French Atheist Editor Murdered By Muslims Also Often Printed Vile Mockeries of Christ

CharliePARIS — The French newspaper that was targeted by Muslim gunmen this week in what appeared to be a planned massacre had also repeatedly printed vile mockeries of Jesus Christ, and its editor was stated to have been a self-professing atheist.

As previously reported, Wednesday’s attack occurred at approximately 12 noon local time at Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical publication with offices in Paris. In 2011, the newspaper was firebombed after publishing a caricature of Mohammad as its cover piece, and the following year, after Charlie Hebdo published additional cartoons mocking Mohammad, the government closed its embassies and schools in over 20 countries out of fear of retribution.

This week’s issue featured an Islamic caricature entitled “Still No Attacks in France,” which included a drawing of a Muslim fighter declaring, “Just wait—we have until the end of January to present our New Year’s wishes.” Just moments before the attack, staff at Charlie Hebdo Tweeted a cartoon featuring ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who issued best wishes for the new year.

But the newspaper not only poked fun at Muslim figures in its publication; it also repeatedly published cover stories with vulgar or blasphemous cartoons that mocked Christ.

One drawing featured a threesome engaged in sexual activity that read “the Father,” “the Son,” “the Holy Spirit” in an effort to make fun of those who oppose same-sex “marriage.”

Another issue was entitled “The True Story of Baby Jesus,” and included a photograph of a woman spreading her legs to give birth and baby Jesus flying out.

“What your pastor never dared tell you is finally revealed in this new gospel according to Riss (the cartoonist),” it read. “Because did you know that the baby Jesus was a child of sin, scourge of dragons, sandpit faith-healer, child-killer, blinder of men, hyperactive child-king, tormentor of His teachers, and apprentice prophet?”

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A third featured a buck-toothed drawing of Jesus with Hitler standing behind his back, and the headline, “Jesus Returns,” and another cartoon showed Jesus nailed to the cross in a theater and complaining, “They are preventing me from applauding.” Yet another drawing depicted Jesus standing in between two women bearing their breasts with profanity written underneath.

Numerous other cover stories were printed with mockeries of Christ, who was often depicted nailed to the cross or making blasphemous statements.

Roman Catholics were also often the subject of satire, with some cartoons being sexually-charged. Charlie Hebdo was leveled with 13 lawsuits from Roman Catholics organizations over its content, with only one Muslim challenging the newspaper in court.

The newspaper’s editor, Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, was said to have been an atheist and used the paper in part to make fun of religion.

“This is a satirical paper produced by left-wingers, and when I say left-wingers that goes all the way from anarchists to communists to Greens, Socialists and the rest. Above all it is a secular and atheist newspaper,” he told Reuters in 2012.

Charbonnier died in Wednesday’s attack, which took the lives of nine other employees. He had received police protection in recent months after receiving death threats from Muslims over his controversial cartoons. The three Muslims who stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo were heard yelling, “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “Allah is great,” as well as “The prophet has been avenged.”

“It just so happens that every time we deal with radical Islam we have a problem, and we get indignant or violent reactions,” he once said.

The massacre is being condemned by Christians and non-Christians alike, and some say that both Charbonnier and the Muslim attackers were wrong in their actions.

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  • Fundisi

    While Muslims kill over such offenses, Christians trust in God to deal with such people.

    • BarkingDawg

      There are a few Christian nut jobs out there as well.

      Just as ever Muslim is not a terrorist, every Christian is not a saint.

      • Fundisi

        Wrong! If a Muslim does such things, he is obeying the moon god Allah and the Prophet Mohammad, the Qur’an and Hadith. When a person call themselves a Christian and do such things, they are not, because nothing in the life or words of Christ or the New Testament justify violence.

        • BarkingDawg

          You are totally nuts.

          • Fundisi

            At least I am not a fool, you know, like an atheist.

          • Amin Ohappo

            He is right, he knows history. Get back to the sand box, kid.

        • …nothing in the life or words of Christ or the New Testament justify violence.

          Plenty of Christians use the Old Testament to justify their actions. Are they liars?

          • Amin Ohappo

            might be, you have to specify

  • redlady763

    I bet he’s not laughing now….

    • bobfairlane

      Sure he is. The whole thing is a hoax. The writers are probably having a holiday in Africa or Israel.

  • Galaxy Cat

    The devil destroyed this man; there comes a point when such behavior is no longer tolerated, and then there should be an exorcism, in a just world that would have been the solution, but the hatred for flesh and blood over principalities and powers has led to this man’s destruction. It can happen to anyone, possession, and if these Jihadists were wise they would realize Holy War is War with the darkness, not the people afflicted by it! Lord keep you and bless you always!

    • BarkingDawg

      so you are justifying his murder.

      Nice, you are a christian terrorist.

      • Sam

        Is that what you understood?
        If you had half a brain you’d realise that what Galaxy Cat is saying is exactly the opposite of what you claim.

  • Andrew Diamond

    If you hold anything against the cartoonist or those who killed, then simply turn the other cheek. Forgive and forget. Simple, no?

  • Mark Moore

    If Jesus is going to torture billions of people for practicing freedom of religion he deserves to be made a mockery.

    The reason you take it so personally when someone mocks your god is because you use the same neural network to process your god as your sense of self. When someone mocks your god they are not mocking you.

  • SteveN

    The pen is mightier than the sword. He thought it was just words.

  • bobfairlane

    Your genie and your devil are fictional characters.

  • John Mark IB

    yeah first of all go figure not saying it’s just because they’re liberal minded but these French editors are just plain dirty and vile, not a Christian nation to be sure the whole bastille don’t lose your head over it ok, brutal folks over there, but while they might have been stupid in pushing it on themselves for their intentions to provoke, hey it’s islam after all right you knew they were gonna eventually do something in the name of allah right? you know that’s just what their little book of peace says we all know this by now or you should, I don’t support your right to push filth and mockery but it happens all the time to us believers and what do we fight back with? well they know Christ is the easiest target of all because we Christians are so lamb like easy and mostly just dumb enough to follow and submit to almost all or any doctrines and tickle my ear false teachers of the day like the hinn and joelmeisters sorry had to go there!! haha 🙂 it’s true too many Christians follow anything, but we’re harmless as doves and they know it and it makes them feel good to mock Christ really because it’s satan doing it and they’re his servants as we once were, but still after hearing more of the vile and repugnant stuff from Charlie hebdo I began to think maybe their actually just wrong?? ok it’s supposed to be free speech but at what limits does the free speech have to go to be against free and respectful ?? and we chrsitians will not hurt you so give Christ your best shot He’ll let it pass for now but then….one day…..well you’ll face him on his terms in His face then what here’s the hope pass it on!! and Je suis un chrétien I am a Christian!! and Je suis un disciple du Christ I am a disciple of Christ!! oh well so much for google translate haha GOD bless you all with love and joy and peace in Jesus name amen

    here’s the hope

  • Truthhurts24

    This man did not understand that he was being marked for destruction by blaspheming Christ through his work and he payed the price for it sadly due to his ignorance of the bible. I believe Christ gave this man many warnings to repent but he did not take heed to them and this is what happened.