‘Are We Significant?’ New Christian Film Challenges Secular Premises on Earth’s Uniqueness

The Principle Movie ScreenshotA new Christian film is challenging secular claims that Earth is an insignificant cosmic speck and reveals evidence that suggests it and its inhabitants were specially created.

“The Principle” is a new movie currently showing at select theaters across the country. The film, which stars several top scientists, explores Earth’s position in the universe and attempts to answer the question, “Is our planet unique and significant?”

Most secular scientists have long claimed that Earth is ultimately an insignificant speck in the universe, with no special or unique characteristics. This perspective, known as the “Copernican Principle,” implies that our planet inhabits an ordinary, unexceptional, inconsequential position in the vastness of space.

“The Principle” explores an alternative position to the Copernican Principle and presents evidence that suggests the Earth is, in fact, significant. Featuring commentary from several prominent scientists, the film challenges many long-held secular premises.

“The film brings before the public eye astonishing results from recent large-scale surveys of our Universe which disclose surprising evidence of a preferred position in the cosmos, aligned with our supposedly insignificant Earth,” the movie’s website explains. “The film explores from all sides the question of Earth’s station in the universe and whether it could, in fact, have a unique importance among planets.”

Rick DeLano, Writer/Producer of “The Principle,” told Christian News Network that Scripture suggests Earth is indeed special in many ways.

“The completely shattering Bible verse at issue here is Genesis 1:1, which tells us the Earth is the center and focus of God’s creation, and is certainly not orbiting the sun when created!” DeLano said.

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DeLano also referenced the passage in Joshua 10 where Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stand still. Contrary to some claims, the Earth likely did not stop spinning on its axis, DeLano argued.

“It is clear that the moon is orbiting the Earth, so the fact that both sun and moon stood still seems to argue quite strongly in favor of the literal words of the biblical text, and against the idea of the Earth simply ceasing to spin on its axis,” he stated.

DeLano says many other biblical verses, including Psalm 104:5, point to one conclusion: Earth is truly special. Not only does “The Principle” explore recent scientific discoveries that corroborate this perspective, but it also considers the implications of the important Copernican Principle debate.

“Consider the impact of the idea that we are an insignificant cosmic speck, orbiting a humdrum star in a run of the mill galaxy, in a vast universe which could not possibly care about us,” DeLano stated. “A civilization will express that self-understanding in its culture, its art, its science, and, yes, ultimately in its religion (or lack of it).”

“On the other hand,” he continued, “consider the idea that we are the center, focus, and uniquely privileged place in all of creation, established by a loving God for the Incarnation of His Son, for the redemption of the lost children of Adam, as the single crucial drama of the entire universe. A civilization will express that self-understanding in its culture, its art, its science, and, yes, ultimately in its religion also.”

DeLano told Christian News Network that the debate over the Copernican Principle ultimately revolves around an important question: “Are we significant, or just a cosmic accident? This question is for all the marbles.”

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