‘Are We Significant?’ New Christian Film Challenges Secular Premises on Earth’s Uniqueness

The Principle Movie ScreenshotA new Christian film is challenging secular claims that Earth is an insignificant cosmic speck and reveals evidence that suggests it and its inhabitants were specially created.

“The Principle” is a new movie currently showing at select theaters across the country. The film, which stars several top scientists, explores Earth’s position in the universe and attempts to answer the question, “Is our planet unique and significant?”

Most secular scientists have long claimed that Earth is ultimately an insignificant speck in the universe, with no special or unique characteristics. This perspective, known as the “Copernican Principle,” implies that our planet inhabits an ordinary, unexceptional, inconsequential position in the vastness of space.

“The Principle” explores an alternative position to the Copernican Principle and presents evidence that suggests the Earth is, in fact, significant. Featuring commentary from several prominent scientists, the film challenges many long-held secular premises.

“The film brings before the public eye astonishing results from recent large-scale surveys of our Universe which disclose surprising evidence of a preferred position in the cosmos, aligned with our supposedly insignificant Earth,” the movie’s website explains. “The film explores from all sides the question of Earth’s station in the universe and whether it could, in fact, have a unique importance among planets.”

Rick DeLano, Writer/Producer of “The Principle,” told Christian News Network that Scripture suggests Earth is indeed special in many ways.

“The completely shattering Bible verse at issue here is Genesis 1:1, which tells us the Earth is the center and focus of God’s creation, and is certainly not orbiting the sun when created!” DeLano said.

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DeLano also referenced the passage in Joshua 10 where Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stand still. Contrary to some claims, the Earth likely did not stop spinning on its axis, DeLano argued.

“It is clear that the moon is orbiting the Earth, so the fact that both sun and moon stood still seems to argue quite strongly in favor of the literal words of the biblical text, and against the idea of the Earth simply ceasing to spin on its axis,” he stated.

DeLano says many other biblical verses, including Psalm 104:5, point to one conclusion: Earth is truly special. Not only does “The Principle” explore recent scientific discoveries that corroborate this perspective, but it also considers the implications of the important Copernican Principle debate.

“Consider the impact of the idea that we are an insignificant cosmic speck, orbiting a humdrum star in a run of the mill galaxy, in a vast universe which could not possibly care about us,” DeLano stated. “A civilization will express that self-understanding in its culture, its art, its science, and, yes, ultimately in its religion (or lack of it).”

“On the other hand,” he continued, “consider the idea that we are the center, focus, and uniquely privileged place in all of creation, established by a loving God for the Incarnation of His Son, for the redemption of the lost children of Adam, as the single crucial drama of the entire universe. A civilization will express that self-understanding in its culture, its art, its science, and, yes, ultimately in its religion also.”

DeLano told Christian News Network that the debate over the Copernican Principle ultimately revolves around an important question: “Are we significant, or just a cosmic accident? This question is for all the marbles.”

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  • The Last Trump

    Atheists and false Christians who reject the inspired accuracy of the Bible, try to reserve your comments of ignorance and personal opinion until at least viewing this film on modern scientific discoveries. You’re guaranteed to learn something and have a lot of your questions answered.
    Fools, just go ahead and comment with your uneducated and uninformed stupidity. You know, as usual. 🙂

    • Jeff Varney

      I could give you a list of those (mainly from trolls) who make uneducated and uninformed comments on this website’s forum. I know the usual ones who come on here and constantly annoy us with their (willful) ignorance, insults, denials, defiance, decrying, arguments, and vitriol (and uselessness as James Grimes would call it), and continually refute the truth of the Scriptures of God’s Word (Torah and Bible) as well as the proof of God’s existence. Should I give any names of those aforementioned commenters? No need to right now, Trumpster. We already know who they are, so don’t answer their silly/foolish questions as Solomon advised us in one of his Proverbs.

      • James Grimes

        That would be Proverbs 26 : 4 as he describes a fool. It’s a waste of time to debate fools.

  • Fundisi

    What is the old saying? “To those who believe in God , no explanation (proof) is necessary, to those who choose not to believe, no explanation is possible.”

