New Book Validates Bible’s Historical Accounts, Challenges Evolutionary Timeline

Brilliant BookMIDLAND, MI – A new book released last month reveals the accuracy of the Bible’s historical accounts and spotlights several recent findings that contradict the evolutionary time-frame.

Bruce Malone, founder of Search for the Truth Publications, is a popular Christian speaker and author of several books, including “Censored Science.” His latest book, titled “Brilliant,” explores the timeline of world history through a biblical worldview.

“Cultures throughout the world are filled with mysteries which do not fit the pervasive evolutionary time-frame, but make perfect sense if the Biblical timeline of history is understood,” Malone said in a press release. “‘Brilliant’ takes the Bible seriously and every page contains an artifact from some ancient culture testifying to the reality of these true events of history.”

“Brilliant” highlights many recent historical and archaeological findings that challenge the uniformitarian, evolutionary time-frame. The Ice Age, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Great Flood, and many other historical events are documented within the book’s pages.

In an interview with Christian News Network, Malone said many Christians today question or reject the reliability of the Bible’s historical accounts—particularly those in Genesis. This mentality is “enormously damaging to the credibility of Christianity,” says Malone.

“I’m not saying this is a salvation issue,” Malone stated, “but I am saying if you aren’t willing to accept the Bible in a clear, straightforward way, you’re certainly undermining some of the very basic doctrines of Christianity.”

Though many Christians focus primarily on spiritual matters with little regard for historical matters, Malone says this viewpoint is unwise: “In John 3:12—just four verses before the most famous verse in the Bible—Jesus says, ‘If you do not believe me of earthly things, how will you believe me of spiritual things?’ He connected the two.”

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When Christians discount the Scripture’s historical accounts, the perceived reliability of the entire Bible is negatively affected, says Malone.

“Without out a doubt, the Bible has become increasingly not credible to the non-Christian world around us, and most colleges and most Christian colleges and most denominations totally ignore what the Bible has to say about the real, historical, physical stuff of the world around us,” he said. “And I think that’s a big part, if not the primary reason, the Bible has become not credible to the world around us.”

The purpose of “Brilliant,” Malone explained, is to recount history through a literal interpretation of the Scriptures.

“This book takes the Bible credibly,” he stated. “It assumes it means what it says, instead of assuming it doesn’t mean what it says.”

History makes much more sense when viewed through a biblical worldview, Malone told Christian News Network. For example, he said, dozens of flood legends around the world point back to the Great Flood and support the young earth perspective. From an evolutionary standpoint, the existence of these flood legends is inexplicable.

“History strongly connects the biblical viewpoint that we were recently created,” he noted.

Not only does “Brilliant” explain why history makes sense when viewed through a biblical worldview, it visually shows where world events occurred in the biblical time-frame.

“Every page of ‘Brilliant’ has a timeline running across the top that shows creation about 6,000 years ago, the Flood about 4,350 years ago … it shows where the Tower of Babel fits, and it also shows where the Ice Age fits in,” explained Malone.

Malone says the arresting visual layout of “Brilliant” will appeal to believers and non-believers alike. Plus, price discounts for multiple copies are designed to encourage distribution to friends and family.

“The ultimate end goal is to lead people toward a real, true relationship with God,” Malone stated. “But I think we do that by making the Bible credible, by making science credible, showing that it doesn’t contradict God’s Word—it supports God’s Word, and to make history credible, to make people understand that it doesn’t contradict God’s Word—it supports God’s Word.”

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