Report: Publisher, Retailer of ‘Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ Were Warned Book Was False

BookNASHVILLE, Tenn. — Reports are coming to light that the publisher of a book about a boy who claimed he “came back from heaven” and the bookstore chain who carried the publication were informed at least a year ago that the book was false but continued to carry it anyway.

As previously reported, Alex Malarkey, co-author of “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven,” wrote an open letter this week admitting that the story was fabricated.

“I did not die. I did not go to Heaven,” he confessed. “I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention.”

“When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible,” Malarkey continued. “People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible.”

Malarkey had been involved in a car accident at the age of six, and was in a coma for two months. His book, published by Tyndale in 2010 and co-written with his father, claims that he died and went to heaven, having encounters with angels and ultimately meeting Jesus. The book reached bestseller status, and a documentary was also released about Malarkey’s story. Christian reviewers gave the book high marks.

“I want the whole world to know that the Bible is sufficient,” a now teenage Alex Malarkey wrote in his open letter this week. “Those who market these materials must be called to repent and hold the Bible as enough.”

Following his admission, Tyndale House Publishers informed reporters late Thursday that it would no longer publish “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.”

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“Tyndale has decided to take the book and related ancillary products out of print,” Todd Starowitz, public relations director for Tyndale House, told the Washington Post.

Lifeway Christian Stores, one of the nation’s largest Christian retail chains, also announced Thursday that it would pull the book from its shelves and send its copies back to Tyndale.

“LifeWay was informed this week that Alex Malarkey has retracted his testimony about visiting heaven as told in the book ‘The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven.’ Therefore, we are returning to the publisher the few copies we have in our stores,” it wrote in a statement.

But some state that neither Tyndale or Lifeway are being completely honest in suggesting that they had just learned that the story was untrue. Phil Johnson of Grace to You wrote in a blog post on Friday that Tyndale House, led by President Mark Taylor, had been notified two years ago that the book was fictional. He explained that he has correspondence between Malarkey’s mother and Tyndale within his possession, and as Malarkey’s cries were not heard, he wrote himself to ask Tyndale why she was seemingly being written off.

“I’m curious about what rationale Tyndale’s legal department has for dismissing the concerns that have been raised by Beth Malarkey, who says that the story told in ‘The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ is filled with exaggerations and untruths,” Johnson’s email, sent on June 3, 2014, read in part.

Pulpit & Pen, the blog that first broke the story about Malarkey’s admission, also reported on Friday that Lifeway had been told about Malarkey’s book being fictional last year, and yet did not remove it from their shelves. It posted text from email correspondence between Justin Peters, a former trustee of Lifeway who also leads a discernment ministry, and Thom Rainer, the president of Lifeway.

“[I]f you are not already aware, the book ‘The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ detailing story of Alex Malarkey is fiction. It did not happen,” Peters wrote to Rainer in May 2014. “I know this because I have exchanged numerous emails and have personally spoken with Beth Malarkey, Alex’s mom. Alex does not support the book.”

“You might want to pull this, too, if you haven’t already. I know Lifeway used to sell it,” he continued. “I will be glad to give you Mrs. Malarkey’s phone number and email address if you would like to verify that I am telling you the truth.”

But Lifeway did not address Peters’ warning; it just generally remarked that they understood that Peters had concerns about some of the books the Christian bookstore chain was carrying.

“There was no follow up … No asking for more details,” explained writer Dustin Germain. “No thanking him for bringing this to light and to his attention. No curiosity over whether or not it’s currently being sold. … No righteous anger and indignation that a completely contrived New York Times best seller that sold over 112,000 copies in the year 2010 alone was being sold and consumed to unsuspecting and naive Christians.”

Last spring, Malarkey’s mother wrote in a public blog post that she had concerns about the book’s continued proliferation as her son had confessed that the book was unbiblical.

“It is both puzzling and painful to watch the book ‘The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven’ not only continue to sell, but to continue, for the most part, to not be questioned,” Beth Malarkey wrote in a post entitled “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven…Not Quite.” “Alex’s name and identity are being used against his wishes (I have spoken before and posted about it that Alex has tried to publicly speak out against the book), on something that he is opposed to and knows to be in error according to the Bible.”