    The evidence/proofs of God’s existence is beyond all reasonable doubt and while this film may encourage Christians, I assure you that very few, if any, unbelievers will be convinced. A great delusion is falling upon the entire human race, they are becoming fully atheist and our best argument, is the testimony of our lives. When catastrophes come, are we without fear, are we confident and do we show love to our enemies, that will make the difference in the hearts of a few precious souls.

    • jmichael39

      I watched Patterns of Evidence last week and after the movie there was about a 30 minute panel discussion. One of the guests was asked if a movie that presented such amazing evidence in support of the biblical account of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt would have any effect in changing the minds of skeptics. His response was epic. He said that God could write in the clouds in the sky about every nation, in the language that every person could understand, “I’m here. I’m God. I’m real.” And there are some people who not only STILL wouldn’t believe, they’d blame the Jews for doing it.

  • gabriel

    Yet another intelligent design fallacy.I It has failed biologically but at least we can count on the fact that we are on one planet in a vast universe. Like a drop in an ocean, yet I fail to see what any of these complex and rather important fields have anything to do with the supernatural. Science realise on evidence, that’s what makes it the best process our species has developed. To use it to try and prove the existence of a God is rather childish at best. However let’s say that this somehow proves beyond doubt that this supernatural character exists, how can we be certain it’s the God of the bible, or the Koran, or the torch, or any of the thousands of entities that we have worshipped? Just because something appears to be emotionally satisfying does not make it true. For all purpose seen, this film and countless others like it are but poor excuses to try and save a dying God. I for one would rather stick to the facts as they are, and keep an open and skeptical mind so that future evidence can change my mind. However, until then, all arguments that are put forth to try and save this almighty creator are just unconvincing and seemingly childish.

    • Fundisi

      Only “The fool in his heart, says there is no God.”

      The evidence that we see from the sub-atomic level to the universe itself and our unique place in it, itself being a miracle, leads to the inescapable conclusion of God’s existence. God has said that if we only look to His creation, we are overwhelmed with evidence of His existence. Unless we choose to deny the evidence, we are put into a place of asking God to show us that He is and how we can know Him. Yet, in the end, from the evidence of His existence, yes, faith must bridge the gap to finding Him. The same can be said of evolution, they too cannot empirically prove their life model is true, they require faith in that explanation for the existence of life to bridge the gap.

      You alone must decide where the evidence leads and as the choice has everlasting, eternal consequences, it be better be the right decision. God is willing to show Himself to you, once you get to the place where you are truly seeking the Truth.

    • jmichael39

      Two totally different questions. Once you get past your close mindedness and realize that science does, in fact, support much of what the Bible has said…and once you realize that science holds no monopoly of truth/facts/reality…you might just actually find yourself seeing the universe in an entirely new light.

      But let’s deal with one question at a time. Proving the existence of a Designer (without regard, at this point, as to the nature and character of this Designer)…is not that difficult a matter. It is a fundamentally accepted premise to suggest that where there is design, there is always a designer. That is where I would begin. Do you accept that premise? If not, why not? If so, we can proceed to the minor premises that proceed from that.

      Rather than drag this out with very elongated messages via this forum…allow me to proceed to the next step…assuming you DO accept that thesis. If you do not, then please ignore this part as it is irrelevant unless and until you accept the first premise.

      If it is an accepted premise that where there is design, there must be a designer, then I would ask what would be an accepted understanding of what represents the characteristics of ‘design’. I would like to begin this part of the discussion by adding a few basic characteristics that I believe are fundamental to what would represent ‘design’.

      1) Order… Order represents the concept of comprehension. If, for example, there is a fundamental mathematical or scientific equation that can be used to understand or predict some element of that event or object or whatever, then there is order to that event, object or whatever.

      2) Replicable… if something has order and is comprehendible then there is little reason why it cannot be replicated. So long as the materials are available and the actions necessary to replicate can be properly performed then there is design to that event or object. That does not necessarily mean we, as humans, can actually do it, but it is replicable.

      For example, a computer is obviously designed, has order and can easily be replicated by those with the right materials and knowledge to do it. Although I, personally, wouldn’t know how to do it, I know many people who can and have. And frankly, I know I have the intelligence to learn how to. That’s a simple thing.

