right to dictate whether a duly elected/appointed Prosecutor cannot handle a case?

        In every way you came to definite judgments, but without offering any facts in their support. I cannot say you were absolutely wrong, but it seems grossly unfair, absent objective, documented evidence to condemn a prosecutor just because you did not get the decision you want.

    • jmichael39

      if there had been truly conflicting testimonies, the Grand Jury would have ruled for the prosecution to proceed. They know that’s the purpose of the justice system to weed out those conflicting testimonies and evidence until a reasonable decision can be made on the case. The fact that they saw no reason to proceed heavily implies that they did not see a reasonable amount of conflict in the testimony or found the conflicting testimony to be unsubstantiated.

    • ImafanNotaCritic

      That is just nonsense. I have been on several grand juries. If there is any reasonable doubt it is sent on to trial. For charges to be dismissed there was irrefutable evidence supporting the officer. IF there was anything contradictory in any testimony, we also look at who is giving the testimony. In simplest terms, a cop shot a criminal who had assaulted him. End of story. 1 less criminal to prey on this community.

  • Bill731

    Jesse Lee Peterson makes more sense than anyone else I have heard speak on this issue. Hard truths for some but truth nonetheless.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    And that’s a principle for any child that is not taught to respect authority. Yes, the ways of the Lord is ultimately the best but teaching our kids to respect authority and those that are over us will go a long ways to a civil society. But today, everybody blames somebody else or something else for their own irresponsible acts. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves and teach our children likewise.

  • Peter Leh

    “The president of the United States sent three representatives from the
    White House to a thug’s funeral.”

    Was not his kid 18? a legal adult to be sure, but i know 19, 20, 21 yr olds that have yet to mature. Hey pastor you like picking on kids? Being a parent myself, a warning to you: “your kids will humble you”. Hope you are lucky enough not to be humbled.

    “Thug” yep. no need to look further. thanks for the label.

    Can’t go to the funeral eh? Well poor Jesus. he did not get your memo pastor. “Mourn with those who mourn” ” Blessed are they that mourn”

    There are bigger things and less dangerous things than exchanging your religion for politics

    • Angel Triumphant

      If they were so into “mourning with those who mourn”, why don’t they visit others who mourn? How about sending “mourners” to the family, and funeral of the gramma who was beheaded at work by a muslim convert who tried to force her to convert?
      Why? Because of the white house agenda; let’s not forget that there was an “attaboy” message sent to the mosque the man attended…
      And So Many others – how many people are murdered in America everyday?
      It’s race baiting. Obama’s been trying to divide America since he got into the white house –
      “a divided house cannot stand”
      Divide us by color
      Divide us by muslim, non muslim
      He is a hate monger –
      Dividing us by whatever he can –
      To bring his ultimate plan to fruition.
      I pray God will have mercy on America.
      That He will protect those who do right, and that those who do wrong, seek forgiveness –
      Not justification

      • Peter Leh

        Well it seems like you answered your own questions. my response is not necessary. 🙂

        I would like to point out i did not say the WH is “into” anything but the preacher is criticizing the WH for doing what Jesus commands….. ironic.

        Moreover i have taken my political blinders off and found life so much more enjoyable.

        Wish you the best

  • Jerome Cooper

    I don’t see hard truth in this article at all. I see speculation.

    • Neiman

      It is speculation, it is the author’s subjective opinion; but, that doesn’t mean it lacks any value as we think about our own children does it?

  • The_Questman

    Michael Brown used his size as a weapon… We SAW him steal cigars and assault the store clerk. He then assaulted a police officer & tried to take his gun… His mother & cohorts claim he was a gentle giant but people aren’t stupid. At 18 – he committed 3 crimes in the span of about 20 minutes. I’d say there are plenty of people who will tell you Michael Brown bullied others and used his size to intimidate and harm others. He did not do this on a 1 day spree before his death. I would bet if his school records and juvenile records were opened to the public we would find he was a violent giant most of his teen years.

    • Peter Leh

      unfortunately, the community won’t get the opportunity in court to hash out all the evidence.

  • Betty-Anne Juba

    Thank goodness – a voice of reason. Yes the system worked – no Michael Brown was not an angel but he was a criminal who attack a cop – what did he think would happen?

    • Jack Tilson

      Well Betty-Anne Juba, if I stole some cigars worth $1.69, I would not expect to be gunned down by the police. If I believe the officer that this guy, looking like a demon, after taking two bullets then charged him and put the fear of death in the officer, maybe I could say the voice of reason. But the problem is that a reasonable person would not believe that an unarmed man would charge a man who’s shooting at him with a firearm. But since you believe this…. it’s understandable that you think this judgmental preacher who knows nothing about how Mike Brown was raised is the voice of reason. SMH

  • Neal

    Ah, yeah, I forgot the Bible says murder is ok as long as they’re not Christian Certified ™, silly me.