Malarkey and her husband have since divorced following the publishing of the book.

While no one knows exactly why the books remained on the shelves after the Malarkeys and others began speaking out, Germain states that it is possible that the companies “pursued profit over personal integrity.”

“It was only when the pressure and bad press grew so loud that they put on the appearance of doing the right thing,” he asserted.

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  • What I don’t get is so many people actually believed the lie…watched the movie…bought the book…but refuse to believe what the Bible actually says about those who went to heaven. I can imagine the devil laughing when people have to convince themselves to believe lies because they have become so hardened against the truth. How easy will it be to get them to believe in secret rapture, seven year trib, or immediate life after death? Just look how they believe in “Christmas” as being Jesus birthday or “Isthar” or “Easter” as being the day He rose from the dead? Men are believing smooth lies over Truth that is “all plain to him that understandeth”. But even that was prophesied by the Creator God…

    • Fundisi

      What denomination do you belong to?

      • Magister_militum_praesentalis


        • Wrong…i make it clear in the profile. The SDA church is during and teaching everyrhing I just mentioned and then some…

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            No, you indicated to me that you are a purist SDA in exile. You reject the current mainstream SDA church, if there can be described such a thing.

          • “to me” indicates your opinion and your opinion is just that. If you want to class me, then class me as a bible reader please 🙂

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            That is what everyone wants to be classed as so that those who question their motives cannot find what their theological and ecclesiological affiliations are.

          • Really? Everyone I meet on the street declares their denominations with boldness…

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            Yeah, what about it? Some of the more polished anti-Catholic apologists around here keep from mentioning denominational or church affiliations precisely so that they can maintain their purified pedestals from which they snipe at the churches they hate.

          • Frank

            You seek wisdom and a teacher from man when you need to be seeking solely for God to give you wisdom and to be your sole teacher. As in the spirit of the saying, you are seeking for love in all the wrong places.

          • Magister_militum_praesentalis

            What “man” am I seeking wisdom and a teacher from? I have the advantage of receiving wisdom and instruction from a man who is also God incarnate. No, that is not a reference to the Pope.

          • Its easy to see because his voice towards everything is harsh and he supposes that everyone is anti-Catholic…with good reason because the RCC is home of antichrist.

          • Frank

            Very much so.

          • wandakate

            I don’t do that as I just “BELIEVE”. I even have a t-shirt and it says, “I BELIEVE”…It’s not the church (denomination) that one belongs to that is going to get them into the Kingdom of GOD, but the fact that they are saved, they obey, they love, they trust, and they believe in JESUS CHRIST as their SAVIOR and LORD. It won’t matter at all what “church” they attended. JESUS will appear in the clouds, the angels will gather all of His own unto Him right then in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, at the “last trumpet”. The dead in CHRIST will rise and those that are still alive on the earth after the seal and trumpet judgments will be instantly called up to meet them in the air and will forever be with the LORD. We were told to comfort one another with this passage.

          • Amen, even the devils believe…and TREMBLE.

          • socialsavvy

            O believe the scripture. The Holy Word of God. I cannot help that my Bible is the KJV, nor that I also have an amplified version from the Greek and Hebrew, that says the same. I trust the sacrifice of the blood of Christ as a cover for my sins, as I cannot myself do anything good enough to take away my sin. I really think I got the best deal of an entire life time, and love Jesus for what he did and try so very hard to please him. AS help the helpless, give to the poor, honor my parents, love my neighbor as myself and keep the Word of God in my heart. I do not rely on any specific behavior, other than repenting (turning away from sin) and trusting Jesus and what he did for me. Another can see the Lord, and receive the blessing of the Spirit to seal his salvation for the day of the return of Christ. The Lord answers some prayers……starting with the prayer of repentance, and then of Salvation.

          • wandakate

            The things that are being stated here regarding all of this “TRUTH” is coming out of the Bible. It doesn’t have anything at all to do with the SDA church or people. It’s just Bible. People are sleeping until the appearing of JESUS (bible), Saturday is still the original Sabbath day (bible), and nobody goes to heaven or hell at death. We are mortals, we are not immortal yet. Only JESUS had immortality (bible). JESUS will come at the 7th trumpet (found in Revelation) also (bible) see Rev. 11:15-19. The book of Revelation was not written in chronological order. Many things are in scripture that are not taught in churches. WHY do you think JESUS told us that we would be “deceived”, that is why b/c we are deceived.

