U.S. Department of Education Tells Schools Single-Sex Classrooms Must Align With ‘Gender Identity’

School busWASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Education has directed federally funded schools nationwide to allow students to be placed in classes that align with their “gender identity” when it comes to placement in single-sex classrooms.

The directive comes from a 36-page memo that was released earlier this month, as one of the sections presents the question: “How do the Title IX requirements on single-sex classes apply to transgender students?”

“All students, including transgender students and students who do not conform to sex stereotypes, are protected from sex-based discrimination under Title IX,” the memo outlines. “Under Title IX, a recipient generally must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of the planning, implementation, enrollment, operation, and evaluation of single-sex classes.”

Catherine E. Lhamon, assistant secretary for civil rights, further outlined to reporters, “As we receive increasing inquiries about single-sex offerings, we want to be clear what federal law allows: Protect civil rights and promote achievement.”

The mandate refers to federal law, which reads, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” The Obama administration claims that this law extends to “transgendered” persons.

But some are expressing concern over the memo, including its notation that single-sex classes may include “contact sports in physical education classes” and “classes or portions of classes in elementary and secondary schools that deal primarily with human sexuality,” also known as sex education classes. They state that the law is being misapplied.

“I think they’re crazy,” Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum told reporters. “I knew the author of Title IX, and there’s no question that she simply wanted to give a fair break to girls, and get what they are entitled to. There’s no way would she have authorized [this], nor does the text of Title IX require mixing it up like that.”

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Peter Sprigg with Family Research Council told World Magazine that “[t]he law should give preference to the objective reality of biological sex.”

In addition to providing protections surrounding “gender identity,” the memo also barred schools from being selective as to whether a man or a woman teaches a class of the same sex.

“A recipient must not assign teachers to single-sex classes on the basis that boys should be taught by men and girls should be taught by women or vice versa,” the department explained. “Although Title IX allows employment decisions based on sex ‘provided it is shown that sex is a bona-fide occupational qualification for that action,’ a school may not, for example, assign a male teacher, on the basis of his sex, to teach an all-boys class because the school thinks male students will prefer, respond better to, or learn more effectively from, a man.”

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  • Gary

    If anyone doubts that the federal government is perverted, this should remove all doubt. The question now is, how long are we going to tolerate this perversion????

    • Bop Smith

      I was thinking that same thing when I saw transgender students. As far as I know, no law has been passed giving that class constitutional protections. I feel like Department of Education is jumping the gun. It wouldn’t be the first time the obama admin has stepped out of line, the supreme court has slapped him more than a few times.

  • quillerm

    Liberalism is a disease that is devouring our Great Nation from the inside out. Every Democrat elected to Office is another stake in the Heart of our Country, vote for the candidates that supports our Bill of Rights, US Constitution. NO MORE SOCIALISTS OR HATE AMERICA LIBERALS!

  • MC

    The public schools have really become cesspools. Soon they’ll have to close as no one will want to send their kids there. Private schools that follow God’s Moral Law or homeschooling is the only way to go.

  • bowie1

    Sounds like a left wing dictatorship to me. But will the kids accept it?

  • aberdeem

    Home School People. Save your Children.

    • BarkingDawg

      I agree. All deeply religious people should home school their kids. Keep the real education for those that want to learn about reality.

      • Gary

        My nephews have all been homeschooled. And they are much better educated than are you.

        • BarkingDawg

          I doubt it.

          • Gary

            Of course you do. By the way, I am better educated than you as well. And far more intelligent.

      • railhead

        You do realize that homeschool children consistently score better on scholastic tests than public school children do, right? Public schools are turning out children who can barely read and write these days, and our academic performance is pathetic compared to the rest of the world.
        “Learning about reality” doesn’t include reading at your grade level or doing basic math, apparently.

        • BarkingDawg

          Not necessarily. comparing the two is almost impossible since they tend to be totally separate demographics. furthermore, homeschool test results are a highly biased, self selective group, whereas conventional schooling test results is based on a much broader selection of individuals.

          it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

          • railhead

            I don’t see how you can say it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Scholastics and academics are not subjective. You can test a person to see how much they know about a certain subject. It doesn’t matter what their demographics are. There may be a spectrum of those with certain mental deficiencies, but their social status and race are not related to how much they know. If you think they are related, that is kind of a racist view point. And I am not one of these who goes around calling anyone who disagrees with me a bigot, just saying that viewpoint is racist.

  • TheBBP

    So, they have twisted things so bad that a boy being a boy and a girl being a girl isn’t normal, but are now “stereotypes”. I wonder if I get to not conform to my race. Maybe I want to identify as a Puyallup Indian so that I can partake in their monthly cash benefit to the tribe.

  • Jemma Nelson

    Thank goodness; now schools can’t force girls to shower with boys, or out a boy by requiring him to be placed in a girl’s classroom.

    Imagine how your daughter would feel being made to shower in the male locker room – thankfully, this memo ends this discriminatory and unsafe practice.

  • BarkingDawg

    a lot of nonsense over nothing.

    What schools still have “single s+x” classrooms?

    gym, health, cooking, arts, shop, etc, are all non-gender specific.

  • Rita OLink

    Good grief Charlie Brown! ……
    Is this all you have to worry about????
    No wonder laws and decisions like this have to be made!
    Unfortunately there are some expressions of “christianity” that have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light….

  • Diana

    When you argue with people about homosexuality, what is the argument used most?
    “God made me this way and I can’t change.” When it comes to transgender identification, it’s “God made you that way and you can change if you want to.” How absurd is this? It’s Romans 1 in operation.