      But let’s say we want to replicate human intelligence…artificially (meaning, non-organically). While some very smart people have a great deal of understanding about how to artificially mimic human intelligence (and our imaginations…think Matrix Trilogy…allow to imagine being able to someday completely replicate the human mind), no one has, yet, figured out how to fully replicate the human mind and not just mimic it. With all the programming knowledge we have, the human mind’s complexity is still just a bit too far beyond our ability to replicate.
      The same can be said about every complex element of the universe.

      So, I’ve identified what I believe are two characteristics of Design. Would you care to refute them and/or add to that list?

    • jmichael39

      I heard that pin drop…silence from Gabriel.

      • gabriel

        I came here to give my opinion, I don’t have too give attention to those seeking it, I can respond if I want to, but I don’t see the use. Circular debates are boring

  • Hrafn

    I notice that this article is careful to avoid mention of the elephant in the room, that the “principle” this propaganda piece is pushing is the long-debunked idea of geocentricism.

    It should also be noted that the narrator and many of the interviewees have claimed deception on the film-makers’ part as to their aim.

    Making a case for geocentricism, by carefully hiding from those you are talking to that you are talking about geocentricism. Is that any way to get a through treatment of the topic?

    Half-baked would appear to be an understatement.

  • BarkingDawg

    Do you have any idea of what would happen if the Earth just stopped spinning on its axis?

    Not all bible stories are literal.

    • bowie1

      Ordinarily it would result in catastrophes, but God is able to control these through his presence everywhere. We have catastrophes now even with the earth spinning in its normal way.

  • bowie1

    Even if the earth is not the centre of the universe it is at the centre of God’s attention…so spin away around the sun – just like God made it to be so!

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Yes, we are significant very much. Humans are created in God’s image( Genesis chapter 1) and Jesus Christ came to Earth in our size. Planet Earth accommodated the Creator God once( John chapter 1). Considering the cells with DNA with the creation purpose, each human is more complex than a universe. The Word of God, the Holy Bible, is more profound than the universe. The micro world is as wonderous as the macro world. God loves us very much and Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. Jesus is in Heaven now and He is coming back to Earth very soon. He will fulfill His promise to Israel. To God, Israel is more important than the laws of the physical world that God has made( Jeremiah chapter 33). Everything exists for Jesus and by Him. (Colossians chapter 1)

    • Anne G

      Very true! But the position of the Earth in the universe doesn’t necessarily mean anything about whether we’re special to God.

      You might appreciate this article:


      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Right. The vast universe displays how limitlessly great our God is.

  • Quiet_Righty

    There may be misconceptions about this film, so let me ask a question (or two). Does the film deny that Earth revolves around the sun? Does it claim the Earth is at the center of the universe?

  • Anne G

    Everyone should become familiar with the people behind this movie. They’re not scientists. They’re charlatans. Don’t be hoodwinked.


  • Hypatia

    “Most secular scientists have long claimed that Earth is ultimately an insignificant speck in the universe, with no special or unique characteristics.”

    Earth is the only planet, that we know of, that can support life. It’s both beautiful and dangerous, and filled with mysteries just waiting to be unraveled.

    Please name one scientist who argues that earth is “insignificant, with no special or unique characteristics.” If this is what “most secular scientists” have “long claimed,” then this should be a cinch.

    Scientists dedicate their lives to shining light into these dark corners of human existence. Rational inquiry has taken humanity to the stars. It has begun to fill in the edges of the map that once said “Here, there be dragons.” It has given us cosmology over cosmogony.

    Rejoice, humanity, because our Savior has come:

  • John Mark IB

    I’ll stick with what The Bible says and what GOD says ultimately about the issue and of course to my fellow Christian brethren wanting some great Biblical solid doctrine on the issues here’s some great teaching by Dr. Thomas Strouse Bible Baptist Church in Cromwell CT, a man who stands for the solid Word of GOD you’ll be blessed by his awesome exegesis of The Word!! have a blessed day and lovely weekend, here’s hope pass it on to your lost friends and loved ones to all you can plant the seeds of faith!!




    and Dr. Strouse with great Geocentricity article based on Biblical theology and sound exegexis!!