          • Amen, that’s why when people ask what me denomination I am, I give them Rev 12:17 and Matt 20:1-16. It’s at simple as that. Oh know, you SDA, you JW, you Lutheran, you extremist, legalist, fundamentalist, done heard em all. We are in the 11th hour and at midnight the Lord cometh as unexpected as the thief. No secret. Every eye shall see and hear. People are being setup to receive the false Christ, Satan, who will stand as an imposter and deceiveth the whole world, they are still preaching the devil’s lie 6000 years later, “ye shall not surely die”. Man doesn’t want to believe he is mortal. So many verses prove the secret rapture is a lie but some many hardened hearts out there refuse to believe or prove their pastors to see if he is lying.

          • wandakate

            I sincerely believe that most pastors are just preaching what they have been taught. Whatever he believes is what he is passing on to his congregation. Be it truth or non-truth it may be all he knows. However, there are other pastors that know what they are preaching is wrong and not necessarily biblical, but unfortunately they are trying to not step on anybody’s toes. They must strive to be politically correct and careful from the podium. Some are in bed with the governments 501C3 tax exempt plan and they are being controlled by the government in their speeches and sermons.
            I dropped out about 2012. It’s really hard to find a real bible believing church and the truth has all but disappeared. So, if you have discovered it, you are a rare gem indeed as am I. They (the people) won’t listen for the most part as they are programmed, brainwashed and deceived just as JESUS said they would be, so we can only plant the seeds and that’s about all we can do.
            How can we not believe we are mortal? Only JESUS had immortality. It’s the “spirit” that leaves the body at death, it’s not the “soul”. We don’t put on immortality until JESUS comes for us. We go to a “spirit” world. The Kingdom of GOD is spiritual, it’s NOT physical as people want to think. We will have spirit bodies like JESUS had. The secret rapture is man made and not GOD made and there are many who now know that. They will tell us anything to get us off track, but when you know the truth, the truth will set you free, and they can’t take away what’s in a person’s mind.

          • Any many do not know that by signing 501c3, they are not a church. They are an official government agency. G.W. Bush made that fact known…ignored by many. He gave the pastors the power to lobby law, when will use one their pews start emptying and the Loud Cry gets louder and louder. These churches have former the image of the beast in Rome. So many are unready for what’s coming…waiting on a bogus rapture, or believing “once saved, always saved.” They can stock up all the food and ammo all they want, won’t mean nothing, I prefer to build a wall of Scripture. I came out of Babylon in 2012 as well and I have a very unique testimony…the Lord literally pushed me out because I wasn’t budging. He placed me with 11th hour believers, who know what the mark of the beast is, recognize that ALL of the churches are in apostasy, and that it is about to get VERY bad here in the states. We have a lot in common sister, I will be following your posts…:-)

          • wandakate

            Yes, I got a notice that you were following me. It does sound like we are on the same page somewhat. I met a Messianic Jew that seemed to believe some of the same. I’m not sure what the 11th hour is or what they believe or where they are located. I wish there was some way to get your e-mail.

          • The 11th hour is more based on this prophecy in Matthew 20:1-7. This page was dedicated to the 9th hour church (SDA) that had the truth and did a good work for the Lord. Now they have fallen into apostasy and allowed for RCC infiltration. They even have Sunday keeping SDA churches and call Allah “god” (and many other churches are too). Check it out. It will give you a little rundown of the 7 churches and the history of each. Worth a read. Yes, I too wish there was a way to get it…but then I stop wishing and I start PRAYING. I’ll place the matter in the hands of the Lord.

          • wandakate

            I am feeling the birth pains but what’s going to happen in the states that’s going to be that bad? I hope I’m prepared and someplace relatively safe.

          • The mark of the Beast will be enforced in America first. Religious freedom is coming to an end and they are drafting a new Constitution as we speak. And the son of perdition will be visiting Congress in September! Things are moving very fast. The horse is prepared against the day of battle, but safety of the LORD. I have lots on info on this subject!

          • And confirmed in Revelation…the devil “deceiveth the whole world” Why would God call His people to come out of Babylon in Revelation 18? That because His people must still BE IN Babylon, or paganism, or confusion!

