Milwaukee Sheriff: If People Truly Believe Black Lives Matter, They Should Protest Abortion

ClarkeMILWAUKEE, Wisc. — A Wisconsin sheriff who has been outspoken in expressing his opposition to the way that many black leaders have handled the Ferguson and New York City matters is stating that if people truly believe that black lives matter, they should protest abortion facilities.

Sheriff David Clarke has been featured on a number of news outlets in recent weeks to discuss his thoughts about the incidents and the reaction that has followed. Last week, he was interviewed on CNN about a Tweet that he sent this month to a journalist with the New York Times, which read, “If only these faux protesters were asked by media about all the black on black killing or black babies aborted in US every year.”

Clark, who is a black man himself, was asked by host Poppy Harlow if he sent the message, and what he meant by the statement.

“Yes, I did,” he replied. “When I hear these things that black lives matter, the only people who really believe that statement are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other. Alright, so, yes I did send that and I meant it.”

“Look, the abortions?” Clarke continued. “If black lives—if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be that’s where we’d see protests…”

Several other black pro-life leaders have made similar statements, asking where the societal outrage is over abortion, which kills hundreds of thousands of black children every year.

“If [the media] really thought that black lives matter they would be protesting abortion on demand,” declared Alveda King, niece of renown civil rights leader Martin Luther King. “Even Planned Parenthood Tweeted support for Ferguson using the black lives matter hashtags, and yet they abort more black and Hispanic babies that any other abortion provider in America.”

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“Mainstream media does everything it can to protect the most racist institution in America that actually kills for a living—the abortion industry,” said the Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberger. “[H]ow sincere is the mantra that #BlackLivesMatter if the violent act of abortion and the disproportionate slaughter of unborn minority children is praised as ‘reproductive justice’?”

According to the website, published by New Jersey pastor and LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network) president Clenard Childress, since 2001, “over 8 million African American children have been killed by abortion” and that “the leading cause of death of African Americans is abortion.”

“They say that if you were to combine the top 10 leading categories of causes of death for African Americans, it wouldn’t come to half to the amount killed by abortion,” Childress said, adding “52% of all African American pregnancies end in abortion.”

In October, Childress and other black leaders held a march on Washington to speak out against the 1,786 African American children killed each day by abortion.

“This march represents an annual event that will be summoning African American churches and activist to be engaged in the civil rights movement to free enslaved children in the womb, children that are predominately African American. These are children that have been convicted and sentenced to die unjustly,” he said. “Its outrageous that we have black leaders caucusing with Planned Parenthood and endorsing legislation that would no longer require a licensed physician to perform abortions. Now that’s a war on women!”

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  • Neiman


  • James Grimes

    The lives of black children are just as valuable as those of other cultures. To single out unwed black mothers who are desperate for a solution “to their problem” is so basically crude that one has to wonder what the people who support abortion are gaining. It is money? is it a solution to a social problem? What is it? What are their real motives?
    In any event, abortion is pure evil and needs to be eliminated from a decent society. That’s why I will be walking in 2015 in protest of these horrendous acts.

    • railhead

      I’m sure your questions are rhetorical, but for the sake of discussion, those who support abortion don’t see the child inside the mother’s womb as a child, they see it as a mother’s body part, because it happens to be inside the mother. And they view abortion as no different than using birth control, especially in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

      Of course, people who have actually studied the matter know the grim realities of sucking up human limbs with a vacuum, children’s heads recoiling in screaming horror as they are torn limb from limb inside their mother. It’s the most barbaric, sick and cruel form of killing imaginable.

      The only real solution is to give people the gospel and get them saved. It seems to be a paradigm issue, that those who are unknowingly under the control of Satan succomb to, and no amount of reasoning will persuade them otherwise as long as they are under his power.

      • James Grimes

        I agree with everything you are saying. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed new year.

  • CrossedtheTiber

    Great job, Sheriff Clarke!!

  • Brian A. Kirkland

    “Clark, who is a black man himself, was asked by host Poppy Harlow if he sent the message, and what he meant by the statement.” There’s a picture of the man.

    Abortion rights have nothing to with cops shooting unarmed kids in the street. And the sheriff seems uninterested in the fact of all these ghettos, which American policemen go into, existing in the 1st place. Are they just a coincidence, a sign of inferiority of black people or the result of long standing, institutional racism?

    • Mags Shaw

      Brian you refuse to see the forest for the trees. It has to do with professing “Black lives matter” And it has to do with looking at the data. If black lives truly matter to the protesters, then start where it will count most. Abortions take more black lives daily than any other cause. Next on the list is black on black murders. Police killing of blacks is waaaay down the list and is most frequently associated with commuting a crime. So if you are going there at least get to root cause.

      • Rebecca Tobin

        “The protesters” is like saying “the black people” – as though they are one being. But going with the flow…the protesters may not view abortion as a loss of life; because most pro-choice folks don’t consider the fetus as a life. So far as protesting black on black murders – that’s been done in the past; and should probably be done again; the issue at this particular time is the treatment of people of color by some law enforcement officers. Maybe it would be best to deal with one issue at a time?