ISIS Beheads Japanese Christian Who Tried to Save Captured Friend

GotoAccording to a new video released by the Islamic barbaric group ISIS, which also identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a Japanese Christian man who had traveled to Iraq in an attempt to rescue a friend who was captured by the terrorist organization has been beheaded.

As previously reported, Kenji Goto, 47, who became a Christian in 1997, told reporters last year that he felt compelled to do what he could to help rescue Haruna Yukawa, 42, after he was abducted in August near the city of Aleppo. Yukawa had been through a number of difficult life situations, including bankruptcy, his wife’s cancer diagnosis and a suicide attempt, and thought that perhaps becoming a military contractor would change his life for the better.

After learning that Yukawa had been captured by Islamic insurgents, Goto left Japan in October and eventually made his way into the ISIS-seized city of Raqqa.

“I need to go there at least once and see my fixers (freelance journalist connections) and ask them what the current situation is,” he told Reuters. “I need to talk to them face to face. I think that’s necessary.”

The seasoned journalist said that he believed he wasn’t as high risk as those from other countries.

“He said that as a Japanese journalist he expected to be treated differently than American or British journalists,” friend Toshi Maeda explained to reporters. “Japan has not participated in bombing and has only provided humanitarian aid. For that reason, he thought he could secure the co-operation of ISIS.”

But just before the end of the month, days before he planned to return back home, Goto went missing. He hadn’t been seen until last week when he was shown in a video with Yukawa and a member of ISIS, who has been nicknamed by the media as “Jihadi John.” The two were dressed in orange jumpsuits and had their hands either chained or tied behind their backs.

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ISIS threatened to kill the men if they were not provided with a $200 million ransom, and last Saturday, a second video appeared, which featured Goto holding what is believed to be a photograph of Yukawa’s dead body. He advised that ISIS had said it would free him in exchange for would-be female suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi.

Earlier this week, Goto was featured in a second video, holding a photograph of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, and warning that ISIS would kill both of them if al-Rishawi was not released.

On Thursday, Goto’s wife issued an emotional plea on behalf of her husband.

“My husband and I have two very young daughters. Our baby girl was only three weeks old when Kenji left,” she wrote. “I hope our oldest daughter, who is just two, will get to see her father again. I want them both to grow up knowing their father.”

But on Saturday, a video was released online entitled “A Message to the Japanese Government” that showed the purported beheading of Goto, generating outrage worldwide.

“Japan will work with the international community to bring those responsible for this crime to justice,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed.

An “I am Kenji” social media effort quickly emerged as well in a show of support for the reporter.

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  • MSlady

    ISIS are barbarians and have no souls! They will reap what they sow in HELL!

    • Flamekindler

      Well of course they have souls: they are humans; but they are deceived by the enemy of our souls, and yes, they will suffer in hell for it.

  • alnga

    In my anger I want to finish this war up quickly and take no prisoners. But my heart that I have surrendered to a different calling tells me to keep praying and doing what many of us have been doing for a very long time. We are an impotent nation led by an impotent President and staff.. We neither pray properly nor war properly. Lord help us with this mess, bring our troops home and remove us from all other nations, we are not to be the global police..

    • No, we aren’t to be the global police any longer. We had – at one time – a calling as a nation to help restrict evil abroad but we’ve let a sinister evil grow in our own midst.

  • Amin Ohappo


  • CJP

    The more you tell Isis how special these individuals are, the more Isis delights in hurting everyone by killing the hostages. I’m sure Isis is thrilled that not only did they kill a man, but they have brought grief to his wife and children. I’ll bet they laugh at that.

  • CJP

    Because of Europes memory of the holocaust, I don’t think anyone REALLY wants genocide of all Muslims. But you can’t tell the “good” from the “bad”, and when bad children will come from good Muslims, so what alternative is there?

  • GibbyD

    Let the Japanese use their tech and industry capability to create weapons and devices that will be able to destroy Isis and any other enemies of freedom .

  • GibbyD

    One of the great threats to world peace and security is Mr. barry sotero . He hinders the fight that would stop the terrorists and even supports their cause by freeing them to go back to continue to harm us . He needs to be impeached , thrown out of office and then thrown into prison .

  • The Lone Ranger

    Many more heads will roll many more Christians to go they can’t win though it’s Christ they are enemies with and that is the bad news for them. We have mice or rats for our leaders shame on the American people for putting up with them