  • Peter Leh

    Sounds like Bill Gothard and Basic Life Principles. Unfortunately, life is more messy

  • Judy

    amen to this post! Ephesians 6:4 King James Bible
    And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. This is the result of not obeying the Lord….

    • Jack Tilson

      Judy, Amen signifies that something is the truth and you are giving it a second. So tell me little black woman how in the hell do you know anything about what Mike Brown Sr. taught his son or didn’t teach his son. Tell me black woman, how do you know whether or not Mike Brown Sr. nurtured his kid? Tell me YOUR TRUTH BLACK WOMAN and I’ll tell you mine. I was raised by Christian parents who taught me all the values of Christianity, but just like the prodigal son, I went my own way when I was Mike Brown’s age. The Bible says, train up a child in the way that he shall go and when he’s old he shall not depart. Well, I was young and now I’m old, coming back to the teachings of my childhood. Because the actions of some police officer, Mike Brown will not have this opportunity. Can I get an AMEN from the black woman supporting this judgmental christian leader? Oh……. but as my pope say,,,,”Who am I to judge?”

  • Wayne

    For the record, Mike Brown was. 6’6″ tall and weighed nearly 300 pounds!

    • Paulo389

      6’4″. Pounds don’t make you strong.

  • Lou Jackson

    Justice was NOT served! Michael Brown was not shot and killed by Darren Wilson because he stole some cigarillos and behaved badly! Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown because Wilson felt like a 5 year old child in the presence of Brown and was afraid of him. If Darren Wilson was soooo afraid of Michael Brown then he should have stayed in his vehicle and waited for backup that was on the way. This whole tragedy could have been avoided!!!! Law enforcement officers 1. need to be better trained and 2. Need to not be so afraid that their only response is the use of a gun!!

    • Paulo389

      Lou Jackson: Yours is the best reply I’ve seen. The cop was in the wrong when he got out of the vehicle, and didn’t wait for backup. I realize the cop was angered when MB hit him. He didn’t have a ruptured eye socket. Don’t know how badly he was injured, but I didn’t see any swelling. His cheeks were red, but Wilson was fair-skinned, so it wouldn’t take much to look bad. Haven’t heard whether Wilson told MB to stop, lay on the ground. So I wonder. When the two men wrestled in the car, and MB didn’t show or use a weapon seems like the cop could have figured he didn’t have a weapon. MO is both men were in the wrong, but MB was not acting appropriately around a cop. I watched a show once that showed cops in training. They were riding with a real cop. I couldn’t believe how dumb these people were. Most didn’t make it. They couldn’t follow instructions. I just wondered how they got picked. Most dropped out of the program. They say there aren’t enough black cops, but maybe they don’t apply. Police have a very dangerous job, and they make peanuts. This is why they have so many poor quality cops.

  • H thomas

    Amen. Said and done.

  • Steve Hammond

    Thank you Pastor for saying what needed to be said. I will pray that you too will not become a victim of this senseless lawlessness for your convictions. The black “culture” in our country is becoming so morally bankrupt and so void of a strong grounding in the love of Jesus Christ that the kind of shenanigans going on in Ferguson right now are almost a foregone conclusion.

    Parents need to be PARENTS and that means setting boundaries and enforcing them. Our greatest responsibility as parents are to protect our children and teach them to be intelligent, productive and morally strong adults. When none of that happens, the children will go astray.
    I was only 11 years old when MLK was assassinated but even then I recognized that there was greatness in the man. MLK preached to black folk that if they wanted respectability they had to EARN it. If they wanted to be treated as equals they had to ACT like equals. What must he be thinking now looking down at all of this idiocy? Is that what he gave his life for? As long as you have people like Jackson and Sharpton preaching their venomous racism and telling people that all of their problems are whitey’s fault things will never change. For either of them to call themselves men of the cloth is an utter slap in the face to all of the true Pastors and Priests. I believe in my heart that the Father will show no mercy toward either of them on their Judgment Day.
    Pastor, keep preaching the truth and spreading the Word of Jesus Christ!

