CDC Report: Over 200 Babies Are Aborted for Every 1,000 Live Births in America

Baby IXWASHINGTON — A new report released by the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Division of Reproductive Health shows that over 200 babies are aborted for every 1,000 live births in America.

The report, released on Friday, analyzed information provided by nearly all 50 states for the year 2011. The information is broken down into various categories, such as age, gestational age, method and race.

In 2011, the CDC found, 730,322 mothers obtained an abortion. A report released by Planned Parenthood last year outlined that 333,964 of those abortions were performed by the abortion giant.

The CDC found that the vast majority of women who obtained an abortion were unmarried, that is, they engaged in sexual activities outside of wedlock.

“Among the 37 areas that reported by marital status for 2011, 14.5% of all women who obtained an abortion were married and 85.5% were unmarried,” it outlined. “The abortion ratio was 43 abortions per 1,000 live births for married women and 373 abortions per 1,000 live births for unmarried women.”

Reflecting this information, the governmental organization also found that mostly younger women were obtaining abortions in America.

“In 2011 and throughout the period of analysis, women in their 20s accounted for the majority of abortions and had the highest abortion rates, and women in their 30s and older accounted for a much smaller percentage of abortions and had lower abortion rates,” the CDC explained.

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But the abortion rate was not only considerable among young adults, but also among teen girls.

“In 2011, adolescents aged … 15–19 years accounted for … 13.5% of all abortions,” it outlined, “and had abortion rates of … 10.5 abortions per 1,000 adolescents aged … 15–19 years.”

“Among the 44 areas that reported age by individual year among adolescents for 2011, adolescents aged 18–19 years accounted for the majority (65.3%) of adolescent abortions and had the highest adolescent abortion rates (14.8 and 18.9 abortions per 1,000 adolescents aged 18 and 19 years, respectively),” the report continued.

While the majority of abortions were obtained under eight weeks gestation, over 7,000 babies lost their lives over the 21 week mark just in 2011 alone. The CDC found that for 71% of abortions under thirteen weeks (the first trimester), the baby’s life was ended via suction curettage, a procedure where a suction device is used to rip the unborn child from the uterus, the contents of which are customarily sucked into a jar. The abortionist then scrapes the walls of the uterus to ensure that none of the baby’s body parts, which are often ripped off during the procedure, remain inside the mother.

While the figures analyzed by the CDC showed that 219 unborn children were aborted in 2011 for every 1,000 births, it noted that “[c]ompared with 2010, this represents a 5% decrease in the total number (from 753,065) and rate (from 14.6 abortions per 1,000 women) of reported abortions and a 4% decrease in the abortion ratio (from 228 abortions per 1,000 births).”

In addition to the children, ten mothers died as a result of the abortion in 2010, the latest figures on motherhood deaths available. Mortality data from 2011 is still being investigated.

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  • Neiman

    Children are becoming disposable. Recent campus polls/interviews show that more and more young people think abortion up to 5-years is morally okay.

    We have become a culture of death!

  • EdWalton

    If the LORD fails to judge this nation for its nationalized abortion policy, he’ll be compelled to apologize to Sodom & Gomorra.

    • Neiman


    • truthnothate

      And whenever a logical argument is not present anymore?..lets call the Lord’s name!!! amazing that you discuss a factual issue and use the Judgement and God…lmao

  • James Grimes

    53 million abortions so far? Maybe more? When will these people get a conscience and realize that what they are doing is murder? Even a bigger problem… those who think it’s OK to kill a baby in the womb.

  • Proverbs 8:36 “…..all they that hate me love death.”

    • Abortion, is an expression of the desires of the heart, soul, mind and strength. That is why people who work at abortions clinics don’t smile, or when an abortion is done, they don’t say,”Have a good day.” The moral condition of a man, woman,church, people and nation can be measured by how much sin exist in it and how much the followers of Christ pray against it.