      • alnga

        none that value reading the bible.

        • SundayWorshipistheMARK

          Or one knows that Christmas and Easter have nothing to do with Jesus but everything to do with the “god” of this fallen world…

          • wandakate

            That would of course be satan (the god of this fallen/evil world). JESUS wouldn’t celebrate Christmas or Easter. Both were of pagan origin and Easter is supposed to be Passover. JESUS died the week of Passover.

    • jmichael39

      What movie? There was no movie mentioned in the article and no movie made from this book.
      As for the rest of your ‘malarky’….does it really matter when we celebrate our Lord’s birth? Or what we call it? Does it really matter what we call it when Christ returns and His ‘bride’ is taken? Does it really matter what call the day we communally celebrate the resurrection of Christ, so long as we live in that resurrection? You’re making much ado about nothing.

      • …celebration of our Lord’s birth, not recorded in the Bible…mere tradition of men. Fully matters what you call it because every time you say “Merry Christmas” you are unknowingly declaring to the world with happiness and glee that Jesus Christ is dead and gone…7 year trib and secret rapture are not bible, all throughout the Scriptures it is proven that when Jesus returns it won’t be in secret, every eye shall see him. LOL. 7 years of trib for the wicked to party harty now that the “Christians” are raptured in secret. Only in the West is this nonsense believed. All apostles, prophets, and disciples spoke resurrection…who spoke of a “rapture” of the Church (the unproven, untried church) Paul? So somebody is lying or they are taking Paul out of context. Fully matters what day you celebrate the resurrection…Jews never celebrated Easter, they celebrate Passover. Easter is a pagan tradition of man. So making much ado about nothing….i think not.

        • jmichael39

          ” every time you say “Merry Christmas” you are unknowingly declaring to the world with happiness and glee that Jesus Christ is dead and gone” — OMG, grow up, dude. I can safely say that in my 35+ years of being a Christian I’ve met literally tens of thousands of Christians and I am confident that not a single one of them would EVER agree with you on this. You’re making something out of nothing.
          As for the Rapture and the Return of Christ….nobody says its ‘secret’. We say it is in a ‘twinkling of the eye’. But if you’re somehow mixing the Rapture with the return of Christ, you need to do a better study in eschatology. Only the naïve thing of them as the same occurrence.
          As with everything in your poor pent up head, its all semantics. The word “homosexual” is a new word in the English language. Does that mean there is nothing in the bible that speaks of homosexual behavior? No. You’d be a fool to think so. Just because the word “rapture” is a relatively new English word does not mean the idea behind the word is not spoken of in the Bible. In this case the word “rapture” came out of the 1590s…and in part references a taking of a person to another emotional, mental, or physical plain. It is since come also reference the taking of Christians from this world into the next.
          As for “Easter”…so what…so we took over a pagan holiday that happened around the same time as our Lord’s resurrection. If you can show me one person who says “Happy Easter” and means “Happy Ishtar…the pagan goddess”…I’d be surprised if they weren’t also pagan themselves. By your logic you’d better be VERY careful which classic hymns you sing. For many of them….MANY of them….were old bar tunes in which people like Fanny Crosby, Martin Luther and John Wesley merely re-wrote the words. And God forbid we should ever use drums in our worship services because, you know, they use those drums in African tribal dances. And we need to seriously make sure that no Christian ever uses the gift of the Holy Spirit known as ‘tongues’ because, well, some very pagan religions do things like that.
          You’ll forgive me if I ignore you and continue to wish people Merry Christmas and Happy Easter in celebration of our Lord’s birth and resurrection…and if I continue to use a simplistic word like “rapture” to describe the taking of the Brethren in the twinkling of an eye…and I continue to sign all those great hymns, speak in tongues and dance like David danced to beat of some very loud drums. And you’re welcome to not do those things…and I won’t think any less of you.

          • Of course they won’t agree on Christmas because they love their tradition…

            The word “Merry” is defined to mean great happiness and joy. And of course we already understand Christ is the title our Lord Jesus has been ordained before the foundation of the world for all of us.

            Now all we need to do is define the word “Mass” in Christ-Mass. This is in fact a Roman Catholic word, so let us go to the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia to find its meaning.

