Prominent Black Pastor Launches National ‘Prayer for Police’ Campaign

JacksonNORFOLK, Va. — A prominent black pastor from Virginia has launched a national “Prayer for Police” campaign, and is inviting Christians nationwide to let their local police department know that they are appreciated and covered in prayer.

Bishop E.W. Jackson is the chairman of the organization Ministers Taking a Stand and founder of S.T.A.N.D. (Staying True to America’s National Destiny).  He has been known across the country for his strong rebukes to the Democratic Party, especially during the 2012 presidential election, and ran for lieutenant governor of Virginia during the 2013-2014 election season.

Now, in response to national protests surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, which some assert were racially motivated, Jackson has created prayer cards to distribute to police stations across America. Jackson says that he does not believe that the police are purposefully targeting African Americans, and is concerned about the deaths of two New York police officers as a result of such accusations.

“I have been saying that this lie that police are out hunting down black men has got to stop,” he stated in a press release this week. “We now have two cops murdered in cold blood. It’s time for Americans to express our gratitude to our police officers.”

Jackson has therefore created prayer cards that provide a poem of encouragement to law enforcement. They read:

“When the job is hard.
When the pressure is great.
When you wonder,
‘Does anyone appreciate?’
Just know that for all the work you do,
Someone is praying and thinking of you.
For your duty and honor in difficult times,
God in heaven makes His face shine.
He looks upon you from above.
To inspire you with courage and love.
May He give you the strength
To make one more round.
At the end of your shift,
To go home safe and sound.
May you fight the good fight,
And live by His grace.
When your work here is done,
You’ll see His loving face.”

The Virginia pastor and former political candidate is making the cards available on his website for $1 each.

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Jackson is also the founder of the Martin Luther King Leadership Breakfast, which he founded with his wife in 1999. Ever since the September 11th tragedy in 2001, Jackson has presented an award to a distinguished member of law enforcement.

“When the Trade Towers were falling, they ran toward those buildings while everyone else ran away,” he said. “We should never forget that.”

Jackson states that as his next breakfast event, which is scheduled for Jan. 19, youth will present awards to some of the nation’s honorable police officers, and the officers will also present awards to outstanding youth.

“It’s time we told the rest of this story,” he stated, “police risking their lives to make us all safe.”

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  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Now, here is a man lighting a candle in the darkness: well-done, Pastor and Godspeed!

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    Thank you Sir!