‘Jump Started by the Holy Spirit’: Teen Dead for 45 Minutes Comes Back to Life as Mother Prays

SmithST. CHARLES, Mo. — A Missouri teen who was dead for 45 minutes after an accident on Lake Sainte Louise is now alive and well thanks to the power of God and the prayers of his mother, according to the doctor who witnessed his miraculous resuscitation.

John Smith, 14, was playing with two other friends on the lake two weeks ago when they fell through the ice. By the time rescuers arrived, one of the boys had almost climbed out the water and the second was hanging on to a chunk of ice, but Smith couldn’t be found. It took 15 minutes for paramedics to locate him.

Smith was transported to St. Joseph Hospital, where CPR was performed for nearly half an hour on the teen without success. Doctors weren’t sure how long they should keep trying; he had been clinically dead for 45 minutes and had an internal temperature of 88 degrees.

Dr. Ken Sutterer, a Christian whose daughter attends the same Christian school as Smith, called Smith’s mother, Joyce, into the room to break the news.

But Smith didn’t take no for an answer.

“She started praying loudly,” Sutterer told local television station KDSK.

“I don’t remember what all I said,” Joyce Smith said. “But I remember, ‘Holy God, please send your Holy Spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him.'”

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But it was within a matter of minutes following her prayer that a miracle happened.

“[A]ll of a sudden I heard them saying, ‘We got a pulse; we got a pulse,'” Smith recalled.

Sutterer was so amazed by the situation that he wrote a letter to process what he had just witnessed.

“His heart was jump started by the Holy Spirit listening to the request of his praying mother,” he wrote.

Smith was airlifted to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center for further treatment, but concerns still remained over how much brain function he would have since he had gone without oxygen for so long. Amazingly, he suffered no brain damage and within 48 hours, Smith opened his eyes and responded perfectly to questions from doctors.

“It’s a bonafide miracle,” said Dr. Jeremy Garrett, who tested Smith’s brain function.

On Wednesday, following a time of rehabilitation in the hospital, Smith went home.

“I don’t remember much about it to be honest,” he told reporters. “Hearing what the doctors and the paramedics said, I’m pretty surprised at the outcome.”

“I’m surprised I’m alive, but it’s a real miracle that I’m alive, and I thank God I’m alive,” Smith continued. “There’s a reason I’m alive, so I’m just going to kind of follow what God has in store for me throughout my life.”

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  • Fundisi

    I had a dear friend, an atheist, a doctor, who one day came upon an accident where a young girl had been hit by a car. Upon examining her, based on training and long experience handling emergency cases, he absolutely knew she was dead. What possessed him to do so he could not say; but he said God if you truly exist please save this young girl and at that exact moment she drew a breath and with time survived to live a normal life. My friend gave his life to Christ and while dying a few years later of a lung disease, he left this life safe in the arms of the Lord. I say this to assert most surely that God is still in the healing, life saving and salvation business.

    • The Last Trump

      Yes, the atheists would have just let him die rather than utter one simple prayer. Sad.

      • MattFCharlestonSC

        I’m very glad that this kid is alive. But scientifically I think he is alive because of the frigid temperature. You’re not dead until you’re warm and dead.

        • Fundisi

          Actually in death the body is cold, no temperature.

          • MattFCharlestonSC

            Actually, in death the body’s temperature will tend toward room temperature. Everything has a temperature — it is just a measure of heat. Also, a quick google search will show you a slew of examples about this happening to people.

      • John Thomson

        No an Atheist would help. We don’t waste our time praying. When you pray, it does nothing and you are doing nothing.

    • KinGloRiouS

      Amazing story.

  • David Craig
    • Fundisi

      One such incident may be questioned by what is almost wholly atheist scientists that reject the existence of God. But, have them explain this:

      Three times I was hit as a pedestrian by cars, one as a small child, once before my teen years and once as a young adult. All three times I was in a coma, in every case with prayer, within days I was home, one small metacarpal fracture, three major concussions, once with 150 major cuts to my face. As a child I was was afflicted by polio, diagnosed by polio specialist and completely paralyzed, within three days all the paralysis was gone and I went home with no lasting effects. Once I was attacked by a knife wielding man, once I was kidnapped at gunpoint. over half a dozen times I was in automobile accidents, one head-on at 65 miles per hour which almost killed my mother, not one injury, except a broken nose. I have had several major illnesses, including pneumonia. Once I had a 350 lbs generator fall off a bench onto my chest. I am now three score and 12 and I have no long lasting effects from any of these events. All were met with prayer by deeply Christian parents. Just luck? I guess your atheist scientists have a natural explanation?