            MASS: “In the Christian (Catholic) law, the supreme sacrifice is that of the Mass. …The supreme act of worship consists essentially in an OFFERING of a worthy VICTIM to God, the offering made by a proper person, as a priest, the DESTRUCTION OF THE VICTIM”

            Source = Page 537 of the Catholic Encyclopedia

            So, in essence the word Mass is defined as death sacrifice or “Destruction of the victim” according to the Roman Catholic church itself. So, when you say “Merry Christmas” you are actually declaring with great happiness and joy that Jesus is dead and gone. Kind of like the crucifix in the Catholic church declaring He is dead and they have proof they killed Him when they display His dead body for eons before the people.

            The Roman priests refuse to believe Christ IS risen and Christ WILL come again. If they did they would at least remove Him from that cross!

            By the way, when Santa Clause says “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” he is openly and boldly mocking the sacrifice of Christ WITH LAUGHTER!! A true Christian (which you claim you are) would want to examine and guard EVERYTHING they say, because Jesus our Lord said to us in Matthew 12:36-37, “But I say unto you, that EVERY IDLE WORD that men shall speak, they SHALL GIVE ACCOUNT THEREOF IN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”

          • jmichael39

            Yes I’ve read that website you got all that from too. And they’re wrong. The root of the word “mass” goes all the way back to the Greeks and means “to go”. But whether you believe that crap from that site or not. WHO CARES? Do you REALLY think that ANYONE saying Merry Christmas is openly mocking the death of Jesus? GROW UP!!!
            You don’t want to say those words…DON’T SAY THEM. I promise, I won’t say those words to you. But its time to stop feeding off milk and eat the meat of the Scriptures. You honestly need to do an exegetical study of I Cor. 8-10…and understand that eating meat sacrificed to idols is not a sin, nor does not eating it for your own conscience sake make you any more holy than another person.

          • The next thing you will be telling me is sin is not a sin…:-)

          • jmichael39

            Ah, the Pharisees are among us. Thank you for making things VERY clear that you DIDN’T read that passage I suggested. You really do need to take a course on logic and debate sometime.

          • I love you too 🙂

          • jmichael39

            I doubt it very much…but you keep saying that and maybe you can at least convince yourself.

          • Proverbs 15:12, “A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him: neither will he go unto the wise”

          • jmichael39

            don’t be too hard on yourself. You have a great passion…misdirected, but nonetheless a passion.

        • wandakate

          I know that as I have studied all of it since 1999. And what about the Sabbath, that’s still Saturday too isn’t it? These things have been taught to people for ages and they don’t question it. IF they only would read their Bible they would know for sure. The rapture is a “feel good gospel” of sorts and preachers are just tickling the ears of the congregation. JESUS warned us of all of these things and that they would happen in the end times. Christmas and Easter are indeed pagan, as is Halloween and JESUS never even suggested that we celebrate His birthday. The reason the kid says that he didn’t really go to heaven is b/c JESUS even said no one has seen GOD, and we don’t go to heaven at our death or hell for that matter, we die, our “SPIRIT” goes back to GOD and we sleep in the grave until the resurrection of the dead. JESUS even said that death was a sleep. SO, many things are not what they seem and what people are taught is not Biblical either. Search and study the scriptures and there in lies the truth of what we were supposed to know. The messages of today are watered down and are not what JESUS intended to be preached. He told the disciples to take the gospel of the kingdom to all the world but it was the true gospel (His gospel-given to Him by the FATHER GOD). That is not the gospel coming from today’s pulpits.

          • Reading this post brings tears to my eyes. It’s not just the fact that I agree with you on every point, but your discernment is spot on. And I can tell you right now, the majority of the people on this thread are not going to agree with you…but that is expected. Continue to do as the Spirit leads, pray for the Latter Rain, and continue to be a watchman on the wall. 🙂

          • wandakate

            Thank you and I hope to do just that if the LORD is willing. His will be done and not my will be done. There is no breath in me unless it’s His will. He gives life and He alone takes it away in His own time.
            I am delighted that you are in agreement with me on things. I have a very discerning spirit about me. I am not concerned that the people on this site or any other site are in agreement with me. I am NOT here to please man, but to please GOD. JESUS will be my judge, not the people on this earth. Remember, man will fail you, GOD will never fail you. JESUS said that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We are called to be the watchman on the wall. I am trying when I get the opportunity to warn people of the dangers to come, but most fall on deaf ears. People want positive everything and nothing negative. They want to be told that “everything” is going to be just fine. They want what their itching ears want to hear even if it is a lie. They want to be comforted and they want to follow their traditions without any changes. JESUS said in the end this is how it would be, so we both know. Don’t expect anything now as you most likely will be disappointed. Looking forward to your next comment, enjoying our little chats here.