  • Johnny25343

    Jesse knows nothing about how this boy was raised. Plain and simple this is an attempt by someone who is no longer relevant to the public discussion of anything to try to get attention by saying something foolish. What is sad is that there are those, who instead of thinking critically and calling him on the carpet for his ignorance say some pretty foolish things all their own. Statements about single moms, consider people Mary was a single mom, historically speaking Joseph died and left her with a number of children to raise ON HER OWN. So then what you are saying is that Jesus was a bad person because He did not have both parents?? I would ask you to reconsider the foolishness you tout as wisdom as it makes no sense. We are ignorant woefully ignorant regarding the manner in which Michael Brown was raised. This situation is tragic all around, and colored by the racism that infects our nation still and has never been effectively dealt with. Until we see each other as having immeasurable worth will we ever be able to see each other in the manner in which we should see each other.

    • Steve Hammond

      So what you are saying is that a thug like Brown just happened one day? The only foolish one I see here is you. More moral relativism. And for you to compare Jesus, Mary and Joseph to Brown and his (step) parents is the epitome of ignorance and stupidity. I would not want to be standing next to you when you said that out loud. I would be afraid of getting hit by lightning if God’s aim was a little off!

  • NNNNNNNNNNoooClintonplz

    As a single mom I rode herd on my kids…two sons. BUT had to be mom and dad and it is tough to be the authority figure they respect when you are 5’4 and they are 6′ and state wrestling champs. BUT it can be done. I am sure there are times they thought “I could hit her but I’d have to kill her”……BUT NO I drew a line and so did they. Guess who backed off? They had to because I was not going to. I love my kids too much to lose them to drugs or other thugs. IF you want my kids you are gonna have to fight me for them. AND I don’t care if I die if that is what it takes to save them. . I am that radical. AND you have to be. Because what you are up against sometimes is pretty radical.

  • True maybe, it is a probability
    but very insensitive!

  • Pierre Savoie

    The Global Peace Index, a measure of peacefulness by country, says Atheism is the best indicator of peace, not more religion.

  • prman

    Right on, brother.

  • ImafanNotaCritic

    This is correct. Justice WAS served in Ferguson. A criminal robbed someone earlier in the day, got high, and figured he was all ‘that’. A cop tells him to get out of the street. The criminal decides to show this cop. He attacks the cop, trying to take his gun, and the cop fights back and shoots the criminal. The criminal staggers off, then turns and charges back at the cop. The shoots the criminal again, this time fatally. That is a win. 1 less criminal to prey on his community. Cop does his job properly. Justice served. End of story. Period. But because the criminal was black and the cop was white, somehow the criminal was in the right and the cop was the one in the wrong???? That is just idiocy. And BS. And trying to blame the rioting on this is ludicrous. It isn’t about this at all. This was just a cop doing his job. The rioting and looting is just what it looks like. Blacks letting their inner criminal come out to play. It is just an excuse to run wild. And around the US we are seeing this and coming to a fairly simple conclusion. It sure seems like blacks are just criminals waiting for an excuse to run wild. Unfair. No doubt. Not true. Hmmm, perhaps. It always seems to come down to this, though, doesn’t it? When a cop shoots some white kid committing a crime, whites don’t start rioting in the streets, burning down the businesses that serve them and their neighborhoods. Only blacks do that. They claim racism, but it simply false. The cop was doing his job, plain and simple. In my experience, especially during my time in the military, the most racist people I have interacted with were black. Not saying anything one way or another, just the facts. I have seen some posts saying blacks need to take responsibility for their own selves and quit trying to blame everything on racism(and this was by a young black guy no less). I agree that we have a problem in this country, but where does it actually lie? Perhaps some folks should be looking in the mirror, first. The people of Ferguson should be thanking this cop for getting another criminal off the streets. A black criminal who apparently preyed on other blacks. I just don’t understand the disconnect on this.

  • TheJawster777

    The gentleman is correct.

  • Dale J. Rodriguez

    I am thankful for the Grace and Mercy of the Lord. Because according to this guy, I was supposed to die a long time ago; because I too was like Michael Brown.

    Instead the lord, blessed me to be a great father, and a member of corporate America. Yes I had to go from ashy to classy, yes I had to take accountability; but the lord and a few good men and women, showed me the mercy to see me make it.

    While his points are valid; I am so thankful, that we have a Lord and Savior who extends us grace and mercy, because we will not get it from men.

  • Misty Sue Roads

    And on December 24, 2014 another shooting near Ferguson involving a black 18 year old who pointed a loaded 9mm gun at a police officer. The officer shot and killed the suspect who had less than a year ago pled guilty to assault and theft. Is there ever going to be an end to all of this? Hopefully Al, Jesse and Holder will not fan the fire of racism this time. The black community have better spokesmen than these three.