      • David Craig

        Sounds like you’ve had a rough life. I’m glad you survived. Each of these incidents has a finite chance of survival. You’ve had several serious incidents and accidents and survived them, but that is not proof of God or of prayer’s efficacy. I’m sure we can find many atheists or people with a different faith than yours who have survived far worse. How would you explain that?

        • Frank

          I have a friend that witnessed a half a leg grow back in front of him. I know another person that saw an arm grow back. I have another person I know that prayed for a woman that was condemned to die and was sent home from the doctors that there was nothing they could do to stop what was causing her to bleed to death. He got woken up early the next morning to be told the woman’s bleeding stopped and that she was totally healed. I know of another person that either my dad helped pray over or it was the pastor and other elders prayed over the person before going into surgery. Totally healed.

          What a Mighty God I serve.

          • Disqusdmnj

            No. Believe what you want, but human limbs do not grow back. Unexpected change of course in illness? Yes. Coming back from being “dead” after drowning in frigid waters? Absolutely. But regrowing limbs? No.

          • Frank

            Yes. Yes. Yes. What a Mighty God I serve. Regrown limbs.

        • amrita

          God exist and that is for sue.He in heaven saved me when i was a child and doctors could do nothing more to save me but prayers from a total stranger save my life.I know God send me an angel.I was pregnant 51/2 months and was ill at the clinic, on the 21/12/2005 at around 18 hrs my husband and i was looking out the window and there on the mountain we were facing we saw a ball of fire on the mountain slowly going in the west direction we were shocked but we remained silent and went to sleep.the next morning when i woke up i was blind my hp was 27/11 I and went into a coma ,The clinic could not take the risk to make me deliver my baby and SAMU took me to the nearest hospital as from then i could not remember anything but only before going with the SAMU i asked for my little paper where i wrote a prayer some times back asking Mary the mother of GOD to protect me.My only prayer to God all along my pregnancy and knowing that I was ill is to save both me and my child and if HE could not save us both let my son and I die together.God heard my prayer both my son and I was saved my son was born less than 6 months and weighted only 937 grams.Though he was so so small my son is born with no deficiency.He is so normal and more so deep in my heart during my pregnancy i asked Jesus to show me that he has touched my son by at least giving him a ‘marque d’epine’ and my baby is born with this mark on his forehead .Glory to my Creator,Jesus and Mary .You can either believe or not but very often people start believing in God only when they have got an incurable illness or facing a problem.God do miracles you only have to
          trust HIM

      • jmichael39

        Don’t bother, Fund….God could send an angel into David’s bedroom and tell him point blank, “God is real and you’re wrong.”, then vanish in front of David’s eye and David (and people like David) would still not only not believe, but try to find some scientific explanation for it….as if all truth must be validated by science before it can be considered truth. Its a sad fact, but its real. I call it the Pharoah-syndrome. Praise God for what He did for this boy and for you.

        • Fundisi

          You are right. What I would like him to explain, if after all of that and quite frankly more, how would his scientists explain no long term ill effects of any kind? Would all his atheists with what he claims would be similar lives, have survived virtually unscathed as well?

      • DisqusBurner1983

        Jeez, what sort of God keeps putting you in harms way like that? Does he demand tests of righteousness or does he just like to show off how he can heal you after fucking you up?

        • Fundisi

          I just flagged your post. This is a Christian site, that kind of language is inappropriate.

        • Fundisi

          By the way I just flagged your comment for your language

          He did not “put” me in harms way, but He can use these these circumstances in my life and His healing power as a testimony of His loving kindness to His children.

          • DisqusBurner1983

            Yeah cool, i’ll wait for the flag police to get me then. But seriously, God only gets credit for healing/saving you but not for putting you in those situations to begin with? I don’t see the logic man. Like, God heals a sick kid with bone cancer. But didn’t God give him the cancer in the first place? So why not just spare the cancers altogether.

  • Truthhurts24

    This should be on national news like Fox and CNN as well as the rest of the big media outlets so the world will know God exists and his power is real but of course the satanic liberal media cannot show this because they have to keep the people brainwashed with political correctness and keep the lie going that their is no God.

    • Frank

      Maybe Todd Starnes should get an email or two on this story

  • Frank

    What a Mighty God we serve.

  • thelordlives2011

    Everyone is right here. God has created in us a survival reflex called “diving reflex.” When the body is underwater in frigid temperatures the body automatically shunts all the blood from the arms and legs to the brain and gut to keep it alive. The heart is not pumping so there is no demand for oxygen but the brain has all this rich blood.
    When the body is warmed up, then the doctors cardiovert the heart and it will start pumping good rich blood, but the brain is not damaged due to the shunting of blood from the diving reflex.
    What is a God given miracle that the boy’s heart was started and he does not have any disabilities. I have taught CPR and this is an actual physiological reflex.

  • John Thomson

    Yawn, a poor excuse for a supposed miracle.