          • Wow, you are way ahead of me! PTL! But what I love so much about the Word is that you don’t need seminary or a doctor of divinity to know and understand Scripture. This is what gets a lot of people into a trick bag when they fail to realize that all that they are doing is echoing what there pastors or leaders preach. They fear new light, even though God promised in the last days that “knowledge shall be increased”. His word is plain, “if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of —>>>GOD<<<—that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not." Now don't get me wrong some theology is good and how can they hear without a preacher, but to the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word that is because there is no light in them. They all hang there hats on what their leaders say and won't prove them. Take the Law for example. The Ten Commandments are found in both Old and New Testaments. The Sabbath was made for MAN but they say it was made for Jew. And yes you are correct the Sabbath Commandment is valid today just like it was in the garden of Eden, 2000 years before a Jew was even born. I was a Sunday keeper for 31 years, until I opened a Bible and could not find a verse anywhere saying the Sabbath was changed. Rome admits the change. Every leader from every major denomination admits you cannot find a verse, yet they hold to their tradition (Sunday). I love the Sabbath. A whole day (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) dedicated to God, a day that He blessed and made holy, and Satan is robbing man of said blessing and sanctification.

          • wandakate

            YES, satan came to kill, steal, and destroy mankind and he’s busy now for his time is short. The demons are busy. They have infiltrated the churches and are doing their dirty work.
            I am possibly ahead of you because the LORD gave me wisdom and knowledge beyond anything I had ever known. He encouraged me to leave the city I was in down in Florida and go way out to the country in Missouri and do his work. I went there and spent 17 mos. Day and night reading, studying, pondering the scriptures and manage to get out 4 manuscripts while out there. So, I have a little of that GODLY education under my belt. I am also most likely older than you and age does have it’s benefits.
            I want to know if there is a way to get ahold of you by e-mail? It would be nice to have a one on one conversation without having everything be on this site and so impersonal.
            If there is a way to do that, I am interested. You can’t post it here so I’m not sure how that would work. I will wait for your reply, thanks…They say 2 heads are better than one, and I believe it’s important for people of like mind to communicate and even congregate if possible.

          • Yes my dear, iron sharpeneth iron and I would love to talk Bible with you because the wisdom of man is foolishness with God. This site is crawling with offended brothers whose contentions are like the bars of a castle, from everything to secret rapture, sodomy is ok, to immortal life in hellfire. Come now let us reason together is rare. I’d rather converse with people whose textbook is the Word and not some folly or Jewish fable written by men which seem to be popular nowadays. I thank Him because He has placed me with a company of Bereans, who don’t mind being rebuked and reproved for the sake of the Word if anything thats being said contradicts Scripture. I came in believing Paul wrote revelation based on a passage in Galatians 1, because that’s what I was taught. Got reproved quickly, out of love. At first I was angry (pride) but the Lord revealed to me that these brothers and sisters love me enough to point me in the direction of Scripture versus tickling my fancy for tithe money or ear tickling. I fear if I put my personal email in here I may get spammed out. Think if I setup a fake email that might work but for now follow the link in my profile and you will find me 🙂

      • Jennifer Bennett

        The film is “Heaven is for Real” but it’s a story by a different child-Colton Burpo-who stands by his story.

        • jmichael39

          YEah, I know Jennifer. I was merely trying to point out to the original poster (not you…sorry for that)…that there was no movie about this kid.

      • wandakate

        JESUS said, “When you know the truth, the truth will set you free. JESUS also said, “If you love me, keep my commandments. We don’t obey JESUS, many of us don’t want the truth, and many of us (most of us) don’t keep the commandments either.
        It matters to JESUS, yes. He told us what He wanted but we don’t seem to care. He “never” commanded or even suggested that we keep His birthday and it wasn’t on December 25th. He said to remember Him with the last supper, “This do in remembrance of me”. It’s not much ado about nothing. What it is…You either honor and obey Him or you don’t. People that don’t want the truth or to do what JESUS would do, always make excuses and try to cut corners and deny. They was a movie about a little boy that went to heaven, might not have been by this title, but it was a movie b/c I went to see it. The scriptures tell us that NOBODY has seen GOD yet, except the few that were called up in CHRIST day, and that we don’t go to heaven or hell at death, we go to the grave, only the “spirit” goes back to GOD at our death.

        • jmichael39

          He didn’t command you to put those socks you wore today on. I don’t see you repenting for wearing them.
          If I choose to celebrate the birth of our Lord…much like the shepherds and wise men did, and I have no idea the exact date of His birth and choose to celebrate His birth on October 10th every year, why should you care?

          • wandakate

            You asked why should you care? It’s not me that you need to please, it’s Him. So if he is your LORD as you say, then you will strive to do what pleases Him. If you search the scriptures (as I have done) you will see where He said nothing about celebrating His birthday. He said in fact to remember Him when we partake of the LORD’s supper. He wanted us to remember that and to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. There is no command in the Bible that tells us to celebrate the birth. Apparently it wasn’t important to Him. He didn’t strive on focusing attention on Himself, but He came to serve others…It has nothing whatsoever to do with legalism but just the Bible truth. And you statements about the socks I wore today are irrelevant and makes no sense at all.

          • jmichael39

            And again I say, so what? There’s nowhere in Scripture where I am told NOT to celebrate His birth. So where is it is any form of sin? By your logic, you shouldn’t wear the clothing you’re wearing today, because there is nothing in Scripture telling you to do it. You shouldn’t go to school, because there is nothing in the Scripture about going to school. You shouldn’t drive a car because there is nothing in the Scriptures about cars….and so on and so forth.

  • alnga

    It sounds to me to be a marital problem that both tyndal and Lifeway wanted to avoid, so they discounted Beth, however I read and buy a lot of christian books but I have never heard of this one. Could it be that this book was not that big a seller or their voices not directed at some one in charge? I will be very disappointed that Life Way made a decision for profit rather than act on the truth.


  • John Mark IB

    here’s hope folks, well what a bunch of Malarkey!! ha ha ok pun intended 🙂 hey with the name Malarkey you had to know it was coming right? ha ha 🙂 sounds like a good Irish name! even the Malarkey guy is trying to tell them but they wouldn’t listen, ok so here’s the deal just like all the other so called Christian publishers today they only care about profits$$$$ not true Biblical Prophets!! and as such any false doctrines or extra Biblical experiences can be used to make sales and make money, I’m not very smart by the world’s standards, but it’s all too sad, that many so called Christians are not smart enough, or discerning enough to know truth, and Biblical truth at that, no wonder people look at Christians as dumb as sheep, too often fall for anything so shame on us, (all of us), and the always all too gullible, undiscerning Christians, to run and jump at any wind that blows by in the name of easy believism, latest fad, trend, of the day or flavor of the day, just like the others nde’s “heaven is for real” and others, are just false doctrines, not Biblical at all, and people seeking signs in order to have something extra biblical for justification or enjoyment, tisk tisk sad sad, had they read His Word they’d be better armed and more discerning, wise as serpents harmless as doves, learn to discern, trust none but Christ alone!! and to the keep up the great work and site, thanks for allowing this forum and my posts, GOD bless you with love joy and peace always in Jesus name, have a blessed day and week, and folks please see the great solid biblical truths and great articles here:

  • John Mark IB

    some just need to realize that not all of these so called teachers of the sad lost worldly so called Christian movement of today are not doctrinally and Biblically correct, in fact the many teachers and publishers are willing to sacrifice for the almighty bottom line profit, huge big names false teachers and the modern so called Christian community loves it eats it right up tickles their ears, music as well as the world goes so goes the so called church, farther and farther away from truth and more into error worldly lusts and music and entertainment etc., here’s another one for hope that exposes the publishers in part see more from the discernment on this article thanks for allowing this site and my posts, have a blessed day and week,